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15 Top-Rated Beaches in Turkey

The southern coastline of Turkey houses some of the most visually appealing beaches in the Mediterranean region. As if painted by the hands of nature, these beaches are blessed with turquoise sea, soft sand, historical sites, and colorful coastal cities. Here, we present a list of 15 of the most beloved and praised beaches in Turkey, ranging from clubs and fancy parties to secluded coves and family-oriented sandy shores, from relaxing and serene getaways to stunning happy places.

1. Kaputaş Beach

Kaputaş Beach is one of Turkey's most famous beaches attracting thousands of tourists. This tiny bay is located between two large cliffs within walking distance from the town of Kaş, on the Turquoise coast. The beach comprises clean, fine-grain golden sand, and crystal clear blue waters with a gradually sloping bottom to allow safe swimming and snorkeling. Some amenities are indeed offerable but it has not undergone the tourist’s drastic touch yet.

2. Ölüdeniz Beach

It is one of the most famous beaches in Turkey with its crystal clear blue waters and is known for its spectacular turquoise lagoon. Ölüdeniz means the Dead Sea because of the shallow water which is perfect for swimming, yachting, Paragliding over the bachelor’s peak of the mountain of Babadag, and sightseeing. The white-sand public beach is an attraction and therefore gets congested, especially during summer vacation.

3. Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu Beach is a very slim sandy beach that is found in the Dalayan Delta region of the country. It is one of the few places where you can find loggerhead sea turtles in the Mediterranean; the beach is only reachable by foot, boat taxi, or the dolmuş from Dalyan via the underground path covered with Mediterranean shrubs. Ideally, visit during the early morning or late afternoon in mid-summer to avoid many people who flock to this place.

4. Pamucak Beach

It is a sandy beach, which is approximately 7 km long, and is located in the area of Kuşadası on the coast of the Aegean Sea in Turkey. Three beach clubs are located along this Blue Flag beach and they offer food and drinks to the tourists together with other holidaymakers. This includes beach volleyball, water skiing, parasailing, and other exciting water activities with the sandy beach and clear blue waters good for swimming.

5. Patara Beach

Among others, the Patara beach attracts tourists due to more than 12km of sandy coastline covered with fine golden sand, together with ancient ruins of the Lycian and Roman periods. Used as a national park and sea turtles’’ breeding site, only a few resorts disrupt the scenery. The sea is shallow, clear, and serene thus is suitable for children to play in the water while the historical town of Patara is just a walking distance from the beach through the beautiful forest.

6. Kabak Beach

Kabak Beach which is a remote beach is located near the shoreline of Fethiye thus making it perfect for any visitors who want to have a taste of a remote beach. This secluded beach can only be reached by climbing up the cliffs and there is a beautiful cliff walking track all the way. Spend a day just sun tanning on the rocks and climbing up the cliff to dive in the refreshing, clear water of the Mediterranean Sea.

7. Konyaaltı Beach

Too long stretched with more than 7 km, Konyaaltı Beach is ideal for sunbathing while being in the city of Antalya. The end of the park towards the cliff side of Bey Dağları National Park consists of more trees and fewer people as compared to the eastern end. The gradual shelving of the beaches and the shallow water which makes the sea in Konyaaltı ideal for families with children is another factor that makes it one of the best beaches in Turkey.

8. Ayazma Beach

Nestled on a sheltered bay just outside Kaş, Ayazma Beach delights its guests with a great sunset, a sandy coastline, and the crystal clear sea suitable for swimming. It can be rented for umbrellas and sun beds or simply spread towels on the small strip of sandy beach marked by the scent of pine trees. There are first-class seafood eateries and on the opposite side of the road cut into the side of a hill are Lycian rock tombs.

9. Cleopatra Beach

Located on the Mediterranean coast, Cleopatra Beach at Alanya is among the most picturesque coastlines in Turkey; the beach got its name from when the Egyptian queen swam here. A beautiful, white, powdery sand beach with small cliffs is ideal for swimming as the sea is calm, clear, and blue. In its western part, the evening with the sun setting behind the rocks and old fortress walls at Alanya Castle is magical.

10. Çıralı Beach

Çıralı Beach is situated in a secluded part of the coast nestled in the nature reserve, near citrus groves. The natural environment along with the age-old architectural designs on the beach side of a 4-km long sandy beach provides an undisturbed ambiance. It hosts the main sea turtle nesting beaches and the flames of the Chimaeras that burn on the face of the rocky mountain of Üzümlü throughout the year.

11. Ayia Napa Beach

Another place is Ayia Napa situated on the island of Cyprus in southern Turkey, and their sandy shores are considered to be among the best in the Mediterranean. The most visited is Nissi Beach with white sand and crystal clear water, buoyed by beach bars that offer food and drinks, along with rental of water activities such as jet skiing, and paddle boarding. There is a family-friendly element here because the waters that are present here are shallow and calm.

12. Kapı Creek Beach

Situated within a harsh bay on the southwestern shore of Kalkan, Kapı Creek Beach does not offer a large stretch of sand, but boasts impressively clear waters, and a shallow shore that is surrounded by cliffs. This beach can only be reached using a boat from the Kalkan harbor and marina or by directly walking from the Lycian Way trail hence its privacy and serenity.

13. Phaselis Beach

Phaselis Beach was an important place that was situated near the modern town of Kemer where ships anchored during ancient times on the Mediterranean Sea. In the past, its long golden sand beach which has a historical structure is a unique chance to make a perfect combination of historical monuments and the coast. The visitors also get modern facilities like beach clubs and cafes to feast on during their time at the beach. The movements of the water in the bay are quite mild, and the water is also shallow in many places, making swimming an enchanting experience.

14. Göcek Island Beaches

Visits by sea kayaking or by boat around the Göcek will enable visitors to discover some of the best and most beautiful uninhabited islands and coves in Turkey with the best beaches. Most of the tours can be planted on the fantastic coastlines with perfect sands and the amazing blue color of the sea without any sign of commercialization. Snorkeling see the vivid colored fishes moving around down below also.

15. Kizkalesi Beach

The name Kızkalesi means ‘‘Maiden’s Castle’ for the small castle that is set on a tiny island. The sandy beach extends far with the velvety black-golden hue and curves around the picturesque bay which is in front of the tower. Due to conservation efforts, there are few amenities for the beach which makes most people take food for picnics and beach beds to sunbathe on the beautiful shoreline while enjoying swimming in the shallow, clean waters.

This simply means there is an endless list of beautiful beaches all over Turkey and anyone eager to soak in the Turkish sun is guaranteed a spot that suits them best. The most difficult decision will be to choose which one of the beautiful empty sandy beaches with clear water to go to first! From the stunning Mediterranean coast with a view of ancient ruins, to the remote bays, Turkey’s beaches aren’t disappointing.


What are some of the top-rated beaches in Turkey?

Some of the top-rated beaches in Turkey include Ölüdeniz Beach, Patara Beach, Kaputaş Beach, Cleopatra Beach, Lara Beach, Iztuzu Beach, Çalış Beach, Bodrum Beach, Altınkum Beach, Konyaaltı Beach, Yalıkavak Beach, Bitez Beach, Kaş Beach, Akyaka Beach, and Alanya Beach.

What is special about Ölüdeniz Beach?

Ölüdeniz Beach is famous for its stunning blue lagoon and calm waters. It's a popular spot for paragliding due to the breathtaking views of the turquoise waters and surrounding mountains.

What can I expect at Patara Beach?

Patara Beach is known for its long, sandy stretch and its historical significance as the site of the ancient city of Patara. The beach is part of a protected nature reserve, with beautiful dunes and a calm, serene atmosphere.

What makes Kaputaş Beach unique?

Kaputaş Beach is known for its striking blue waters and dramatic cliffside setting. It's a small, secluded beach that offers a beautiful spot for swimming and sunbathing.

What is Cleopatra Beach known for?

Cleopatra Beach, located in Alanya, is renowned for its fine golden sand and clear waters. It is said to be the beach where Cleopatra herself swam, adding a touch of historical allure to the beautiful setting.