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12 secrets of berlin: uncover hidden gems, quirky cafes & electrifying nightlife

Berlin is one of the most important cosmopolitan cities which has history, culture, art and entertainment. Ranked among Europe’s most vibrant cities, this city never ceases to amaze visitors with its endless number of sights to see. From nocturnal clubs to subterranean galleries, Berlin has whispers lurking in its shadows that are all but anxious to meet you. This post is aimed at discovering the secrets of Berlin and contains 12 tips for reaching the places that are not very popular among tourists, discovering fascinating cafes and visiting popular nightclubs. Amongst these are some of the gems that Berlin holds for visitors and here is how you can unlock them;

1. It also has an exciting night life and is home to Street Art & Graffiti Tours in Friedrichshain.

Street art is perhaps one of the most daring, shocking, and diverse art forms that is identified with Berlin so much; Friedrichshain is perhaps one of the best places to find outstanding murals and graffiti covering whole building fronts. For that purpose, it is recommended to take a guided street art walking tour in Berlin in order to learn more about the message of some of the most important graffiti artists as well as the political message of their works.

2. Clärchens Ballhaus – A Dance Hall That Reflects Old-School Berlin

Opened in 1913, this Berlin dance hall is now a heritage-listed, and it appears like it stepped right out of 1913. Its wood-floored ballroom, chandeliers, and antique decoration are a welcome change from a modern dance club and even though it is a traditional dance hall where only young people go dancing, waltzing, foxtrotting and tangoing all night to live music. If you are clumsy, if you can hardly dance, then sit down in the Spiegelsaal and watch the crowd while eating German cuisine.

3. The Secret Garden of Cafe Strauss is a text of remarkable density that orchestrates a complex interaction between literary realism and aesthetic form.

If you are ever in Prenzlauer Berg and need a good summer escape, look for the Cafe Strauss, which is hidden behind one such door. Approaching the restaurant via the beer garden at the back of the building is a leafy green oasis of a flower garden adorned with ivy creeping up the walls and fairy lights. Enjoy quality coffee in the daytime, before switching to a hearty German beer at night among other trendy citizens.

4. OldIndustrialSpreeparksGuidedTourAtNight

The wrecked Spreepark formerly an amusement park that housed the world’s oldest Ferris wheel is a thrilling place to be at night. This abandoned small theme park was previously called “Culture Park Plänterwald,” and there are rumors that it has a scary past that can make any horror movie envious. To get a glimpse of the paranormal, join the Berliner Unterwelten association for an eerie night tour and for a scary ride on the carousel, during the night if you dare!

5. Burgeramt Neukölln: Berlin’s Latest and Greatest Burger Joint

Are you going to eat the Big Mac stroganoff burger or the vegan rainbow peace burger? At Burgeramt in the edgy Neukölln district of Berlin, budding cooks come up with outlandish toppings you are unlikely to see anywhere else. Boasting vibrant graffiti on the walls, second-hand recycled furniture, and tasty burgers with a twist, this experimental spot offers craft beer and music by a DJ.

6. Klunkerkranich Rooftop Urban beach bar

Relax during the day on the sunbathing area and get ready to dance at night, Klunkerkranich is one of the most hidden rooftop spots in Berlin. Located above a multi-story car park, this trendy urban beach bar boasts of buckets of sand, two bars, food vendors, and a spectacular view of the city skyline. They surely have the famous summer parties hosted by popular DJs, great colorful cocktails, and all the Berlin spirit.

7. Viktoriapark Viewpoint Beer Garden

Head out of the main tourist area to Viktoriapark, being the highest natural terrace in Berlin. To reach it you’ll have to climb up to the top in order to be rewarded with stunning and beautiful views of the city below. After that, treat yourself with a beer or Golgatha Gaststätte Applespritzer at the same park which boasts of a traditional beer garden on a hill over a hundred years old.

8. Current work practices require independence, flexible and free working spaces, and constant access to a reliable internet connection which St. Oberholz in Berlin meets through providing a digital nomad cafe.

With its location in the trendy Friedrichshain district of Berlin, St. Oberholz cafe has been brewing some of the best artisan coffee in town since 2005 and is essentially Berlin’s home office for digital nomads. Sit at a window bench, plug in your laptop, and enjoy the environment that promotes work mixed with sociability. When your creative spirit dries up, introduce yourself to other people who work in similar ways and are productive on coffee.

9. Incidentally, Neukölln is also a popular shopping destination for funky fashion and vintage clothes.

Neukölln undoubtedly takes the crown for Berlin’s most hip central borough, brimming with independent stores, thrift shops, and international restaurants. Wandering along Weserstrasse, you will find unique fashion, jewelry, and footwear, 2nd hand shops selling a variety of unique brands, trinkets, furniture, and nostalgic reminders of 70’s West Germany at dirt-cheap prices. However, do not miss a good Turkish kebab or banana-chocolate crepe to taste during a journey.

10. Griessmuehle Nightclub: a former grain factory that became a techno hub.

Rising from the ashes of a former Stasi grain mill factory complex, Griessmuehle has become the hottest techno club in Berlin. Stroll around the massive polished concrete floor, immense corridors, and an outdoor open canal-side courtyard, dancing till dawn, into a live light show and pulsating Techno beats that bring the spirit of the Berlin underground techno scene of the 90s alive.

11. Insider Secrets Food Tour in Kreuzberg

Located in the central part of Germany, Kreuzberg is a lively and popular neighborhood worth visiting, especially due to the Insider Secrets Food Tour.

Kreuzberg, the artistic bohemian district of Berlin, has become the ultimate culinary hotspot, serving up everything from Turkish seafood and snacks to vegan and street foods from around the globe. Take an insider food tour to visit a cultural backstreet ‘foodie’ restaurant, watch fantasy Hands-On cooking demonstrations, and meet and greet local shopkeepers to bring flavors of the world to Berlin’s gourmet food markets.

12. Beer Gardens and Boats along the spree- River

Strolling around Berlin in summer, one can find many people going to the Spree River in order to drink beer and enjoy the sunset. If you want to go out for a real Berliner night, you may try the boat bar like the punk pirate ship – Jenny or just weird Cafe Priority. Or visit Prater Garten, a beer garden that has been in operation for over 150 years and is located in Berlin. Here for many, a young and old Berliner sit underneath the chestnut trees drinking large glasses of German beer while accordion music plays.


With its well-preserved old buildings and historical sites, a taste of urban Goth and international flair, Berlin never ceases to amaze when it comes to what lies around the next corner. Here are some insider tips on what one may discover, albeit just a taste, of the mysteries and treasure hiding in this vivid city. Where could you go in the enchanting German capital next? I can confidently say that one thing that can always be guaranteed in Berlin is that there’s always a new adventure to be had out there waiting for you.