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12 Best Places to Visit in New Hampshire in Spring

Ending briefly with a cold winter, New Hampshire blooms and is filled with color during spring, the season of renewal. It is a perfect time to go out in the Granite State and enjoy the blossoming of beautiful flowers, and the rushing waterfalls due to freezing snow meltage. Here are some of the top locations in the state to go and behold the beauty of springs in New Hampshire.

1. Flume Gorge - Lincoln

The Beauty of nature is vividly captured in the Flume Gorge- stunning nature trails along the clear waters of the Flume and challenging viewing of Flume Gorge waterfall as the melting snow and ice increases its flow. The Flume is magnificent throughout the year, but especially in spring because trillium grows in the basin. This way the boardwalks make it easy to spend springtime nature views.

2. Franconia Notch Trail - Franconia

Experience the rebirth of nature’s beauty from the Franconia Notch by watching the spectacular floral, the dominance of waterfalls, and scenic relaxation zones. Artist’s Bluff trail is another attraction that should not be missed; the magnificent view of the Kinsman Mountain range in the background is still white in some areas even in spring.

3. Rhododendron State Park – Fitzwilliam

The name of this park indicates that it blossoms in May and June, which is the time when thousands of Rhododendrons produce huge bunches of pink, white, or purple flowers spreading over 16 acres of area near a serene grove of hemlocks.

4. General: The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center in Concord

Learn how the Hubble Space Telescope of NASA has helped us to learn more about our universe this museum and planetarium mark the start of spring. Visit to watch IMAX movies, Moon rock samples, and specimens with yearly science presentations on space and plants.

5. Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is located at Holderness.

Easy walking paths lead through various biomes to Kirkwood Gardens to see the flowering of the spring ephemeral plants by Squam Lake. Such live animal exhibits as bobcats, otters, deer, and raptors will come out from winter in naturalized habitats along the walkway that honors ecological themes local to the area.

6. Shaker Village - Canterbury

Nature paths around the mostly preserved 19th-century socialist society by the banks of the Merrimack River sparkle in the spring when thousands of daffodils, framing historic buildings, come to blossom amidst the green forests and marshes that teem with revived wildlife.

7. Monadnock State Park: Jaffrey

Hike up to the top passing by trails along the rocky outcroppings and take in the sweeping sights of the numerous mountains of green forests and lakes that still reflect the bright blue sky of spring. Common badgerings are to look out for raptors riding updrafts.

8. Strawberry Banke - Portsmouth

History has never been so pretty at this outdoor exhibit of heritage homes that are located against a backdrop of ten acres of landscaped garden; heritage homes with heirloom and hybrid flowers, blooming trees, herbs, and shrubs that have bloomed beautifully for spring. Timing the walking tours to coincide with flowers is a perfect match.

9. Canterbury Shaker Village in Canterbury New Hampshire.

Canterbury comes alive with a floral display during the Maple Sugar Festival in the last week of April or the first week of May; visitors can learn how this community sustains the use of trees, especially the fruit-bearing ones, during this period through demonstrations of the program on maple sugar.

10. Hampton Beach - Hampton

New Hampshire is a famous beach town that becomes crowded as spring ushers in warmer temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean. Witness the force of the sea, feel the sand beneath your feet on a tropical beach, or lie on the sand and stone 1 ½ mile wooden pier as the birds and people come out from their winter hibernation to get a dose of Vitamin D.

11. Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire

The fresh air during this period, the energy of the waterfalls, and the beautiful valleys just out of winter hibernation make it very tempting to get out and hike the White Mountain trails during spring. Observe ice rolling down mountains in places such as Crawford or Pinkham Notches and hike along the countryside where billions of leaves are waking up from their buds in forests.

12. Farm Stands & Orchards - overview by regions of the state

Taste a pure maple syrup which is freshly extracted from the maple trees, pluck juicy apples, and succulent berries, or get seedlings for your vegetables from local farms once their production is in season. Some allow guests to select fruits or vegetables on their own or go to babies born in spring and are so cute. Support these heritage institutions.


New Hampshire, with its varied terrains, wakes up in spring to a new page, a new look after the long winters. Take walks in flower-blooming forests, walk along roaring rivers, and trails containing snow at some corners, visit shops that bring out new harvests, or just relax along coasting waves. New Hampshire is particularly festive, and there are countless activities in which one might engage to embrace the winter.


What activities are ideal for a spring trip to New Hampshire?

Spring offers opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Hike amidst blooming landscapes, explore waterfalls at their peak flow, or go for scenic drives as the winter chill fades.

How long should I spend in New Hampshire?

A week-long trip allows you to comfortably explore several regions. If you want to delve deeper into specific areas, consider 10-14 days.

What's the weather like in spring?

Spring arrives gradually. Expect crisp mornings and evenings with increasingly warm days. Be prepared for occasional rain showers and dress in layers.

What can I do in the Lakes Region?

The largest lake in New Hampshire,

How do I get around New Hampshire?

Renting a car offers the most flexibility, especially for exploring rural areas and state parks. Buses connect major towns and cities.