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12 Best Countries to Visit in November

It is best to travel during November. June to August tourists are not about and their place is taken by the so-called ‘low season’ The prices are generally lower and the climate in many regions is still nice. In general, November is great for festivals, outdoor activities such as tent and RV camping, wine harvest, or city tours, depending on your preference. Here are 12 fantastic places to visit in November:

1. Morocco

The following are some of the reasons why Morocco is ideal for tourists in November. Although it has not reached the peak of summer, it is quite hot, especially in the southern zones of the country. Stroll through the markets, palaces, and narrow streets of the old royal cities of Morocco – Marrakech and Fes. Take a nature trail for hiking and camping in the Atlas mountain ranges, or a camelback riding trip in the Sahara desert.

2. China

Autumn, which starts in late September and ends around November, is relatively cool in China and preferred by travelers due to the beautiful view. You can visit the Great Wall to watch that structure enveloped in the golden colors of fall. Recommended travel itineraries for day excursions include the historic water towns near Shanghai. There is still peace and beauty in Beijing’s parks and temples when you bypass the larger summer tourist masses.

3. Argentina

November is in Argentina springtime and the weather is good for tourism, especially when there are lots of jacaranda flowers. The various art shows and cultural festivals are found in the current Buenos Aires city. Moreover, move down closer to watch whales feeding around Península Valdés. Finish your vacation enjoying Malbec wine, Asado, and charcoal grilled meat at the beautiful countryside estancias.

4. Egypt

November also offers budget tourists great hotel discounts as the Egyptian summer temperatures start to drop slightly with average temperatures ranging in between the mid 20°Cs. Float down the Nile, marvel at the Pyramids of Giza, and get lost in the bustling souks of Cairo only to end up basking on the sands of the Red Sea.

5. Hawaii

Well, Hawaii is tropical all year around, november is a slow travel season meaning cheaper fares and accommodation and the start of the holiday season. When on Oahu Island, tourists should visit Pearl Harbour, take a walk at the Waikiki beach, and end the day or see the sunset from Sandy Beach. Maui pulls tourists by waterfalls and beaches, by Haleakala crater and the Big Island attracts tourists by the view of the active volcano and the beautiful gardens.

6. Japan

November sees Japan paint itself red, orange, and gold, perfect for tourists as they go sightseeing. You may choose to visit the tranquil temples and gardens in Kyoto or get lost in the vibrant city life of Tokyo. Delicious conveyor belt sushi and ramen can be had by the harbour as well as hot spring onsen baths for the tired muscles.

7. New Zealand

November is also the beginning of summer in New Zealand, but the heat draws fewer tourist crowds compared to December to February. Try out some adventures such as bungee jumping, whitewater rafting or even skydiving on the South Island. Take a scenic walk amidst beautiful and rugged nature reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings films or visit a winery if you are outside of Queenstown. Capture some amazing photographs of the great Milford Sound while en route on this wonderful journey.

8. Spain

November isn’t the typical travel season for Spain, though the summer sun has cooled to comfortable levels for city or country exploring. Ottawa is home to world-class art galleries such as the National Gallery and the Museum of Civilization. Savor the local delicacy pintxos in Basque Country’s San Sebastian. End your food-loving tour with sherry and tapas in Seville Granada or Córdoba while watching ancient Moorish buildings.

9. Vietnam

Vietnam’s monsoon rains are also not experienced in November. It makes it one of the best months to visit the country because it experiences a cooler climate and receives low traffic. Tour some of the best street food places of Hanoi and taste its craft beer, swim in the sandy beaches of Nha Trang, and sail through the green water of Ha Long Bay where tourists can go kayaking and spend a night on a junk boat.

10. Costa Rica

Yes, indeed Costa Rica is at its best in November. While you can sometimes hear of receiving an occasional shower in the afternoon, it is still extremely hot with temperatures in mid 80°Fs making it perfect for various eco-tourism activities such as ziplining, surfing among others, and spotting wildlife. The options are to go trekking in the cloud forest or travel around the coffee region and volcanoes during the day and then go to the hot springs at night.

11. South Africa

November is during Spring in South Africa, it’s a season of wildflowers and warm and sunny weather good for ground activities such as Safaris. Go for an early morning game drive to be able to see the Big 5 first thing in the morning before they eat breakfast. Wine tasting at vineyards is one of the most enjoyable activities one can engage in especially if done outside Cape Town in the afternoon. Then join locals watching rugby games or engaging in the annual wine harvest festival as tourists do.

12. Italy

Italy does receive many tourists in summer but November has a vibrant fall climate, fewer crowds and wine grape harvests, and great deals of hotels especially in Puglia or Sicily. Stroll through the ruins of medieval towns and eat spaghetti. Visit the Colosseum to admire beautiful structures leisurely or take a tour of Vatican City without queuing. November is the right time to learn why La Dolce Vita has always remained popular.