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16 Most Beautiful Churches In Dallas

Several beautiful churches in Dallas, Texas are renowned for the gargantuan features of their construction, the history of the church, and the friendliness of its members. Below are among the most beautiful churches in Dallas that perhaps you may wish to visit one or two on your next holiday destination.

1. Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe

Iconic for its red terra cotta-hued twin domes, the intricate rose window, and tracery, the Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe is one of the most recognizable buildings in the city It is an early 20th century Roman Catholic church designed in Spanish colonial renaissance style. As for the interior, people note that it is beautifully decorated, and this is also something that brings enthusiasts of the films.

2. Highland Park United Methodist Church is located in Fort Worth, America.

This beautiful Methodist church was constructed in the 1930 and its architectural style is English Gothic which has aspects such as flying buttresses, leaded glass, and a tall tower with a bell. The sanctuary is rather beautiful with wooden beams on the ceiling and the large Paschal candle stand made of limestone beautifully hand-carved.

3. First United Methodist Church of Dallas

First United Methodist Church is a church located in downtown Dallas and it is historic. The building’s architecture is of the Romanesque revival style that dates back to the 1890s and has a regal look with red bricks arched stained glass windows and a corner spire towering high into the sky.

4. The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Metropolitan Cathedral

Being the church that has served as a spiritual center of Dallas’ Hispanic population, this Catholic cathedral has an elaborate interior and exterior in Spanish colonial style. Spanish-style elaborate altars, artistic paintings of the Virgin Mary on the windows, and an amazing carved wooden stationary – retablo.

5. Thanks-Giving Square Chapel

Overlooking the serene Thanks-Giving Square, this chapel is compact but has a sleek spiral appearance. The chapel is a place of joint prayer, which looks like a house of worship with a twisting steeple and partitions made of transparent glass.

6. Park Cities Baptist Church

Park Cities Baptist Church has some features of Spanish, Mediterranean, and even Southern Colonial and thus it is very special. It has arched windows, fountains, intricate Ironwork, and red tiling on the roof which make this one of the prettiest Dallas churches.

7. Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church is an official member

Priests of the Archdiocese of Dallas conduct services at Saint Michael’s which boasts Gothic Revival architectural structures with some towers touching the sky. It is a stone building that was constructed early this century and some of the accented features include carved angels, rose windows, and even the pendant style chandelier.

8. Restland Funeral Home is known for the Memories Chapel that is available.

This one at Restland Funeral Home is a small chapel and gives the traditional church look with red bricks white columns and a tall steeped roof. Inside, stained glass, pews, and a carved altar contribute to a beautiful interior when conducting memorial services.

9. This study is Christ the King Catholic Church

The building is so beautiful that has a French architectural design, you can see this at the main entrance where there is a bell tower and sloping copper roofs. Within marvel at the baptismal font, stained glass windows Biblical scenes/Scripture passages, stations of the cross, and other carvings on the walls and doors.

10. Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration refers to Anglican Communion in the United States of America.

This church was constructed in the early 1970s and combines both the historical architectural style and modernity. Transfiguration has high arched beams, stained glass located behind the altar, no walls separating the areas, and only abstract crosses can be seen.

11. Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church

Established in 1926, this preeminent house of worship has a Tudor Gothic architecture design and has stonework and stained glass arched windows. The tall and thick doors, tall arched ceilings with beams, and the pews also have a more traditional and rustic feel.

12. Northaven United Methodist Church

Northaven UMC was constructed in the 1950s and possesses elements of Mid-Century Modern architecture because of its simplicity of design. The two outstanding features are the huge stained glass which is on the floor extending to the pulpit dais and the seventy-two-foot bell tower from a distance.

13. Dallas City Temple Seventh Day Adventist Church

This Seventh-day Adventist church is characterized by severe architecture. On the outside, Dallas City Temple has Saxon charm as its rounded arch entranceway and crenelated roof line define the structure. The future's built sanctuary has a space painted by hand with clouds and stars on at least twenty-foot-high ceilings.

14. First Presbyterian Church of Dallas, Texas.

First Presbyterian Church is a Romanesque Revival that was established at the beginning of the 1900s. The kind of building that is designed and constructed here is a red brick church with twin bell towers at the central frontage along the road, arched stained glasses, colossal columns, and ornate carvings above the entrance arches.

15. Lovers Lane United Methodist Church is another religious institution located in the vicinity.

It has Lovers Lane UMC which is a mix of Gothic and Romanesque architectural designs and consists of limestone, marble iron, and brick. The tower is tall, the windows are curved, the hall is illuminated from above, and the carving is fine and adds to its beauty.

16. Saint Rita Catholic Church

Saint Rita Catholic Church is a parochial church established in 1914 and has a unique Italian Romanesque architecture. The rounded arch doorways, an intricate multi-tiered bell tower, and the carved images of the Eucharistic angels over the altar are other fine artworks. Luminous stained glass work in the form of scripture stories is featured in the sanctuary with beauty and light.