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Best 25 Countries To Visit In July for an Enchanting Vacation

It is so great to take a vacation in July. In many places of the world, this month has perfect weather as it is the midpoint of the summer season. At some destinations, it is possible to get cultural events and celebrations whereas at other destinations, it is possible to enjoy favorable weather for various outdoor activities. Here are the 25 best countries to visit for an enchanting July getaway: Here are the 25 best countries to visit for an enchanting July getaway:

1. France

July is perhaps the most magical month in France. The tourist throngs are still absent from the city sidewalks and the streets are relatively empty. It’s been comfortably warm, sunny weather ideal for drinking rosé wine outside from the pavement café. Nice and Bordeaux are among the fabulous food and wine festivals held this month in some lesser-known cities. Take a vacation to the French Riviera and get entrenched in the glitz and glamour of beach culture.

2. Italy

Italy dazzles in July. You get the impression it's very hot there, but the prospect of water treatment awaits. The golden time to soak in all the sights the Italian Lakes has to offer is during this time of the year. Transport yourself to the greenery of Tuscany and get a first-hand experience of the Palio horse race in Siena. Visit hilltop villages and explore seafood along the coast. End each day with an aperitivo hour and fully immerse in all the sweet life feels.

3. Iceland

July is quite a good time to visit Iceland as the weather is quite decent during this time of the year. Almost unlimited time is available to enjoy exploring the volcanic terrain of this region and searching for the midnight sun. This month is perfect for road trips around the Ring Road and glacier trekking as the weather is favorable with good conditions. If you have not had the chance to, be sure to attend a festival or two while you are here.

4. Switzerland

The Swiss Alps are particularly stunning in July when waters flow from mountains as snow melts on peaks. Vales filled with vibrant flowers spread over the landscape and hills, which were green and verdant. Enjoy fresh air when trekking or going through some of the nature trails. And then enjoy Swiss chocolates and cheese and fondue back in lovely towns such as Interlaken and Lucerne.

5. Greece

Greece does not only feel warm but is hot during the summer and that is why July is the best month to island hop in Greece. To get started you can tour the cliffside views of Santorini and then head on over to the party island of Mykonos. Finish with lounging on the golden sand of idyllic Crete. At this place, you can enjoy fresh seafood, and wine, and get acquainted with the genuine Greek traditions.

6. Spain

It is hot, hot, hot in Spain in July, especially in Barcelona which is a city that is alive with festivities. Enjoy the festival with the voice and dance performance at the concert held at Festival Jardins de Pedralbes. Indeed, other experiences for visitors could be joining people in applauding daredevil bullfighters or exploring Gaudi’s colorful structures. Come to a close with late-night eating in the open air with sangria.

7. Croatia

Croatia has sunshine this month, so it is best to visit the beach cities of Dubrovnik and Split before the high season arrives. Once you’ve climbed medieval walls and palaces, jet off to the islands. There are excellent opportunities for sea kayaking, paddle boarding, or if you just want to lay on the beach before relaxing with local wine while watching sunsets each night.

8. India

July in India has a lot of monsoon rains that turn dry regions into green paradises in a matter of days. The cooler weather when in countries such as India makes it easier to tour energetic cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and others. For the best ayurvedic spa, it is recommended to travel to Kerala and find yourself a center that is surrounded by vegetation of jungle green. Even during the other shoulder season, there will be a lot of fantastic deals on hotels and flights.

9. Indonesia

While on your Indonesia vacation, July is the best month for being adventurous and visiting the beautiful islands of this country. You can relax on the beach in Bali before getting excited about the volcanic terrain of the country. After this, head to Flores and Komodo Islands with an opportunity to meet some of the Island’s unique species. In the case of diving conditions, October is regarded as one of the best months to dive around Komodo.

10. South Africa

July is a wintry month in South Africa; however, it remains relatively warm and sunny in Cape Town and Winelands. It has fewer people, the cost of the rooms is lower, and there are whales along the shoreline. Take a helicopter ride to Kruger National Park to explore nature in the vast, green savannah. Then enjoy great meals and wonderful wine which is also a great reason why South Africa is famous for its wines.

11. Colombia

July presents the most comfortable weather in Colombia with relatively hot temperatures at around 21°C, this is due to its mostly dry weather. Stroll through the beautiful colonial city of Cartagena and visit the city closed by walls and then head to the mountains to trek among towering peaks and colorful villages. End up hot and sultry July evenings with a visit to the Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona to enjoy marvelous white sand beaches.

12. Kenya

Wildlife migration across the savannah and acacia lands of Kenya is best observed in July. It is perfect for grand & adventurous wildlife tours to see lions, tigers, elephants, zebras, etc against the backdrop of arid and dusty terrains. It is advisable to go to the larger parks like the Masai Mara National Reserve or pre-organize a visit to smaller parks such as Amboseli to view the wildlife. The only thing you need to know is that it gets cold, especially in the evening after a sunny day during summer.

13. Brazil

July is off season and it is dry season in Brazil and it’s good for discovering some of the beautiful places like Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon basin. From dancing at the beach that is famous globally in Rio de Janeiro or climbing Sugarloaf Mountain, one moves inland to track wild game in places such as the Pantanal. There will also be fewer people and it will be cheaper in comparison with other points of interest.

14. Norway

It means that you should travel to Norway in July, to enjoy long days in the open air, admiring fjords or looking for the midnight sun north of the Polar Circle. The Bergen International Festival focuses on music and culture and there are terrific trails which are waiting for you in the mountains where wildflowers grow. Navigate the fjords and fish for salmon in search of the best sunlight in golden hours.

15. Chile

The skiing conditions in Chile are at their best till August, so it is good to ski in July at the best ski centers in the world like Portillo and Valle Nevado. For city excitement, start with Santiago, the happening capital before heading to the mountains of Andes. Head 160 km to the colorful colonial towns of Valparaiso or head south towards the lake districts for some action.

16. Peru

Apart from Machu Picchu, July is the best time to travel to Peru because the dry winter makes traveling much easier. Adapt by sampling Lima’s great food selection, which will not be hard since the city is quite artsy. Then immerse yourselves in the rich history of Inca civilization surrounded by the breathtaking Andean peaks of Cuzco. Explore Titicaca for wildlife before moving on to the booming jungle town of Puerto Maldonado.

17. Jamaica

July is quite hot in Jamaica showing summer vibrations before August, which is a little wet before the beginning of the hurricane season. The trade winds give it a cool climate while the beat of reggae music fills the air on the beach. The climate of Montego Bay provides a good hot steamy season for rafting the Martha Brae River. Otherwise, relax at waterfalls far from the coast or sunbathe on the beach of Negril and contemplate fiery sunsets on calm water.

18. Dominican Republic

The weather during summer is expected to be hot this month which is perfect for the beautiful Dominican Republic beaches and all-inclusive bar-and-party resorts. But penetrate the wonderful jungle trails, winding rivers, and relatively new eco-resorts. Check out places that are popular with the locals like the Punta Cana and then move to the north coast to try kitesurfing at Cabarete.

19. Belgium

Belgium also experiences its summer travel in July when flowers bloom and people come out of their homes into the busy city centers during the winter season. That is why it is so enjoyable to visit Brussels in this particular month as it is the time for Belgian Pride and the National Day which is on the 21st. There’s no excuse for not being able to find some tasty treats of Moules Frites, Pralines, Belgian Waffles, and of course, lots of beer.

20. Hawaii

This is due to observing the fact that Hawaii has very hot and sunny weather in July falls before the beginning of the hurricane season in August. Avoid Honolulu as it lacks the serenity found in other parts of Hawaii, whether lounging on Kauai’s coast or hiking through Hawaii’s enormous volcanic area on the Big Island. Perfect weather for water sports will be available along with lovely country settings but not very crowded.

21. England

London is a beautiful city during the summer and even more so when the bright sun sets the temperature rises during July. Parks are a riot of green and Teatro while food and music festivals entice you outdoors. The south can be spent touring the centuries-old English castles scattered around the countryside or driving up north for the medieval city experience. Well, just expect that during summer it may rain now and then because you know, the Philippines is famous for its rainy season.

22. Sweden

July has sunny warm weather in the central and southern regions of the country while in the northern regions, there are long daylight and cold nights. Begin in Stockholm before driving North to see attractions such as the Ice Hotel, the midnight sun, and other sights on the Arctic Circle. The weather is ideal for enjoying an exciting boat ride across the clear blue waters of Sweden’s lakes or for nature walks along forest and meadow trails. There isn’t a mention of the smorgasbord cuisine too, so that’s another thing that has to be considered an option.

23. Jordan

This is a good time to travel in Jordan, which has a desert climate; enjoy the warm summer and visit the exotic Petra with its rock-carved treasures, or go for a castle trawl at Shobak and Karak. Not only are the costs significantly lower but summer nights provide pleasant winds perfect for stargazing at the night sky filled with falling constellations.

24. Turkey

July is slightly less popular because it precedes the oversaturated tourists and scorching heat in August in Turkey. Position yourself on the beautiful Turquoise Coast that features archaeological sites, historical cities, and rich regional culture. Next, proceed to other parts of Cappadocia with its distinctive terrain of tall pointed formations to which hot air balloons are often close at dawn.

25. Morocco

Spain is scorching in July but that is ideal for those who wish to go on desert trips such as to Merzouga where temperatures are relatively cooler after the intense shoot on urban streets. Escape the madness of Marrakech by taking a hike to waterfalls or experiencing the serene, windy, and coastal vibe of Essaouira. The calendar this month will also see the end of Ramadan with cultural festivities and flavorful Iftars to follow.


What makes Italy a great destination in July?

Italy is perfect in July for its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and vibrant festivals. You can explore historic cities like Rome and Florence, relax on the Amalfi Coast, and enjoy cultural events such as the Palio di Siena.

What should I know about visiting Greece in July?

Greece offers stunning islands like Santorini and Mykonos, ancient ruins, and a lively summer atmosphere. In July, you can enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, and various local festivals.

Why is Spain a great place to visit in July?

Spain offers diverse experiences from exploring the historic architecture of Barcelona to enjoying the beaches of Costa del Sol. July features lively festivals like La Patum de Berga and the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona.

What is special about France in July?

France is ideal for its diverse landscapes and cultural experiences. July highlights include the Bastille Day celebrations in Paris, wine festivals, and summer events in the French Riviera.

What can I expect from a visit to Portugal in July?

Portugal offers stunning coastal views, historic towns, and beautiful beaches. In July, you can enjoy the warm weather in Lisbon, explore the Douro Valley, and relax on the Algarve Coast.