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6 Best Countries to Visit in August

The summer breeze starts hitting low in August making it a perfect time for travelling as most tourists have started to leave many destinations. Europe and North America are still quite warm for the time being, but it may get slightly cooler, which would be more pleasant for exploring the attractions.

1. Italy

August is one of the most favorite months for tourists to visit Italy when choosing Europe as a destination. Most of the country is arid during the summer with temperatures that make it ideal to visit café terraces, historic sites, and the beach regions such as the Amalfi coast, the Cinque Terre, or Sicily. August is also a popular time for Italians to take their vacation, and as such, it is quite an active month with festivals, events, and celebrations. This is especially true for Venice which hosts its carnival again in late August; and the small towns with their food and wine and musical fests throughout the month. With temperatures still moderate at higher altitudes, experience the Tuscan hills or the Lakes region this month as city hotel rates are cheaper since most locals are out on short end-of-year vacations.

2. Sweden

For those still in search of a vacation destination in August, Europe including Sweden has a lovely summer. Wander through Stockholm’s old town and check out famous museums such as the Vasa Museum and the Fotografiska Gallery, or if you’re feeling adventurous, head to Gothenburg, a young and vibrant coastal city. The colder it is the further north one travels into places such as Swedish Lapland if that is the destination desired. Sweden’s summer season is quite short but nature enthusiasts can trek through Sweden’s green national parks, rent a canoe, or go wildlife spotting. There is a tiny reduction in accommodation prices after July, which registers as a high travel period for many travelers.

3. Canada

August in most parts of Canada signals a relatively cooler summer weather though in the interior regions and the Canadian Rockies of Alberta and British Columbia it holds. Although it is still warm in the mountains, this is one of the best months for hiking and water sports at Banff, Whistler, and Lake Louise, for example, without the swathes of tourists in July. There are also reduced prices for lodges and vacation rentals while in the early summer, the prices are higher. The further east and into Ontario and Quebec, it is still warm and hot and people retreat to their summer homes by the lakes which is a favorite holiday destination for Canadians in August. Festivals in late summer can also contribute to great concerts and events in places like Montreal and Toronto among others.

4. Peru

For those visiting the highlands and mountains, temperatures are colder, however, Peru’s coast is sunny with gentle Pacific winds in August, mid-summer, and the dry season. Shows one of the best periods to visit the tourist attractions before the bust September- November, which offers tickets at a cheaper price if booked well in advance. This month is also good for the Inca Trail weather conditions and it is less crowded if you wish to go for this famous trekking trail. August also presents colorful festivities such as the festivals in honor of the Virgin of Carmen in Paucartambo and Puno, and the Puno festivity of the Virgin of Candelaria is also energetic with dances and cultural activities.

5. New Zealand

However, it has to be noted that August is during mid-winter in New Zealand and there are opportunities to ski or snowboard and still avoid the crowds that will be present during the Christmas New Year holidays. Use Queenstown or Wanaka as your home ground to ski and snowboard on these beautiful slopes of resorts like Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, Cardrona Alpine Resort, and Treble Cone. There are also good discounts that are offered to the buyers since mid-August marks the beginning of the low season. Or travel to the North Island where attractions such as the geothermal area in Rotorua and Maori customs are available but not crowded during the summer period. Tourism in Taupo also picks up in the winter months with skiing and snowboarding starting as early as late August at Mt Ruapehu’s Whakapapa resort.

6. Bali

July and August are the best months to visit Bali as it enjoys relatively dry weather and it is not during the high tourist season. The days are bright and less wet the deeper into the dry season one goes and the seas are considerably more serene – ideal for swimmers and divers or riding the famous waves along the Kuta and Seminyak beach breaks. The west coast particularly the rugged region is also very peaceful and green after some downpours as well. Beach calmness and hotels drastically cut their peak season prices and you can indulge in a Balinese massage and stunning views of the pools at a fairly reasonable price. Also witness the exotic Hindu charms during the colorful religious ceremonies of the islanders, which are at their pinnacle in August.

Fewer crowds, better value, and superb summer weather make August the perfect time to visit Europe, go on a cross-country US road trip, or explore the tropics. There are always so many opportunities for one last hurrah before fall sets in and summer is gone for good.