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26 Best Places To Visit In India In October

After the monsoon, October's weather in India is pleasant; celebrations in this season of the year are also very common throughout the nation. October's 26 greatest travel destinations in India are here: These are the 26 top October travel destinations in India:

1. Hampi in Karnataka – With the best-preserved site spread across the hills of boulders and great architecture one can only imagine the great empire of Vijayanagara. The weather is cool, which is appropriate for temple tripping.

2. Goa – It is nothing but beaches, especially the white sand ones, beach shacks, seafood, and various parties; Goa becomes quite serene after the monsoons. That is ideal for a tropical vacation or visiting archaeological attractions.

3. Kerala – Famous for the backwaters, houseboats, Ayurveda therapies, and green vegetation; it has a good climate and festivals like Onam in October. By all means, do not miss the snake boat races.

4. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh – The religious colorful town at night many happenings during Diwali and Ganga aarti. One can take a boat ride early in the morning on the canal or have a walking tour through the antiquated city.

5. Rajasthan: Wander around the royal palaces against the background of deserts and take part in happy celebrations such as the Dussehra and Marwar fairs when traditional music and dance performances take place. A few of them include Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, and Pushkar.

6. Darjeeling, West Bengal: Tiger Hill allows you to ascend to see the range of Kanchenjunga, or the miniature train journey over the tea plantations would be ideal for a bird's eye perspective.

7. Hyderabad: Explore the rich heritage by seeing monuments with Charminar and Golconda Fort as key attractions. Catch the Deccan festival to feast on the Deccan food, indulge in the arts and crafts of the region, and learn about the Deccan culture.

8. Kolkata – Lively during the Durga Puja celebration, it has numerous marquee structures where you can stroll by. There are so many yummy Bengali sweets that should not be missed or get lost in the search for pandal at night.

9. Amritsar, Punjab - Take an evening tour of the Golden Temple, have food at Langar, spend time watching the Beating Retreat Ceremony at Wagah Border, and relish Punjabi food.

10. Ladakh – They say the post-monsoon period offers the most breathtaking view, with blue skies over brown hills. Opt for adventurous things such as river rafting at the Indus River or crazy road trips/ treks over the great heights of the mountains.

11. Manali, Himachal Pradesh - The natural beauty with stunning valleys and mountains now lush green after monsoons, one can have long nature trails, trek up to waterfalls, or simply relax amidst the mountain views in countryside cottages.

12. Andaman Islands – Get enchanted by the beautiful tropical islands that offer exotic wildlife especially the rainforests and mangroves, virgin coral reefs, and scuba diving sites. Enjoy water activities as well as sunbathing and swimming at relatively lesser-known beaches.

13. Pondicherry – Walk down the streets that have French-styled buildings with mustard-colored walls, try filtering coffee and croissants, try a beach walk in the evening, or visit Sri Aurobindo ashram nestled in greenery.

14. Wildlife tours and national parks: – Kaziranga National Park, Assam – Observe one-horned rhino, elephant, tiger, etc roaming across the tall grasslands in front of the backdrop of the eastern Himalayas.

15. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra – Surrounded by the green, the forests are mist-laden and one can enjoy horse riding that overlooks the valley and has berry picking, sunrise on Arthur’s seat, and night camping facilities are also available here.

16. Bodh Gaya, Bihar – Enjoy the beauty of nature and green surroundings and the beautiful forest where the leaves turn yellow during the end of summer. The holy Bodhi tree or the Buddhist shrines are there where you can relax or even light a candle.

17. Rajasthan – Visiting the monumental havelis of Bikaner or camel-safari in the desert, or shopping at the old bazaars for unique leather shoes; eating Bhujia while enjoying festival trips from temple to temple.

18. McLeodganj, Himachal Pradesh – Professing to have the best sal trees shedding leaves and blooming flowers which make the cool breeze from McLeodganj trails more enjoyable with views of the snow-clad Dhauladhar range while taking Tibetan cuisine.

19. Majuli island, Assam – Explore the beautiful villages of Assam or ride bicycles through the rural countryside amidst rice fields, surrounded by bamboo forests, and tropical houses with thatched roofs while savoring local food and experiencing tribal culture.

20. Mcleod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh – Get to feel the chill wind blowing against the mighty snow crest of Dhauladhar while you enjoy Tibetan cuisines or shop for prayer flags or souvenirs. Truly you must not miss the nature walks through the blooming Rhododendrons.

21. Spiti Valley -Nestled in the Himalayan high altitude, go for fascinating bike trips/hikes through the cold desert after the sunny autumn and capture the glorious view of the monasteries.

22. Kota, Rajasthan – Lose yourself in the princely wonders of the forts and palaces that dominate the Chambal river banks, while sipping on the special tea or shopping for the exquisite Kota saris or the exquisite stone jewelry.

23. Udaipur, Rajasthan - Dynastic palaces, Haldighati, boating on the Lake Pichola and Fateh Sagar, watching folk dances depicting the traditions of ancient Rajasthan, observing unique painted handicrafts, including painted frescoes and carvings, in the ruins of the fortresses and baoris.

24. Coonoor, Tamil Nadu – Relaxing amid the lush greenery of the Nilgiris with tea gardens and beautiful views, staying in the colonial-style houses with fireplaces and warm meals based on the local recipes.

25. Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand – It can stay to watch the dying rays of the sun color the snow-clad Himalayas pink or take a stroll along the rushing mountain streams and falling waterfalls amidst deodar forests.

26. Dawki, Meghalaya - You can swim across the waters in what looks like an azure pool or even kayak through the green, tropical forested areas overlooking the sky mirrored on the water in this quiet town which is on the border with Bangladesh.

Oh, that’s quite an entertaining question! Therefore, which one of the stunning locations is your October destination of choice in India? Don’t hesitate to let us know that in the comments below!


What's the weather like in October across India?

October is generally a favorable time to visit most of India. The monsoon season usually subsides by October, offering pleasant weather with clear skies. However, weather patterns can vary slightly depending on the specific region:

Are these destinations suitable for all types of travelers?

Look for destinations with kid-friendly activities like parks, museums, or wildlife safaris.

How do I get to these places?

The best way to reach each destination depends on factors like distance and budget. Options include:

Where can I stay?

Luxurious stays with amenities like spas, pools, and on-site activities (beach resorts, hill station resorts).

What festivals or events might happen in October?

India has a vibrant cultural calendar. Research specific destinations to see if any festivals or events coincide with your visit. This could add a unique dimension to your trip.