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Best Places to Visit in the USA for First-Time Travelers

The vast nation of the United States has much to offer the globe and is very varied. America has it all—from the sun and sand of the California coast to the rocky mountains of the Rocky Mountains or the deep forest of the Pacific Northwest—the neon lights of the large metropolis or anything. Sometimes a first-time visitor to the USA finds it challenging to decide which sites they should see; however, this list of the top attractions will help in the preparation of an incredible journey.

New York City

Thanks in great part to its vibrant atmosphere, New York City appeals especially to first-time Americans as the most sought-after city. Discover the day's well-known attractions such as Times Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, etc. See some of the well-known areas like Greenwich Village and Little Italy, see some of the best stores and restaurants in New York, and watch the Broadway play. Just bear in mind that you will be surrounded by lots of people and the prices here are quite high.

Grand Canyon National Park

This natural wonder more than meets expectations and delivers a great experience all around. Marvel at 1-3,500 feet layers of multi-colored rocks sculpted by the Colorado River for millions of years. You can hike along the rims of the canyon, or you can take a trip down the river thousands of feet below in a raft. You could watch a beautiful sunset or rise, which will be a very memorable moment to watch. We can know that just staring at the picture of a Grand Canyon makes no way to experience the actual sight of the canyon.

San Francisco

Starting from the Victorian houses on Alamo Square Street to the Golden Gate Bridge huddled in the chilling fog, San Francisco is among the most favorite cities in the United States for newcomers. Go up a hill on a cable car where you can see rather steep streets and hills, eat some tasty and unusual dim sum in Chinatown, do some shopping in Union Square, or watch sea lions in Fisherman’s Wharf. Evening dress should also be casual as the temperature can get quite cold at night although it can also turn sunny at times.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas could appear intimidating, but no first trip to the USA can be successful without a taste of this Sin City kitsch. Spend the night in a casino hotel with a subject, gamble on a slot or poker machines, watch a show, or wander in awe around and through the Parisian Eiffel Tower, Egyptian pyramids, Venetian canals, and more. At the very least, immerse yourself in an eat-all-you-can restaurant kind of experience. This is usually the case especially because what happens in Vegas normally does not follow the common travel tales when one gets back home.

Washington DC

Being the capital of the United States of America and with so much history and culture, Washington DC is still a fantastic place to visit. Visiting the free Smithsonian museums, historical sites like the Washington and Lincoln Memorials, and governmental structures like the U.S. Capitol constitutes preliminary activity for the first few days. One should climb to the Washington Monument's observation deck to get a panoramic view of the National Mall and the city. Choose your moment wisely to visit the White House or see sessions of Congress in action.


Florida's hot beach metropolis of Miami has unique vitality and diversity all on its own. Before dining Cuban food and coffee in Little Havana, stroll down South Beach's oceanfront and see the vibrantly painted art deco structures. Not a beach person? It also has great nightlife, designer shopping, and cool districts like the colorful and artistic Wynwood district, which now houses so many graffiti arts Miami’s another must-do is to have fresh fruit juice mixed at the Cuban fruit stand.

Orlando, FL

It’s far from being overcrowded with tourists, which might make its theme parks look like pedestrian malls; but the first-time visitors to the United States cannot afford to miss Walt Disney World or Universal Studios. As an adult, sing along with the characters from the movies and cartoons while visiting themed areas and get lost on roller coasters with themes from Toy Story to Harry Potter. Just manage carefully when to go to those most famous places and when to use fast passes on those most popular rides. Oh, and gobble all the turkey legs, funnel cake, and other unmentionable things your heart desires.

New Orleans, LA

Continuing the theme of music and dancing, the rather loud and diverse city is New Orleans. Stroll along the French Quarter and Riverwalk district for that warm, mouthwatering, and aromatic flavor that truly captures the essence of the Deep South. Swing to the rhythm of jazz that plays non-stop on every corner, taste seafood at po boys and beignets, toast with Hurricanes at the famous piano bar of Pat O’Briens, and stroll tree-lined streets dusted with Spanish moss. But before you go never taste the best cajun and creole dishes such as gumbo jambalaya and étouffée which is New Orleans's specialty.

National Parks

From the American national parks, one may view the mountain, the deep canyon, the boringly pouring hot springs, and the magnificently standing waterfall coated in snow. The first-time travel list for the USA should so also contain national parks such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Tetons, and Great Smoky Mountains. Go hiking, camping, animal watching, or just enjoyment of breathtaking scenery—even the most sophisticated cameras cannot show. Just be prepared to check your phone’s signal as for some parks, both cellular and WiFi connections may not always be strong. It is all worth it to see the natural region in its natural state.

That is about it for the 10 must-visit places and destinations that would give any traveler a worthy comeback trip to the United States of America. Still thinking about what comes next? So just select a region or state to go into more detail about it. Choose the charm of the Southern Coast and hotels an open Wild West, or vibrant East Coast cities, it is all up to you! It will only be better if you arrive with an open mind and ready to gobble up humongous servings of food, cordial people, unique culture, and several tourist destinations you will nowhere else in the entire universe. Regardless of where your journey across the US will lead, getting here will without a doubt leave first-time visitors welcomed and comfortable in this country right from the get-go. Enjoy the ride!