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12 Cheapest Countries to Visit From India For a Budget Dream Vacation

Aim to travel overseas but you have little cash? In the case of Indian travelers, there are a lot of places that are very beautiful and can be toured at a very cheap price. Here are 12 places from Southeast Asian countries to Eastern Europe that are the most affordable places for Indians to have the vacation of their dreams on a limited budget.

1. Nepal
Currently, among the countries that attract numerous Indians due to their low cost, Nepal is number one. The neighboring country is always cheap and flight distances are short. Affordable pricing is the primary reason why people travel to this region, with basic hotel rooms that cost between Rs. 600-800 per night for food and accommodation. Entry visas are free while the cost of such activities as treks in the Himalayas may cost as low as Rs 1000 per day.

2. Vietnam
Vietnam is not only well-equipped with cities, beaches, adventure, and culture. The cost of flights from India to Vietnam can start from Rs. 10, 000 for a return ticket if you consider booking of your flight in advance. Once there, you can get all sorts of good hotel accommodation starting from Rs. 1,200 for a night. The cheapest meal is street food which goes for as low as thirty rupees. Public transport or motorbike is also relatively cheap for moving around the town.

3. Thailand
From beautiful tropical islands to the beauty of Buddha culture, Thailand has become India’s most popular overseas destination. The cost of round-trip airfare ranges may be around Rs. 10,000 or even lower depending on the early booking. Tentative accommodation costs begin as low as Rs 600 for hostel rooms or dormitories. The bus transportation in Thailand is more than adequate and quite cheap making it easier to move around in the country.

4. Indonesia
From beaches to volcanoes, and rich green rainforests to elaborate temples, Indonesia is the ideal place for every tourist searching for a reasonably priced Asian trip destination. Online availability of the flights allows one to make plans far in advance and pay as little as Rs. 9000 for a round journey. About the lodging, the cost varies from 1,000 Rs per night to dirt-cheap homestays and hostels depending on the quality and location of the hotel. Particularly for the tour of the areas by local boats, public ferry travel is very affordable.

5. Laos
One pristine territory of Southeast Asia that hasn't seen enough visitor exploration is Laos. Given ticket costs beginning at Rs 8000 roundtrip from India, air travel is likewise reasonably priced. Given Laos is among the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, hotel rates, meals, and transportation are among the least expensive in the area. Perfect for those who like picturesque surroundings and prefer to travel at a leisurely and slow speed.

6. Cambodia
Being a country of exquisite location and famous for Angkor Wat, Cambodia has slowly but surely started tourism, and is cheap to visit. Flight charges from India for two ways range from Rs.10,000/- and above. There are private single hotel rooms that can be secured for as low as 800 Rupees in cities. Food and especially fruits sold in the local market are very cheap and tasty.

7. Myanmar
Still in its infancy of being opened from the decades of isolation it has recently been in Myanmar there’s still a sense of mystique around the country. Flights fares are affordable and the average is around Rs. 9000 for a round trip originating from India’s key cities. Burmese food is affordable and one can comfortably get a delicious meal within Rs. 150 or less. Visiting such wonderful temples and monasteries is normally not a problem as it does not cost money. This is the most important one which is the currency exchange rates that are rather friendly and extend your cash as far as you want it to go.

8. Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is India’s neighboring island, which remains a popular destination for tourists due to its stunning beaches, tea gardens, and cultural attractions. Flights on a short journey that does not exceed 3 hours are affordable and can be booked for as low as Rs 4000 round trip. Private single/double-bed hotel rooms cost Rs. 1000 and traditional rice/budget curries are only Rs. 300. Public transport, in the form of buses, is readily available and can be used to move from one part of the island to another without breaking the bank.

9. Bhutan
The magnificent and small country of Bhutan still restricts visitors from maintaining a natural identity and culture. All visitors are required to hire a minimum of a package that costs approximately Rs. 8000 per day and encompasses 3-star accommodation, meals, and a certified guide. Apart from this fee, costs are relatively negligible as very few items are imported and the local prices are subsidized. The added cost guarantees that you get the opportunity to experience the natural beauty and the rich culture of Bhutan away from the social vices associated with most tourism.

10. Egypt
Having icons like the Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, and the Nile River, Egypt has always been frequented by a higher number of Indians. This means that booking is possible and the cost of the roundtrip airfare comes to around Rs. 15000 only. The fares for train or bus transport within any region are relatively affordable. Economy hotels within easy distance from key attractions are available for Rs. 1500 and above. The food you get on the street such as falafel and koshari may cost a meager Rs. 50 per meal.

11. Turkey
From cliff coasts to mountaintop castles, the historic land of Turkey embraces Europe and Asia with stunning archaeological sites and busy souks. The round trip flights from India starting from I-Rs. 30000 can also be availed if booked in advance. In terms of cost, accommodation in Turkey ranges from Rs. 1500 for a single room on a budget to luxury. The cost of transport especially by intercity buses or trains can be considered low. They can get eatables at markets and street stalls for as low as Rs. 100.

12. East Central Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, etc.)
The countries in Eastern Europe are what most people describe as having the feel of the old world, which is now affordable. Roundtrip flights connecting India to core cities, for example, Prague or Warsaw start at 25000 INR. Local expenses per day for accommodation, food, and other events of interest are very reasonable with an average of Rs 2000/day. It is possible to get a glimpse of the medieval castles, towering peaks, and cultural heritage in quite an affordable manner.

Thus, if you are looking for an international holiday that is not so costly as compared to the other world tour packages from India, each of the above-mentioned twelve destinations will give you a wonderful time that your pocket will enjoy too! These range from exotic islands, Asian cuisines, and the mysterious Middle Eastern discoveries to traditional European cuisine. Choose the place you are willing to visit and begin creating the low-cost trip that you always wanted today!