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7 Amazing Amusement Parks in Seattle – Don’t Wait, Visit Now!

Seattle is famous for many great things – its coffee, the weather which is mostly rain, technology, and beautiful views of nature. Did you know that Seattle and its vicinity can also offer some truly fascinating amusement and theme parks, though? Nowadays, the Seattle area is filled with places of interest for people of any age starting from, thrill rides through kids’ zones to stunning gardens. Below are 7 thrilling amusement parks and places to visit today in Seattle:

1. Wild Waves Theme Park

Wild Waves Theme Park is situated in Federal Way, which is only a short drive south of Seattle; the park offers 50 plus rides and attractions for its visitors in a spacious area of 66 acres. Thrill-seekers will love the heart-pounding rollercoasters like Timberhawk: Great Coaster International known as Prey, and the Boomerang, which stands at 70 feet tall and gives one a feeling that they are falling down a hole. For the spinning rides you have the Rowdy’s Heave Ho or for those who like the spinning and flipping around the Zero-G. Young children will find it much fun to ride the less energetic attractions such as the enormous Ant Farm and Wet Focus. Because there are just so many exciting rides, games, and live shows, among others, that one would need more than a day to enjoy all of these at Wild Waves.

2. Seattle Center

The Seattle Center is an art and entertainment center that was designed to be a tourist attraction in the central area of Seattle. Though not a conventional theme park, the Seattle Center boasts area landmarks such as the Space Needle and Monorail the Seattle Center comprises gardens, museums, and attractions besides events. Children and grown-ups can have fun making art by viewing the Chihuly Garden and Glass which contains beautiful glass art pieces. The other advantage of the center is that it also always hosts several fairs, festivals, and exhibits in a given year.

3. Enchant Christmas Light Maze

Visit the Enchant Christmas Light Maze if you want a winter destination that will make you feel as if you have entered a fairy tale. Advertising feature Enchant Christmas: The biggest Christmas light labyrinth worldwide Over 4 million glittering lights, a variety of seasonal delicacies, Christmas music, an ice skating rink, stores, and a picture with Santa illuminate the way. The final result is a cold, wintery, Insta-worthy track after many turns in the dark and the light around you starts to sparkle and get timed with Christmas sounds.

4. Family Fun Center

The Family Fun Center is an indoor amusement park that has facilities in Tukwila and Redmond and has a wide variety of attractions that include rides, games, laser tag, mini-golf, and many others. Children have the opportunity to slide down four storied high slides, drive their miniature cars, ride the miniature version of a roller coaster, and play to their utmost content in various arcade games. Parents on the other hand have exclusive lounge areas, internet access as well as comfortable seating as you monitor your children having fun. This makes it possible for one to take a one-hour pass and thereafter leave and return when one is done with the many family activities.

5. The Fun Plex

The Fun Plex in Mountlake Terrace combines roller coasters, bumper cars, mini bowling, mini golf, laser tag, and an arcade. The rides also include bumper cars, a carousel, and kiddie rides therefore children belonging to the family can enjoy them. Younger children will enjoy racing go-karts or playing the Nerf gun battle depending on the age of the kids. If you crave a little downtime from all of the excitement, there is even a pizza parlor on the premises to grab a bite before continuing the adventures. With lots of things to be involved in, The Fun Plex is a befitting name for this center.

6. Chuck E. Cheese

A traditional center of attraction for children and families, Chuck E. Cheese is a mixture of amusement rides, games, prizes for the tokens kids get by paying for games, and pizza. This concept of fun is an indoor amusement park where kids are free to bounce in ball ponds, ‘drive’ toy cars along a Kid Check roadway, and play various games to earn tokens like in a carnival plus dancing with the mouse, Chuck E. Cheese at dancing morale. Incorporated in Seattle with numerous outlets, this is the ideal place to take kids for a day of playing when it is rainy outside as they have their imagination park to entertain themselves with.

7. Northwest Trek

Northwest Trek which is about twenty miles south of Seattle near Eatonville offers its visitors a chance to take nature walks through woodland trails and go on an open-terrain tour to view Northwest animals in their natural habitats. Children of all ages will be able to see majestic moose, inquisitive raccoons, big grizzly bears, swift foxes, and much more as they walk, run, and rest in an environment similar to their natural one. Guests of Northwest Trek can be able to tour the Pacific Northwest’s wildlife and scenic imagery comfortably and safely by trams, walking paths, and indoor exhibits.

This article will explore some of the best amusement parks Seattle has to offer including the thrill rides, mild rides, games, activities, live performances, and much more that are suitable for families and kids. From indoor places such as Family Fun Center, to traditional amusement parks like Wild Waves, there are so many wonderful amusement parks to thrill any child, young or old. Do not hesitate anymore, visit these wonderful Seattle amusement parks for your world of fun!