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19 Best Places to Visit in July in India

India is geographically varying with the tropical climate that presents numerous wonderful destinations to visit in July when the monsoon leads to a reduction of hot temperatures. Here are 19 of the best places to consider for your July travels: Here are 19 of the best places to consider for your July travels:

1. Ladakh

This is a desert-like terrain with a high altitude and has very good weather in July with the days being warm and the nights chilly. This is the reason why in March and April this place becomes green and there are tiny streams and small waterfalls that can be seen because of the melted snow water which runs down from the Himalayan mountains.

2. Spiti Valley

Another splendid area, located at a comparatively high altitude, Spiti Valley lies in the shadow of the Himalayas. In our case, the rain-washed landscape is at its greenest during July coinciding with the blooming of alpine wildflowers. Tour and hike through this pristine territory with old monasteries.

3. Darjeeling

Honeymooning couples may find July suitable to travel to the misty hill station of Darjeeling and enjoy the cooler climate. It has rolling green tea gardens, scenic Himalayan panoramas (if the mists lift), crisp air, and attractive pastel-colored British Raj buildings.

4. Valley of Flowers

July is when the region of the Valley of Flowers National Park in Uttarakhand opens up to reveal the wildflower fields. This place is best viewed when the valley blooms, and it is surrounded by snow-clad Himalayan ranges which make it stand out even more.

5. Mumbai/Goa

Some of the finest beaches in India are available in the Konkan region, particularly near Mumbai or in Goa, in July. While it gives one relief from the summer heat, monsoons come along with beautiful stormy seas and occasional showers.

6. Kerala Backwaters

Houseboat Cruise – July: Get drowned in Kerala’s scenic backwater district during the beginning of the monsoon and see the beauty of the place decorated by palm trees and houseboats. Do not miss out on the opportunities to taste Keralan food that may be spicy.

7. Goa Beaches

Spend time at one of the famous Indian beaches – Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches on the Arabian Sea coastline. Thus, if you are planning to visit this towering waterfall that can make you feel insignificant due to its sheer size and capacity, July is a great time to see it in all its glory as the monsoon rains intensify and fill the waterfall.

8. The Valley of Flowers

See the majesty of a national park where wildflowers of different colors blanket the entire area in the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. Warm and Dry: Witness scenic landscapes with flowers in every hue offered at the feet of snow-capped mountains in July.

9. Coorg

This is one of the most picturesque and serene places that provide a wonderful experience of a hill station with beautiful meanders, powerful waterfalls, and soaring mountains that appear on the horizon on better days. In general, the climate of Kodaikanal is relatively cold and it has rather good weather even in July.

10. Mahabaleshwar

Another beauty of the hill station destination, Mahabaleshwar is situated on the peaks of the Western Ghat and has a better climate. Breathtaking natural beauty can be seen in its dense forests and rivulets; in the monsoons, it comes alive.

11. Munnar is one of the most scenic places known for its tea gardens on the Slewed green hills of Kerala. Foggy and chilly mountains are best for visiting in July and the fresh weather is ideal for a tour.

12. Andaman Islands

If you want a tropical island climate and no storms during monsoons in July, consider visiting the Andaman Islands and enjoying its beaches, Mangrove forests, and volcanic islands.

13. Tawang

An ideal climatic condition with thrilling cascading waterfalls, trekking past Rhododendrons and rock peaks. Another place of interest is its old Tawang Monastery built nearly six hundred years ago.

14. Coorg

This area of Karnataka is well-famed for coffee gardens and estates, the natural beauty and waterfalls are another attraction in the hills and forests during the monsoon starting from July.

15. Kausani

This is an uphill town in the Uttrakhand state with 300 km wide mountain terrains of the Himalayan range visible, best seen in July when grasslands are filled with flowers and the weather is perfect for strolls.

16. Cherrapunji

famous for its high rainfall, now this place in the Meghalaya state is best to be visited during monsoon starting from July as waterfalls are at their best, vegetation looks very beautiful, and the mountainous landscape is covered by clouds.

17. Mount Abu

Despite being in the extensive desert state of Rajasthan, this festival brings pleasant weather and wonderfully revived surroundings of Nakki Lake. Other Dilwara temples near this site are architectural marvels.

18. Khajjiar

It is located in Himachal Pradesh and has resemblance of Switzerland in terms of its geographical structure with lush green pastures; the best time to visit this place is in July due to monsoons. The scenery and splendid mountain scenery are usually magnificent.

19. Matheran

free of all vehicular traffic, Matheran is ideal for exploring on foot, with its red earth paths that go through dense forests where endemic bird life can be seen, as also the expansive view of plains of western India from its hilltop location. Well, indeed, you are to have a revitalizing temperature and outlook.

As the temperature starts to cool down in the different regions of India by the end of June, July is the ideal time to escape summer while admiring the mountain ranges, beaches, beautiful waterfalls, and lush greenery at these beautiful locations. So, pack your bags and travel to these places/areas!