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10 Best Places to Visit in Turkey in June

Since June falls amid the summer season and the temperature is nice and bright without many people going, it is an excellent time to visit Turkey. Whether your trip to Turkey in June is for a taste of the great cuisine, swimming at the breathtaking seaside, or appreciating the ancient architecture, it is the ideal time.

1. Istanbul

Istanbul is a beautiful city located on the border of two continents, Europe and Asia. Some great places to visit include the Hagia Sophia, the Byzantine structure, Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace on the Bosphorus strait, and the colorful Grand Bazaar. The best months to visit Istanbul for strolling through the city’s districts with rich historical background, browsing local markets and food vendors, and enjoying cups of coffee or cocktails on the rooftops while experiencing nights in T-shirts, as the average high temperatures in June are approximately 73°F or 23°C.

2. Cappadocia

Cappadocia is visited for the otherworldly terrain of the region with its unique fairy chimneys. Visit the Rose and Red Valleys for a hike to come across these peculiar land structures. Ride a hot air balloon at dawn to get the best view of the scenery which makes the area look like something out of a fairy tale. Spend a night in one of the many cave hotels that can be found throughout this region; the soft volcanic rock is perfect for carved accommodations. Climes in Cappadocia are relatively moderate during June with the temperatures ranging approximately 75°F/24°C.

3. Turquoise Coast

In June, the beaches of southern Turkey's Turquoise Coast are ideal when the turquoise water shows traces of blue. Keeping in fairly low-key venues, like in Fethiye and Kas. Discover the vibrant underwater world in turquoise and blue lagoons, cruise aboard gulets — classic wooden boats, and unwind on one of Turkey's most gorgeous sandy beaches, Patara. With plenty of sun, June is warm—average between 60s and 80s °F ( 15 to 27°C).

4. Mardin

Mardin is a small preserved historic town in southeastern Turkey and offers a wonderful ambiance and atmosphere. Enjoy the stony facades of the ancient Arabic-styled houses, have a cup of Turkish coffee on the terrace of a café, look at the Mesopotamian Plains, and just walk along the pavement with a serene feeling. The climate in Mardin in June is hot and dry with typical high temperatures of 91 ° F or 33 ° C.

5. Ephesus

Take a walk through the ancient city of Ephesus; it may seem like a dream as it is strolling through the well-maintained marble roads. A landmark of the antique Greco-Roman world, it offers a visit to the grand Library of Celsus, opulent terraced houses, and the Great Theatre, which accommodated 25000 people. While Ephesus is nice and warm, it is not sweltering in June with the temperature between 23 and 29 °C (74- 85 °F).

6. Pamukkale

Visit the awe-inspiring ancient city of Hierapolis located on the historical land of Turkey and see the breathtaking terraced travertine pools of Pamukkale that are formed naturally as hot mineral water descends from the heights of the mountain. Walk through the sparkling calcite cliffs, swim in the warm, crystal clear blue waters and if you fancy, you might also get to bathe in the ‘Cleopatra’s pool’ where royalty used to indulge. Even though it is starting to get hot in Pamukkale, June is still a good time to visit before the region becomes crowded in summer. The average high is 112° F or 28° C.

7. Bodrum

Situated on the Aegean coast, Bodrum is a sophisticated port town with a lovely waterfront dotted with stores, cafés, bars, and restaurants along with numerous historical elements. Discover the ancient castle constructed by the Knights of Rhodes, eat at hip coastal cafés, ride a leisurely boat on a Turkish gulet, or get some locally made souvenirs in the charming little alleyways. One of the best periods to visit Bodrum, with a pleasant seaside temperature averaging 82°F (28°C), is June.

8. Antalya

There is nothing like the stunning pictures that the tourist resort city of Antalya on Turkey's Mediterranean coast can provide. Beautiful waterfalls and first-rate beaches abound alongside Lycian ancient towns, seashore Roman remains of Perge, and both natural and man-made marvels. A one-day trip to Koprulu K Canyon National Park on the river or one of the beaches in Antalya where the mountains meet the shore will provide great views of the azure Mediterranean Sea for more daring travel. This time of year it will be hot and dry; the temperature will go from 79°F to 86°F (26°C to 30°C).

9. Ankara

Though most visitors to Turkey ignore Ankara, the city has enough to offer visitors. Ankara is Turkey's younger city. Visit the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations which has relocated so many Hittite treasures or Ataturk's grave on a hill, or sip coffee at a café featuring other Ottoman buildings in the ancient Citadel. With an average high of 77°F / 25°C and a temperature range of 63–89°F / 17-32°C, June is a nice, sunny month in Ankara.

10. Konya

Konya, a city in Central Turkey, has an evocative old town that was once the capital of the Seljuk Empire in the Middle Ages and hence a site of many historical monuments. Explore the Mevlana Museum dedicated to the 13th-century poet and philosopher Rumi, explore the elaborate geometric patterns of tilework on the walls of the Selimiye Mosque, and roam the lively marketplaces where stalls are filled with spices, carpets, ceramics, and many other souvenirs. The climate in Konya is greatly influenced by the summer season and June in particular which is characterized by hot and dry weather with the monthly average high temperatures being around 82°F/28°C.

Warm, pleasant weather, low tourist rates, and numerous things to do make June one of the best months to start your Turkey voyage and appreciate its versatility and comprehensive opportunity!