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Top 28 Beaches in Bali: Where to Soak Up the Sun, Swim & Surf in Paradise

With beautiful beaches, green rice paddies, dense forests, and history and culture – Bali is rightfully given the nickname – the ‘Island of the Gods’. This island country is home to some of the best beaches in the world – pristine sandy shores ranging from white to golden, lush coconut palms, with the sun and the waves of the Indian Ocean kissing the shores.

1. Seminyak Beach:

Seminyak is a modern and vibrant beach resort area on Bali’s southwest coast, popular for good food, stylish shops, and luxurious beach clubs as well as brilliant sunsets. Shaded by trees and rocks, the grey-sand beach has quiet water for swimming.

2. Dreamland Beach:

Dreamland Beach has some of the wonderful sandy beaches with clear blue water that has some of the best waves for surfing and swimming. If you don’t fancy a barbecue, you can watch the surfers or admire the magnificent sunsets.

3. Padang Padang Beach

This beach was made famous by the movie ‘Eat Pray Love,’ and is notable for the stunning drop-off from the top of the cliffs to the sea. Local surfers are often experts and it is not a surprise to find them mastering these perfect barreling waves.

4. Bingin Beach

Located on the Bali Cliff, Bingin is best entered by going down the 100+ steps to the beach. Sunbathe on the white beach, snorkel or dive in the tropical waters protected by the reefs, or watch professional surfers manage the famous ‘Bingin Pipeline’.

5. Nusa Dua Beach

If you are looking for a less hectic resort experience than what is offered in Seminyak or Kuta, Nusa Dua is ideal with its great white sandy beaches, clean water, and good children’s play areas. Take a rest, or make sandcastles, or you can even engage in various interesting water activities.

6. Balangan Beach

Stunning limestone cliffs, great surf, and a lively atmosphere provide some exciting vibes in this relaxed beach. Sunbathe on the beaches with the Kuta sands golden, with little huts called warungs, or watch the dramatics of barrel rides by surfers.

7. Karma Kandara Beach

This beautiful beach is availed to only the guests of the hotel and has features such as; sandy beaches, calm blue waters protected by a reef, palm trees, beach swimming pools, a bar, and direct sunset views. Pure island bliss.

8. Virgin Beach

Virgin Beach is a place that tourists can visit and it is a bit remote as it is situated on Nusa Penida island. These cliffs are quite steep, and you can get to this beach reaching 500 stairs down to the sea, the water is crystal and clear, the sand is untouched, and the coast is mesmerizing.

9. Blue Point Beach

Located on the southeastern coast of the Bukit peninsula, what appeals to sun-seekers at Blue Point are its crystal clear waters and pristine pebble shore bordered by cliffs. It is particularly popular with brave surfers but also satisfies other people who like other forms of beach activities including swimming.

10. Amed Beach

Stretching out on Bali’s east coast which is dry and truly barren of soil and more of volcanic rocks, the black sand beach of Amed with a backdrop view of Mt Agung and Lombok channel can make one gasp. Stretch out on quiet beaches, snorkel surrounded by 300m high vertical walls of the reef, or begin your sightseeing cruises here.

11. Tulamben Beach

Offshore from the base of Mount Agung, Tulamben values the hypnosis of its coral reef, the multicolored fish, and the 120m sunken WWII transport USAT Liberty Ship that divers can see from the shore.

12. Lovina Beach

Lovina is again a sun and beach destination but lesser developed and therefore less crowded and cheaper compared to the south of Bali. Stroll for dolphins with whom one can swim or snorkel, and see the local fishing boats on black sand shore painting red, blue, and yellow at the break of the sun.

13. Mushroom Bay Beach

On the Nusa Lembongan island, this is a nice little beach, isolated from the others, with white sand, clear water, beautiful coral reefs, and tropical forests nearby. A small slice of the beach, but with no one else around to enjoy it. Let it be to rest, swim, or snorkel in pure happiness.

14. Pandawa Beach

There is even a secret white-sand cove that can only be reached by going on a cliff staircase, and this one is located near the southernmost part of the Bukit Peninsula. With its blue waters, deep cliffs, beach clubs, and famous sunset views, this is one of the best Bali beaches.

15. Hidden Beach

The name is quite self-explanatory of this secluded gravel beach situated between cliffs in the depths of West Bali National Park. The solitude that is to be obtained can only be found by making the effort. Go explore!

16. Pasir Putih Beach

Meaning ‘white sand”, the Pasir Putih beach offers the treasures of powdery white sand, clear blue waters, and views of the nearby Nusa Penida island. Despite the massive scenic potential of the location, the plot stays relatively wild and untouched by the modern kind of development.

17. Crystal Bay Beach

At Crystal Bay of the Nusa Penida island, there is no sand beach but a shoreline with pebbles, and behind this stunning coast, we have huge cliffs and rocks. And, its, emerald waters, healthy reef, and snorkeling, Crystal Bay is a dream for snorkelers.

18. Sanur Beach

Sanur is a little quieter compared to Kuta and it is family-friendly, it has an enormous beach with fine yellow sand and the sea which is more protected for those who wish to try water activities or for those who want to watch traditional Balinese boats called prahu with colorful painting on it. Still, sunrise is a must and so one will find a combination of many beautiful sunrises.

19. Kuta Beach

This Kuta’s based beachfront iconifying Bali’s original beach resort is spirited with restaurants, shops, street food vendors, bars, and clubs. Enjoy good waves for surfing or a relaxing day at the beach, watching the people, sunbathing, and enjoying the beautiful sunsets on the west coast.

20. Jimbaran Beach

Renowned for seafood restaurants By The Sea, Jimbaran is peaceful for a beautiful candle-lit dinner on the beach as the setting sun transforms the sky into stars at night. Kuta is busier and not as fancy as Legian and Seminyak is not as busy as Kuta.

21. Nyang Nyang Beach

The hike to this cliff-top lookout over this remote Nusa Penida beach requires 250 meters of descending but the stunning views of the soft white sand, the bright blue water, and the giant green cliffs are well worth the trip. Avoid using those JKO during peak hours or when people are likely to be on the streets. Heaven!

22. Kelingking Beach

Located at the end of an extreme cliff descending from a dizzying cliff rock formation that looks like a T-Rex claw when viewed from a distance, then visitors reach this picture-perfect ‘secret’ beach, though dangerous to visit due to the risky path and though the current allows no swimming here. Look at that otherworldly beauty in front of us!

23. Melasti Beach

Bordered by lush greens and grand rock cliffs facing the sea, this is one of the best beaches to visit at Tanah Lot temple where you can explore lots of cultural encounters without rushing. Known as “Melasti”, sanctification rites are usually conducted frequently at this spot. Any day is ideal for sunning it on clean sandy beaches and frolicking with nature in the presence of spectacular sceneries.

24. Green Bowl Beach

Descending a green jungle slope are stairs that open to an awe-inspiring monumental natural theatre where cliffs embrace this hidden beach of powdery caramel-like sand and tranquil shimmering aqua green sea that elicit giggles. The best is to plan your visit early in the day before the other crowds come in to tap the full potential of this off-beaten-track gift.

25. Canggu Beach

Described as Bali’s new cool kid, Canggu is a trendy surfer’s paradise with an endless supply of cafes, yoga studios, shops, and bars, great sunsets and famous reef breaks, and a laid-back bohemian attitude to simply relax and enjoy.

26. Geger Beach

Nestled between the other world-class 5-star resorts in Nusa Dua, Geger shines through by presenting white sand, palm trees, and clear blue waters protected by the reefs, it is indeed a tropic paradise. Lounge at the beach, have a full body massage or indulge in snorkeling amidst the marine life before another spectacular sunset.

27. Tegal Wangi Beach

Uluwatu Cliff's soft white sand cove provides a calm and serene atmosphere for swimming with crystal clear aqua waters and magnificent cliff views. Stroll through the shallow waters, spread your beach blanket on the vast sandy beaches, enjoy your tropical drinks at the cliff-side bars, and watch the tranquil scenes that most tourists don’t get to see.

28. Sundays Beach Club

This beachfront, ultra-modern ocean-view pool/club, perched high on the cliffs of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, serves up panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, good food, and of course, Bali’s infamous sunsets with a healthy dose of Bali’s fashion-conscious coastal scene. Ideal for life on a beach or in poolside if only to satisfy your tropical dreams!

Covering many splendid beaches in the varied terrains of Bali, everyone can always get his/her piece of exotic heaven to sunbathe under the banana trees, swim or dive in the clear waters, and watch a soul-uplifting sunset on these gorgeous sandy delights. Beaches are not simply sand, sea, and waves; rather, they are the stage where one can truly feel the enchantment of Bali!