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12 Stunning Beaches in Honolulu – Book Your Trip!

Honolulu, for instance, is a famous Hawaiian city that boasts beautiful beaches, amazing landmarks, and a diverse culture, making it one of the best beach destinations. While Waikiki is the name synonymous with beaches, there are many other beautiful areas of sand in the city that one should not miss out on. From the remote locations that are known for seclusion to the areas that are perfect for snorkeling, here are 12 beautiful beaches you may want to visit during your tour in Honolulu.

1. Waikiki Beach

This means that no tour to Honolulu can be considered complete without a visit to the famous Waikiki Beach. Although Waikiki is a famous beach, it is a string of beaches that lie along the southern coast of O’ahu; some of which include Queen’s Beach, Kuhio Beach, and Gray’s Beach. The lively beach draws tourists to the golden sand beaches and visitors interested in swimming, tides, and scenic views of Diamond Head. It is also home to several hotels, stores, and eateries and is an ideal location to use while visiting other Honolulu beaches.

2. Lanikai Beach

Nestled in an affluent suburb of O’ahu’s windward coast, Lanikai Beach is one of the state’s premier shores. Lanikai, which translates as “heavenly sea” in Hawaiian, is as close to the idea of a perfect beach as it gets: fine white sand, shallow, warm, blue-green water, and palm trees caressing the shoreline. Parking and getting a good spot here depend on how early you come, especially during the weekend since the area, with sandy beaches, is not that extensive.

3. Sandy Beach Park

Although it is called ‘Sandy Beach Park,’ not for its water being smooth but for its fine, golden sand, this beach is great for those most experienced in bodyboarding and surfing, as it provides larger waves to slide on. Despite the powerful shore-break and rip currents, it is unsuitable for beach-going and novice surfing but when the winter swells roll in it is a wonderful wave-riding beach. If you don’t want to surf, it’s still recommended to have a more casual visit to the beach to have a glimpse of the area and to have a sunbathing on the east side of Honolulu.

4. Kailua Beach

The beach is often cited among the country’s best beaches given the fine white sand, shallow blue waters, and stunning scenery at Kailua Beach. Located on the windward side of Oahu and beneath the Ko’olau mountain range, this beach is half a mile in length and offers safe swimming for families. Other shops offering beach gear for rent within the vicinity make it easy for visitors to try out some ocean exercises such as kayaking or standup paddle boarding in Kailua Bay.

5. Pokai Bay Beach Park

Pokai Bay Beach Park is located on the coast of Oahu, leeward side near the town of Waianae and it is not very large but it is a great option for those who do not like overcrowded beaches. The scenic city that tourists will find will feature a crystal clear blue water shoreline with open green spaces covered by palm trees to gaze at instead of the massive resorts and condominiums that make up most of Oahu’s coastlines. Come here to spend your leisure time sun tanning at the shore, swimming, or if interested in a more adventurous aquatic activity, snorkeling through coral reefs and schools of tropical fish that lie just a short distance off the shores.

6. Magic Island Lagoon

It is not a natural beach but since the beaches of Waikiki are somewhat generic in their appeal, Magic Island Lagoon Beach is not a bad option when you are craving something a little different. Situated in the southern part of Waikiki near the Ala Moana Beach Park, Magic Island is not an island at all but a small man-made peninsula with a stunning beach and promenade that surrounds the brackish water pond. For a pleasant stroll around the lagoon bring your food and lie down on large lawns adjacent to the beach to watch the boats sailing.

7. ALA Moana Beach Park

Featuring over 100 acres of beach space, including a 3-acre reef-protected swimming area, Ala Moana Beach Park offers enough area for beach leisure or recreational activity or even car parking off the sand. Sitting between a popular tourist destination, Waikiki, and downtown Honolulu the large park has over half a kilometer of beachfrontage as well as trees and grassy areas if one wishes to sunbathe indoors. With all the facilities ranging from picnic tables, restrooms, and even lifeguard stations, it is a very popular place to visit for most people both residents and visitors.

8. Makapuu Beach Park

Located in the eastern part of Oahu, Makapuu Beach is another area best for viewing ocean sunrises and sunsets. On the coast where the black sandy beach abruptly ends, and to the right of Makapuu Point, the sea cliffs appear unique and can be seen from the water, and the clear turquoise blue water is perfect for snorkeling and body-boarding. Although Kauai is seen as a PC destination because of its beautiful waters, it is vital to take some precautions when swimming in the sea since big waves and currents are dangerous to those who are not good swimmers. But it is also so much fun just strolling along the lengthy sandy shore as well I might add.

9. Diamond Head Beach

Located within walking distance of Waikiki and with Diamond Head looming majestically on one side of the beach and high-end resorts and hotels on the other side, this beach is a one-stop-shop for convenience and scenic views. The bottom of the ocean is rocky and waves are known to be large during the winter swells though there is a reef nearby that makes it fairly calm near the shore on most days unless it is rainy winter season which is from November to March. Spend time on the sand, catch minor waves before the bigger ones, or just gaze at lovely views of one of Hawaii’s iconic landmarks located just off the coastline.

10. Sans Souci Beach Park

Featuring beautiful calm waters that are perfect for snorkeling with some exciting destinations simply off the shore, Sans Souci Beach also referred to as Kaimana Beach is located close to Diamond Head in the Waikiki area. They can explore the reefs that host hundreds of species of tropical fishes and sea turtles just 200-300 yards from the beach and enjoy the beautiful background of the crater and shoreline. There is also a nice sand beach, a beautiful wall and some agreed trees to seek shelter from the sun if necessary after the discovery of the reefs.

11. Halona Beach Cove

Also known as “Peering Place” due to the presence of a small rocky island nearby, Halona Beach Cove is a rather Shannon, Halona Beach Cove is another beautiful hidden beach, which has в clear water, and where you should stop during your trip to Honolulu. Located just 15 minutes of walking from the Halona Blowhole viewpoint, this beach is a bit remote and has stunning views when facing back to the shore one could see Sandy Beach and if facing forward the guest has the chance to admire the numerous rocky islets and the deep blue sea. Stop here if you want something less touristy and more ‘island’ when visiting Oahu.

12. Queens Beach

Lastly, finishing off our list, and situated right smack in Waikiki, Queens Beach is a decent place along this strip of sand to have your piece of the Hawaiian pie at. Adjacent to the beautiful Kapiolani Park just before the Honolulu Zoo, this beach is a little less rough than the Waikiki beach due to the presence of a break wall that helps to block or lessen the impact of large waves. Afternoons can be spent leisurely walking around proximate points of interest and then take time for refreshing swims, sandcastles construction or simply having your tropical drink on the beach after visiting central Waikiki.

Given there are so many beautiful beaches to explore within and around Oahu, be sure to set aside sufficient time during your Honolulu vacation to find beaches of your preference based on the activities you wish to enjoy including snorkeling, surfing, or simply sun tanning or even marveling at the awesome beauty of the great combination of mountain and sea of Hawaii.