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Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

2 out of 12 Places to visit in United Arab Emirates

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The Land of Diversity

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Ideal duration: 3 days

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Places To Visit In Abu Dhabi

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"Abu Dhabi: The sophisticated Emirati capital"

Abu Dhabi Tourism

Abu Dhabi, the jewel of the United Arab Emirates, beckons with a captivating blend of tradition and modernity. Nestled on the Persian Gulf, this emirate boasts a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, futuristic architecture, and sun-soaked landscapes. Abu Dhabi Tourism promises an enchanting experience for every traveller, from the serene beaches of Saadiyat Island to the awe-inspiring grandeur of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Abu Dhabi is the capital and largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), located on the southeastern side of the Arabian Peninsula.

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Must Know Before You Travel to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Tour Packages Things You Should Know Before Visiting  Abu Dhabi 

  • Cultural Etiquette: Embrace the local customs and traditions. Modesty and respect are paramount, especially when visiting religious sites.
  • Climate Considerations: Abu Dhabi's climate can be intense. Plan your visit during the cooler months, from November to March, to enjoy pleasant temperatures.
  • Currency and Exchanges: The official currency is the United Arab Emirates dirham (AED). Convenient currency exchange services are available throughout the city.
  • Transportation: Abu Dhabi offers an efficient public transportation system, including buses and taxis. Familiarise yourself with the options to navigate the city effortlessly.
  • Culinary Delights: Uae Tour Packages Indulge in the local cuisine, blending traditional flavours with international influences. Don't miss trying the iconic dates and aromatic Arabic coffee.
  • Language: While Arabic is the official language, English is widely spoken, making communication seamless for international visitors.

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More on Abu Dhabi Travel

Nightlife in Abu Dhabi

As the sun sets, Abu Dhabi comes alive with a vibrant nightlife scene. From sophisticated lounges overlooking the city skyline to lively beachfront clubs, the Emirates offers diverse options for nocturnal adventures.

Shopping in Abu Dhabi

Shopaholics rejoice in Abu Dhabi's luxurious malls and traditional souks. Discover world-renowned brands, local craftsmanship, and unique treasures in the bustling markets.

Exchanging Money in Abu Dhabi

Ensure a hassle-free trip by exchanging your currency at authorised exchange centres, hotels, or banks. The city is well-equipped with facilities to meet your financial needs.

Daily Budget for Abu Dhabi

Crafting a budget is crucial for an enjoyable stay. While luxury experiences abound, savvy travellers can find affordable accommodations, dining options, and activities to suit every pocket.

History of Abu Dhabi

Delve into Abu Dhabi's rich history, from its humble beginnings as a fishing village to its meteoric rise as a global hub. Explore museums and heritage sites that narrate the emirate's fascinating journey.

Best Time To Visit Abu Dhabi

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FAQs on Abu Dhabi

What makes Abu Dhabi a must-visit destination for travelers?

Abu Dhabi offers a unique blend of rich cultural experiences, modern luxury, and stunning landscapes, making it a captivating destination for all types of travelers.

When is the best time to visit Abu Dhabi?

The ideal time to visit is from November to March when the weather is cooler, allowing for more comfortable exploration of the city's attractions.

What currency is used in Abu Dhabi, and where can I exchange money?

The official currency is the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED). Currency exchange services are readily available at authorized exchange centers, hotels, and banks.

How can I get around Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi offers efficient public transportation options, including buses and taxis. Familiarize yourself with the transportation system for a seamless travel experience.

What are the must-try dishes in Abu Dhabi?

Indulge in the local cuisine by trying iconic dishes such as dates, Arabic coffee, and a variety of Middle Eastern delicacies. Abu Dhabi offers a culinary adventure for every palate.