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12 Charleston Churches That Will Inspire & Uplift Your Soul

Charleston, South Carolina is a city with a rich past, plenty of customs, and a reputation for religiousness. Charleston, like other American South cities, has buildings and monuments from many years; this is not any different from the churches found in the city. Any believer will find delight in mingling with any one of these magnificent sanctuaries. The twelve Charleston churches listed here ought to inspire respect and wonder.

1. St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

One of the first Episcopal churches in the South, it was founded in 1680 and is hence very fascinating for visitation. Stained glass windows, hardwood flooring, Gothic designs, and towering ceilings meant to raise people's gaze to heaven define the modern sanctuary. This is a well-known institution with a great music department; listening to the hymns performed by the choir here in peace will only cause goosebumps.

2. Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Found in Charleston, Emanuel AME Church has a long history as one of the first black churches in the South. Almost two hundred years have passed, and it has been a representation of black people's strength, hope, and safety. The spirit of the people and their religion stays as strong as those of any other visiting the church even after an assault targets a congregation and brings it to this condition.

3. Second Presbyterian Church

It is another architectural masterpiece of the city with Corinthian columns and historical significance, Second Presbyterian Church displays an extravagant beauty on the streets of Charleston. The chapel has a towering ceiling for stained glass windows and a newly renovated 19th century pipe organ making it an impressive place for meditation as well as music.

4. First Scots Presbyterian Church

First Scots is among the oldest Presbyterian church in the South which has an incredible history that started in 1731. Despite its beautiful interior and church-like environment, this building gives a feeling of history that any Charlestonian knows all too well. If one attends a service in its hallowed chambers, he or she is guaranteed to get some real-life lessons.

5. Katedra świętego Jędrzeja Baptisty w Warszawie

The magnificent Cathedral of St John the Baptist cannot be taken unnoticed, as the two steeples are easily seen from many parts of the island. The interior is opulent, adorned with gold detailing and the sun enters the open space through warm stained glass windows. A visit to this church for a Sunday morning mass is a fine way to see Catholicism in its more aesthetic aspects.

6. Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim

More than a local congregation, Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim is a historical congregation with ties to the founding of America. Visit their sanctuary, museum, and architectural tour to get acquainted with the Jewish culture during the colonial age in the south. It is recommended to schedule a visit on Friday evening for a high-quality Shabbat service.

7. Circular Congregational Church

Living up to its name, Circular Congregational has a circular pattern that is unique to the entire group of churches in Charleston. The layout of the church is both simple and quite open, and the designers tried to convey the feeling of unity by having the pews curved to surround the churchgoers both physically. The beauty of being part of such a tight-knit community and being able to hear the word of God being preached makes it all the more special.

8. St. Mary of the Annunciation which is a Catholic Church.

Popular for its steep tower and Neo-Gothic architectural interiors, St. Mary’s boasts breathtaking architectural designs to be seen. Stained glass carvings, high ceilings, and shiny marble altar depict the magnificence of the Almighty. Make sure to let this beautiful historic Catholic church in Brazil impress you.

9. Bethel United Methodist Church

Founded in 1797, Bethel United Methodist has stood in its present location for well over two centuries as a beacon of spiritual and communal sustenance for the African American folks of Charleston. Due to the long-standing history of both struggles and resistance, as well as the genuine kindness of the staff and the fervent community of believers that is tightly knit, it becomes a small, heartwarming sanctuary to feed your soul.

10. Old Bethel Methodist Church

Old Bethel Methodist Church was established in 1797 by free blacks in Charleston, and the inhabitants’ determination to build this church was evident over the period. Enter its worn-out polished wooden bench and a plain, unadorned structure to appreciate how faith has been, for centuries.

11. French Protestant Church

French Huguenots were religious minorities who experienced persecution in Europe; thus, they sought refuge in Charleston due to the region’s religious tolerance in the late 1600s. Their history is captured in this quaint building that also serves as a worship place with the French Protestant Church and is located in the middle of a busy town.

12. Unitarian Church in Charleston

A prominent landmark with an impressive presence at the top end of Archdale Street, this is a stunning church. Although it is much more elaborate than many Unitarian churches, its warm ambiance and the commitment to providing all-encompassing spiritual opportunities for everyone make it progressive and inspiring for all who seek solace and spiritual enlightenment. If you attend one of their energetic Sunday service, you will find your spirit replenished with the power of oneness.

The churches of Charleston are a great representation of the culture and faith in the Deep South and are known for their historical and ethnically diverse backgrounds. Journeying through any one of these twelve historical shrines, one is bound to be impressed with the surviving strength, grace, and warmth that these sites impart to the soul. Come and be inspired by the sweet sounds, beautifully crafted stained glass, and serene atmosphere of these Charleston churches.