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15 Cheapest Places to Visit in Europe for 2024-2025

Europe is one of the best places on the planet to travel, especially if adventurous places of interest that cost little or nothing to visit are on your list. There are loads of cheap tourist destinations that you should add to your list of vacations for 2024-2025: vibrant capitals and quaint towns steeped in history and culture.

Regardless of whether you wish to lie on Mediterranean coastlines, taste the street food, shop for souvenirs, visit art galleries, museums, and attractions, or even attend spectacular carnivals, European holidays can be inexpensive if you make some smart choices. Here are 15 of the cheapest places to visit in Europe for 2024-2025:Here are 15 of the cheapest places to visit in Europe for 2024-2025:

1. Krakow, Poland

It is still one of the cheapest countries in Europe and Krakow, its former royal city, perhaps even more so. From immersing in the Main Market Square, the largest medieval town square of Europe, to walking down the Old Town and Jewish districts, Krakow sure provides a lot to see and do. Food and beverage, places to stay, and travel, coupled with tourist attractions are cheap, very cheap.

2. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest: this city has emerged as one of the most splendid European cities with an old-world feel. There’s so much history to see in Budapest: walk across the famous Buda side of the Danube by the Chain Bridge, go to thermal baths, and enjoy Gothic architecture for a fraction of the cost you would pay in other European capitals. From cool hangouts in abandoned buildings to tasty snacks like lángos and goulash, Budapest will delight the fortunate traveler on a shoestring.

3. Porto, Portugal

For a slower pace of life in comparison to Lisbon, Porto offers laid-back sandy shores, beautiful squares, buzzing nightlife, and delicious Porto wineries. The guesthouse, Airbnb among others may also be cheap when it comes to charges for a room. Take a leisurely walk along the riverside, lose yourself in the maze-like lanes of the Ribeira, and savor Francesinha, the city’s famous sandwich, all while not splurging too much.

4. Romania

Romania remains off the radar but has striking pretty scenery peppered with medieval cities, castles, and fairytale villages, which are all fairly affordable for a backpacker. Sibiu and Sighișoara are some of the towns where you can base yourself and visit the countryside of Transylvania during the day at a much cheaper rate compared to the rest of Europe.

5. Slovenia

Slovenia is situated between Italy and Croatia and boasts alpine landscapes, clear rivers, and a gorgeous sea coast in a territory that is not much larger than New Jersey. Hikers who love nature can explore through TNP and Lake Bled at incredibly cheap prices more than any European mountainous area. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, can also offer a large number of cheap cafes, interesting non-traditional cuisine, and shops in the bohemian style.

6. Athens, Greece

Thus, even though Greece is known to be expensive, its legendary capital and historical center are rather cheap. You can find hostel beds for $15-20 per night, feast on souvlaki and spanakopita in the lively neighborhood of Plaka, and enter the legendary sights such as Acropolis and Agora without feeling the pinch.

7. Serbia

Growing at the rate of knots as one of Eastern Europe’s premier tourist destinations, Serbia entices travelers with its lively nightlife, the serenity of coffee shops, innovative cuisine, and the dynamism of Belgrade. Other than that, you could order Serbian meat and sausage foods such as ćevapi, rakia brandy, and many others all at a much cheaper price than charged in any other European country.

8. Moldova

Even though Moldova is a small and rather unvisited country, travelers will be happy to know that it is the cheapest country to visit in Europe if they want to travel as a backpacker. Some interesting places like the Chișinău the vibrant arts and coffee scene, wine country, and vibrant pieces of soviet style architecture. A visit to Moldova also includes a day tour to ornate monasteries and the country’s wine cellars where you can taste wines for as low as $1-2 per bottle.

9. Spain’s Canary Islands

Geographically belonging to Spain but positioned closer to Africa, the Canary Islands are a Spanish exotic and affordable beach destination for Europe tourists. Tenerife and Gran Canaria, the Canary Islands’ two largest islands, are economical for lodging, food, attractions, and particularly for car rentals for accessing their playas and volcanic terrains. Other islands, not so popular and frequented like Lanzarote and La Palma are even cheaper.

10. Tallinn, Estonia

The capital city of Estonia – Tallinn boasts one of the most beautiful and preserved medieval districts – Old Town and costs relatively little to explore. In the winding streets of the Old Town, inexpensive eating places, even cheap hotels starting from $ 20 per night are available, accompanied by beautiful buildings. Grow out to identify an up-to-date food, art, and nightlife scene coming into being.

11. Lake Bled, Slovenia

As for the general gorgeousness, there is no arguing that Slovenia is a leading destination for globetroters; Still, few places embody its appeal like a postcard-worthy Bled, with the eponymous lake and a teensy island and a towering cliff with a gothic castle perched on top. Nevertheless, tourists are always welcome, and even though Bled may seem like a very touristic place, accommodation prices are still quite low; you can have a night at a lakeside and have access to many other areas or even stay in one of the nearby villages like Lesce or Radovljica both within a short driving distance from Ljubljana.

12. Bulgaria

Bulgaria, the top bargain in the Balkans, invites tourists to enjoy a sun-kissed Black Sea beach, fascinating history, and delicious food for roughly 50% cheaper than the rest of Europe. Sofia in particular is filled with ancient and painted churches, Soviet-style buildings, and modern galleries while the Valchia area is great for beaches. Walk across Bulgaria’s mountain shepherd roads and engage in several mineral spa cities in between for an exciting South Eastern Europe adventure.

13. Gaztelugatxe, Spain

It can only be accessed by a 1.5-kilometer long road leading to a small stretch of land which has a stone church built in the 10th century, Gaztelugatxe is one of Spain’s most photographed tourist destinations, though not as popular as it could be. It has beautiful Basque Country scenery, and the weather is as great as in San Diego—and the fresh seafood from the ocean, must not be missed. You could fly into Bilbao, or San Sebastian it’s much nicer, and rent a car as it is better to get a feel of the countryside.

14. Minsk, Belarus

Visit now before (and if) prices spiked up after Belarus opened its doors to a barrage of tourists. Europe’s booming tourism hotspot offers inviting 3*+ hotels at budget prices, stunning orthodox churches and cathedrals, monumental Soviet-style constructions, beautiful parks – and crowds. Land of the free and home of the brave for a relatively cheap taste of Europe outside of the E.U.

15. Saint Petersburg, Russia

Russia can be very expensive, but when you visit St. Petersburg’s impressive imperial palaces, the world’s second-largest art gallery – the State Hermitage, magnificent cathedrals, or the main avenue of the city – the Nevsky Prospekt it will not have to necessarily be very costly. It can be reached by overnight trains from Moscow or cheap Baltic/E.destination in U. to decide where to stay and how much a luxury trip to this “Venice of the North” has to cost.

And that is it with a low budget, you can travel to incredible parts of Europe in 2024-2025 as you have seen. Whether your budget will take you near or far, keep the adventurous spirit alive and return home with precious souvenirs – memories.


What makes these places cheap?

These destinations tend to have lower costs for accommodation, dining, and transportation compared to more popular European cities.

Is there a trade-off for affordability?

While some places may be less well-known, they often boast rich history, unique cultures, and stunning natural beauty. You might encounter fewer English speakers in certain areas.

How much should I budget per day?

Daily budgets can vary depending on your travel style. Research average costs for accommodation, food, and activities in your chosen destinations to create a realistic plan. Budget between €30-€60 ($35-$70 USD) per day for basic needs in many of these locations.

What are some Eastern European options?

Eastern Europe is known for its affordability. Consider cities like Budapest (Hungary), Belgrade (Serbia), Krakow (Poland), or Bratislava (Slovakia) for a budget-friendly adventure filled with history, culture, and delicious food.

Are there affordable places in the Balkans?

Absolutely! Pristina (Kosovo), Skopje (North Macedonia), and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) offer incredible value with stunning scenery, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian architecture, and friendly locals.