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22 The Best Beaches Near New York City

One cannot deny the convenience of living in New York City where almost everything that has to do with entertainment, cooking, and culture is just a stone's throw away. Nonetheless, the concrete jungle has been reported to have some level of confinement at some times. If you want to get away from the bustling of New York and get some sand and sun in a day or two, then there are many shoreline areas that are just few hour's drive away from Manhattan.

There are many great beaches near New York City, at Long Island, the Jersey Shore, and in southern Connecticut, whether you are interested in surfing, quiet sand, or the bustling boardwalk atmosphere. Most of these beaches are conveniently located near bus lines for those who do not want to drive or rent a car during their city trip.

Here are 22 of the best beaches near New York City for coastal day trips: Here are 22 of the best beaches near New York City for coastal day trips:

Long Island

1. Jones Beach, Long Island
Stretching over 6 miles of the sandy coast along the Atlantic, Jones Beach is one of the most visited ocean beaches surrounded by the city. Rich with such facilities as baseball grounds, picnic tables, a snack bar, a very large play area, and bike trails, it is ideally suitable for families.

2. Robert Moses State Park located on Fire Island
Stretched out on the eastern Fire Island, Robert Moses State Park is well-fitted with five miles of pristine beaches that are coated with fine sand, and much ideal for surfing. Be sure to note the Fire Island Lighthouse located at the western part of the park.

3. Main Beach, East Hampton
A little more east in the Hamptons, the long strip of sand at Main Beach is a gentle shoreline with clean sand. Arrive early in the morning so that you can grab a nice table with a picnic shade on top. Again, Main Beach tends to be busy in the summer, especially because they provide parking space.

4. Cooper's Beach, Southampton
Southampton Village is another famous community; here Cooper’s Beach is characterized by stunning views and, more importantly, flat water. This is considered a hotspot for people watching bearing in mind that many celebrities and socialites are often seen there. Right across the street from the beach is the facility that has restrooms, food stalls, and a small store at Meadow Lane.

5. Cupsogue Beach County Park, Westhampton is the name of the county park that the cupsogue beach belongs to.
Holding the status of a county park, Cupsogue Beach County Park is located in Westhampton at Moriches Bay which provides swimming-friendly water as compared to other regions. The park has showering amenities and washrooms, dressing rooms, washrooms, barren areas, food huts, kitchen, dining, and eating huts, park benches, park tables, swings, slides, barbeques, barbecues, playgrounds, play areas, trees, grassland, water bodies, rocks, caves, cliffs, glades, groves, glades etc.

Jersey Shore

6. Description: Ocean City Beach, Ocean City
Being famous for its 3-mile boardwalk that has an amusement park with rides and games, an Aquarium, a Go-kart, dining outlets, shops, and an array of beach toys and games, the broad strand of Ocean City Beach has it all for all ages. The beach is also well maintained to be used for swimming and sometimes sun bending on the sand.

7. Seaside Park is one of the most beautiful locations in New Jersey that contains the Island Beach State Park.
Located overlooking the ocean and in a long Barrier Island of Seaside Park, the Island Beach State Park provides excellent camping and ten miles of beach with little to no commercialization. Some of the bathhouse facilities that have been provided include nature trails, fishing points, and snack bars are some of the services that are made available by the beach areas. This means that the visitors must make some form of payment to be allowed into the park.

8. Sandy Hook National Park, located in the state of New Jersey
Sandy Hook, which covers an area of 1.3 sq miles and extends to 7 miles of shorelines from Highlands to Sea Bright, features incredible beaches with views of the skyline of Manhattan across the bay. They primarily include the ocean side where there are life guards, vendors and dressing sheds, and the bay side which is more serene with areas designated for fishing and picnicking. As for the vehicles, they are charged a standard entry fee per car.

9. Bradley Beach
With its early 1900s buildings, Bradley Beach is a small town with a laid-back and friendly demeanour; it boasts fine, powdery sand and relatively low waves. It is easily accessible in summemertime, as there is free street parking and it is only a little over an hour’s drive from New York City. Comfort stations, restaurant, and shops are located within easy access and just footsteps away from the beachfront.

10. Asbury Park
Historically famous for the music of 1960s Bruce Springsteen and other musicians, Asbury Park is known today for its Reconstruction of the boardwalk which includes bars, restaurants, shops, performance halls, and Victorian styled buildings. Its sandy beach or seasonal lifeguards, give a break from the energetic streets of this colourful city.

Southern Connecticut Coast

11. Westport lies Sherwood Island State Park
This charming park is located a little over an hour away from Grand Central Station and measures 975 acres; a park boasts over a mile of beach of fine golden sand on the Long Island Sound. It is also equipped with nature trails, numerous tables for picnicking, a playground, as well as fishing on the shore, and swimming making it an ideal destination for families to undertake. There is a fee charged per vehicle especially during the effective season.

12. Compo Beach, Westport
Another must visit Westport, Connecticut: Compo Beach is highly rated as one of the best beaches near New York City owing to the almost two mile wide expanse of broad sand beach fronting Long Island Sound. This was once a historically famous place to visit and still has great infrastructures like playground, volley ball court, duck pond, walking and cycling tracks, cafeteria, paddle hire, and washrooms with changing rooms.

13. Calf Pasture Beach, Norwalk
Only a half an hour drive from the New York State border in Norwalk, Connecticut, one might feel that the mile of sand encompassing Calf Pasture Beach is as far from civilization as it is possible to get and yet, the beach is easily accessed off the Merritt Parkway. There are big cedars giving much shade, sand is soft and water is not very rough for children which makes this place great for families having a swim. Also, there is also snack shops, toilets, and there is spacious metered car parking area nearby.

14. Jennings Beach, Fairfield
Jennings Beach in Fairfield, Connecticut spread over a large area and has soft sand from Long Island Sound; this beach is perfect for swimming and playing on sand. It has amenities that include dressing rooms equipped with showers and lavatories, a plethora of picnic tables and grills, and food booths. It’s relatively populated in summer, particularly along the Jennings district, however, there are close to three lots that can provide nearly 1,000 parking bays.

15. Silver Sands State is a park located in Milford.
Arguably, this might be among the best beaches in Connecticut, and one of the nearest ones to New York City! This county park is spread over 300 acres and accommodates a luxurious half-mile-long sandy beach, paved pathways, and a huge Wheeler’s salt marsh supporting a range of fauna. There is an availability of bathhouse amenities, volleyball, food and drink, and metered parking for the bigger shore area. Entrance fees apply in-season.

16. Woodmont Beach, Milford
Many excellent beaches are available in Milford, Connecticut, and of the best, Woodmont is the most appropriate due to the beautiful view of Long Island Sound. The broad strip of sand is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, having a picnic, and taking a long walk. There is paid parking but there is limited space so definitely you should get there early in the morning to secure a place.

Tips on planning your NYC beach vacation

New York City is lucky to have a number of beaches; this makes it possible for people to take a quick easy trip and get away from their busy life. People can sunbathe, exercise on the sand, swim, rest after the working week, and feel the calming power of the sea.

As these tourist coastal areas receive a lot of foot traffic in the summer, go early in the morning, preferably on weekdays or schedule beach activities in May, June, or September to avoid the scorching heat of the city and the congestion of the coastal destinations. If there is a provision for parking space, it is advised to be among the early birds since there could be a scarcity of parking space.

Take along some common necessities such as towels, chairs, sun protection, umbrellas, food and water, toys, games for children, and a bin for trash to dispose. There will also be layers for hot and cold, and water shoes if you plan to swim in the waters.

That is why living in New York many excellent beaches are within driving distance, and you can get there by car, by train, or by using public transport; thus, New Yorkers can enjoy each and every drop of summer by heading to the beach. Round up your friends and family and go make some great memories in the sand this season at one of these top-ranked NYC area beaches.


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What are some factors to consider when choosing a beach

Consider what kind of experience you seek. Do you want lively vibes with a boardwalk (Rockaway Beach, Coney Island), a more secluded natural setting (Fire Island, Montauk), or family-friendly amenities (Jones Beach, Orchard Beach)?

Are all the beaches listed public?

Most are public beaches with free access. However, some like Jones Beach and Robert Moses State Park have park fees for vehicles.

How can I get to these beaches?

Many beaches are accessible by public transportation, especially those within NYC limits. For others, driving or carpooling might be best. Check online for specific details about reaching each beach.

What amenities are available at these beaches?

Amenities vary by beach. Some have restrooms, changing areas, concession stands, and lifeguards. Research online for specifics about the beach you plan to visit.

Is surfing allowed at all the beaches?

Not all beaches permit surfing. Surfing conditions are also better at certain locations like Long Beach and Montauk.