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14 Dreamy Destinations: Where to Travel in March

If you need to travel, March is more than ideal. Specifically, winter territories are losing their freezing appeal in many locations, which makes it possible to have many outdoor activities; however, the influx of people during spring is not yet observed. Discover fourteen dreamy places to visit for amazing sightseeing weather and fewer people during March.

Tokyo, Japan

The capital of Japan never looks more marvelous than in March when other cities are still worn from winter, but Tokyo offers numerous colorful districts for casual strolling. Some of the popular tourist attractions that can be enjoyed include the world-famous Shibuya crossing with its electric energy and dazzling neon light, the Sensoji Temple with its red pagoda, shopping at designer stores among others, and enjoying authentic Japanese food and drink at the small old Izakaya pubs that offer Sake. Witness the pink shade from the trees that make up the city mainly the attractive cherry blossom trees in Japan that are famous all over the world during the spring season.

Cape Town, South Africa

As autumn sets in the Southern Hemisphere, temperatures subside from the scorching summer heat in Cape Town – the perfect weather to savor a mild day outdoors and a cool night. Go for a picturesque walk up Table Mountain for the sweeping view of the city or take the cable car there, spend a day visiting the wineries of the nearby towns of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, sunbathe at one of Cape’s Town beautiful beaches, get a taste of the colorful Bo- Kaap district or visit Robben Island, Mandela’s prison island.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Often associated with wealth and exclusivity in the form of luxury resorts and fabulous golf courses, breathtaking ocean views where the desert begins where the deep blue Sea of Cortez ends, and the beauty of sunshine at the height of the cold northern winter months in March. Have a nightlife-oriented vacation in Cabo San Lucas and dance the nights; opt for a more sedate and elegant vacation in San José del Cabo for sightseeing and shopping, art galleries, and gourmet restaurants. In either case, you’ll bask in beautiful beach weather and low crowds before the college students come back in spring.
Sri Lanka

This month marks a perfect time for Sri Lanka’s central highlands, in addition to the beachfront tourist destinations of the coastal resorts. The North-Central Province- With Buddhist influence and architectural delight in Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, and Kandy. Jeep safari is the best way to spot an Elephant, Leopard, and Sloth bear in one of the national parks of the island. Observe the great rock of Sigiriya – a palace fortress that was also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage which is located on the central rock tower. Then unwind on the beautiful Australian beaches with delicious seafood, especially along the southern parts of the country.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an island in South East Asia with a Hindu majority and unspoiled attractions such as Hindu temples, rice terraces, beaches, and water, all of which are attractive during the end of March when the rainy season is over but the summer tourism is not fully in season. Launch your adventure along the pristine white sand strips of the southern peninsula to the Kuta and Seminyak, go exploring the cliff-top temples of Uluwatu, or indulge in a sun-kissed massage at Bali’s numerous beachside luxuries. The weather will be exquisite.

Hong Kong

Although March is not technically spring, it is one of the most favorable seasons to travel to Hong Kong with the warm temperatures and almost no rain. Do not venture out during the hot and humid summer to visit famous tourist spots such as Victoria Peak, the skyline city view from Admiralty, or the floating restaurants at Aberdeen Fishing Village. Explore local and ancient shrines and, the aroma of street markets, and eat in modern coffee shops and stylish shops. Do not leave without meeting the world’s longest outdoor escalator system while going from bar to restaurant and bar in exciting Soho districts.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

March is usually hot in most parts of Thailand but Chiang Mai in the north is a bit cooler, especially for sightseeing and outdoor eating in restaurants that are al fresco without the hazardous air pollution that comes from the burning of crops in the previous months. Visit a vibrant night market with all sorts of beautiful textiles, try authentic spicy food of the North of Thailand, buy souvenirs in the villages of the hill tribes, and wander through more than 300 Buddhist temples in this city with its backdrop of the jungle-clad mountains.

Wine Countries: Napa & Sonoma, California, USA

Napa and Sonoma, located one hour north of San Francisco in wine country, boasts over 50 Michelin-star restaurants, luxury wineries, organic agriculture and farm-to-table dining, rejuvenating spas, treehouse-like glamping accommodations at AutoCamp Russian River, and chic shopping in the picturesque towns of Healdsburg and Calistoga. Go in March, as there are fewer travelers and more availability before the main tourism rush in April.

Charleston, South Carolina, USA

This is a picturesque city that enchants tourists with its buildings and structures that look like true Southerners of the antebellum period, the rich food culture revealing the so-called Lowcountry cuisine, and the warm welcome. March also comes with an improved climate for an all-clad walk around the city’s squares and parks where there are magnolias, azaleas, and palmettos in bloom, besides the outside dining on Market Street. There are still slightly fewer visitors to nearby beaches also temperatures will not be high for swimming though. It’s just one of those classic moments of opportunity for a visit to this pride and joy of the South.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Visitors wishing to explore the natural beauty of Montego Bay can be rewarded by the fine white sand beaches, the calm blue sea, and the greenery of the Jamaican countryside in March when it will be pleasantly warm after the cold winter. All-inclusive resorts, championship golf courses, and authentic Jamaican jerk chicken delectations are simply endless. Swim with fishes, snorkel or scuba dive through the Crystal Reefs of Jamaica, or tour through the Rose Hall plantation to discover Jamaica’s past.

New Zealand

March is also quite warm with excellent light and in New Zealand, it marks the fall season of autumn which is perfect for off-season travel as all the sightseeing and outdoor activities would be cheaper and not overly crowded. Discover the crust of the South Island’s Queenstown, Wanaka, and Fiordland destinations such as the soaring fjords and glaciers. Travel around the countryside to look at various locations where scenes were filmed of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Or taste your way through vineyards and farmstead cheesemakers on the North Island. No matter the region the game takes you across Middle Earth, the views are bound to leave your jaw on the floor.

Florence & Tuscany, Italy

Before the hottest tourist season starts in Tuscany, March comes together with the beginning of spring in Italy to present great conditions for outdoor dining, wildflower blooming, and lower tourist numbers. Stroll through the Renaissance galleries of the Uffizi, and wonder the Ponte Vecchio bridge. Visit great historic hill towns of Italy, such as San Gimignano and Siena. Savor the best of Chianti wineries and the superb Sangiovese wines while the olive trees glisten in the bright light. If the couple is planning to spend their Valentine’s in Tuscany region then March is perfect for romantic getaways that include art, food and wine, and lovely views of the vineyards.

Paris, France

Every time of the year Paris shines but perhaps March is the brightest. Summer with the fair weather and the exterior placing of the cafeterias equipped with the bright calorific reds of blossom containers. The city is lively, but not overcrowded during the time before the influx of tourists arrived, especially during the summer. In distant and not-so-distant environments, the warmish climate lets us take rather protracted walks through beautiful architectural neighborhoods, art museums, and beautiful parks with nude picnicking to appreciate the awakening trees. T.S. Eliot famously once said, “April is the cruelest month that with green and sterile light mix Memory and desire…” However, March in Paris is cruel to none but is simply breathtaking.

Washington, DC

While the cherry blossom trees planted in various areas of the Washington Tidal Basin come alive in pinks and whites in March, the city wakes up as if from the winter slumber, befitting the promise of spring. The National Cherry Blossom Festival lasts for approximately two weeks with activities such as festivals, music, foods, and cultural practices due to the beautiful color display. Tourists find fewer people and better weather that gives time to visit the free Smithsonian museums, famous war and national memorials, and other districts of the city without competing with summer tourists’ massive throngs.

The Caribbean Cruise

As for queues, March ones stand for March savings while looking for cheap Caribbean cruise holidays before spring break and summer frenzy. The climate is quite bearable, and the possibility of storms or even hurricanes, which everyone fears, is almost nonexistent. Since a majority of children are likely to be in school, you will not encounter many congregated families. It is due to this, having fun on white sands, snorkeling colorful reefs, strolling colonial heritage sites in places like Key Wests and Grand Turks, or enjoying the ship's facilities that make March a perfect month to go on a restored Caribbean cruise. Just the sound of a Caribbean itinerary is enough to bring relief from winter hassles.


What kind of dream destinations are on this list?

The list likely focuses on beautiful locations with pleasant weather in March. This could include tropical paradises, charming European cities blooming in spring, or exciting cultural hubs.

Are there places for all types of travelers?

The list might cater to various interests. There could be beach getaways perfect for relaxation, adventure destinations ideal for exploration, or culturally rich locations for history buffs.

What is the budget range for these destinations?

Travel costs can vary significantly. The list might include a mix of affordable and luxurious options. Consider researching the specific destinations to get a better idea.

I'm interested in a specific region, like Asia or the Caribbean. Will this list be helpful?

It depends on the list's curation. While it might cover a broad range of locations globally, some resources might focus on specific regions. Look for details about the included destinations to see if they align with your interests.

How can I decide which destination is right for me?

Think about your priorities for the trip - relaxation, adventure, cultural immersion, etc. Consider factors like budget, travel time, and weather preferences. Research the destinations on the list that seem appealing to learn more about the activities, attractions, and overall vibe.