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Best 10 Botanical Gardens in Maui to Help Reconnect with Nature

Botanical gardens on the island of Maui are among the most beautiful and exotic gardens located in Hawaii. These marvelous gardens give spectators a chance to free themselves from the noise of the world and enjoy the richness of the tropical plants and flowers that can be found in Maui. From beautiful and ample gardens that give the feel of paradise, to tiny, hidden gardens that are nestled on the quiet corners of the acreage, the following is a list of the top 10 botanical gardens in Maui that will assist you in your quest to get back to the roots during your trip.

1. Maui Nui Botanical Gardens

Located in a vast area of 7 acres, the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens boasts over 500 varieties of tropical plants. There are three nature trails that one has to take that take one through wooded areas, past small streams, and provide glimpses of early Hawaiian structures. The gardens also feature plants endemic and indigenous to Hawaii, which inspires the relationship between natural cultural, and spiritual elements as expressed in traditional Hawaiian society. It is suggested that do not forget to visit the Primitive Plant section to learn what Ancient Hawaiians used plants for.

2. Kula Botanical Garden

This beautiful tiny botanical garden lies at an altitude of 1000 meters and has many species of plants that thrive in the upper altitude regions of Maui. The garden contains more than 700 plantation varieties, many of which are native and some of which are even endangered tropical plants. Stroll on paved trails to appreciate species of plants that were employed in constructing canoes, houses, clothing, and boats, treating diseases, among other uses. You must tour the peaceful Koi fishponds and the Plant propagation center where you will learn how endangered plants are reproduced.

3. Wailea Beach Botanical Gardens

Located between the beach of Wailea and the Fairmont Kea Lani resort, this 4-acre garden is quiet and filled with tropical greenery, lined pathways, and small water ponds. It can be visited with no charge and has a self-guided tour whereby one gets to see different trees, orchids, unique palms, and flowers with perfume. The most popular areas of the garden are the stone lamps, bridges, and the teahouse gazebo of the Asian Garden. It can be concluded to finish the visit to the beach since it is great to view beautiful scenes.

4. Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

This is the only nature preserve in this area, which is situated 3 miles north of Hana, offering a home for more than 2, species of tropical plants and flowers. Hike on paved and rough terrains to observe falls and streams with plunge pools accompanied by loud sounds of tropical plants. Take a guided tour to get enlightened by inspirational facts from the tour guides, who are botanists. It is recommended to visit the garden until the evening when the sun sets to witness the magical change the night light brings.

5. Iao Valley Botanical Gardens

Located in the scenic Iao Valley, this is a 6—acre site that is a botanic garden with ethnobotanical demonstrations of plants used in food, medicine, construction, cloth/clothing, ceremonies, etc. Proceed to the mature vegetation where there are gorgeous views of Iao Needle can be seen. It is advisable to take a walk through the Hawaiian Life Exhibits that give a glimpse into the life of early Hawaiians who met their needs from this rich soil.

6. Maui Garden of Eden

This beautiful garden is a collection of more than 500 types of tropical trees and plants with a message of hope at the center for everyone to read and a self-guided walking trail. Just stroll through giant bamboo, lemon trees, palm trees, and flowering shrubs. The next attraction one should not miss is the art gallery that is located inside the Garden of Eden plantation house, which offers breathtaking views of the West Maui Mountains.

7. Hui No‘EU Visual Arts Center

Besides changing the inside displays of visual arts, the Hui No euch center comes with stunning botanical gardens that are located outside. Enjoy a walk through a two-acre landscaped garden with tropical plants and a cute pond. It is situated at the foot of Haleakala Mountain so it is a little cooler than the rest of Maui and therefore suitable for plants that do not require so much heat. Take time to enjoy the roses in the Rose Garden or to view the Balinese Building.

8. Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm

This lavender farm is located at an altitude of 4,000 feet, and thus you will have the best views of the island’s terrain. Take a stroll on aromatic paths featuring more than 55,000 lavender plants in bloom between June and October. If you have the time, do visit the Garden Bistro where they have delicious lavender-flavored food and condiments. Do not forget the gift shop with fine lavender products that they grow and produce themselves at this farm.

9. Keopuka Healing Garden

Being a Hawaiian herbal health center Keopuka is a garden-like park managed by Hawaiian traditional healers and herbalists. This is a 4-acre garden that possesses over 100 species of Polynesian medicinal plants and trees. Visitor guides provide extended information about certain plant species and the locals’ ways of applying them. A trip to the tiny ‘kitchen’ where the plant materials are processed and turned into medicine in the form of balms, oils, and salves cannot be missed.

10. Makawao Forest Reserve

Although this nature reserve is somewhat small, it is situated right under Haleakala Peak and offers 5 miles of trails through eucalyptus groves that are home to various tropical species. This is the Ma’elaea Ridge Trail for stunning and the Pa’iloa Trail for bird watching. The animals that inhabit the reserve are many protected native plants such as trees and geraniums. So, don’t forget to take your binoculars to check on the various kinds of birds available within the serene forest.

The splendid garden displays the beauty of tropical nature and its multi-colored flowers and plants, exotic species, and large-leaved trees are located all around Maui’s botanical gardens if you want to get back to the roots of Hawai and feel nature’s power during your holiday. Take a leisurely walk on beautiful well-lit trails that boast of the rich nature of wildlife, or take time to admire the beautiful flowers and plants. This list allows the visitors to go over the best botanical gardens in Maui and rejuvenate with stunning tropical flora.


What are botanical gardens?

Botanical gardens are curated spaces that showcase a wide variety of plants, often organized by region or theme. They serve educational, conservation, and recreational purposes, allowing visitors to appreciate and learn about different plant species.

Why visit botanical gardens in Maui?

Maui's botanical gardens offer a unique opportunity to explore the island's diverse flora in carefully landscaped settings. They provide peaceful environments for relaxation, photography, and learning about native and exotic plant species.

What can I expect to see at Maui's botanical gardens?

Visitors can expect to see a rich array of tropical plants, including native Hawaiian species like hibiscus, plumeria, and rare orchids. Some gardens also feature waterfalls, ponds, and scenic viewpoints.

Are botanical gardens in Maui suitable for families with children?

Yes, many botanical gardens in Maui are family-friendly, offering easy walking paths, educational signage, and sometimes interactive exhibits that engage younger visitors.

How long does it take to visit a botanical garden in Maui?

The time needed can vary depending on the size of the garden and your level of interest. Typically, visitors spend anywhere from 1 to 3 hours exploring a botanical garden thoroughly.