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12 Free Things to Do in Seattle

Seattle is a vibrant American city that is famous for such aspects as the software industry, coffee houses, and gorgeous landscapes. Some of the tourist attractions such as the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden may cost a great deal of money; however, numerous tourist attractions are free of charge in Seattle depending on the time of the year. Here are twelve places/activities that are free to do and see during your stay here.

1. Kerry Park Viewpoint

Topping our list of must-see sights in Seattle is a view that can be enjoyed without paying a penny. Kerry Park is a small park located on the grounds of the Queen Anne neighborhood and from this park, you get a perfect view directly at Downtown Seattle with the Space Needle in the middle of it. Take your camera if you want that special picture for your Instagram account and come early in the morning to watch the colors of the sky during sunrise or in the early evening for the beautiful twilights and it is free.

2. Pike Place Market

A fine piece of architecture and shopping complex right downtown is the invigorated Pike Place Market with its waterfront that can keep you busy for hours just strolling around its crooked paths and arcs. Buy local and organic foods at farmer’s markets, get some souvenir T-shirts, watch the fishmongers at the Pike Place Fish Market, listen to street musicians, and watch fellow tourists and locals do their shopping.

3. Waterfront Park

Walk it off with a casual, scenic walk along the Elliott Bay Trail at Waterfront Park spanning views of the Puget Sound. Particularly if the sky is sunny, one can see the Olympic Mountains shrouded in snow across the water. Before moving to the next place, it would be wise to take a photo at the Seattle Great Wheel and then move to the Sculpture Park right beside it.

4. Discovery Park

Away from the city business, enjoy nature at Discovery Park which is the largest in Seattle with 534 acres. As there are more than 11km of the route that includes the forests and meadows, one could easily spend one whole day here without feeling that it is monotonous. Look for the signs of local wildlife such as the bald eagles that are easily seen around the park.

5. Seattle Center and the International Fountain.

The seventy-four-acre campus in Seattle Center, which was constructed for the 1962 World’s Fair, is filled with fun, gratis attractions from museums to one-of-a-kind sculptures. It is a beaming, bright, and colorful structure where kids can have a good time running through water at the International Fountain with lights and music shows at timed intervals.

6. Olympic Sculpture Park

Seattle is indeed an art city and with Olympic Sculpture Park, nine acres of art sculptures and monuments are available for viewing, and that too without any charge. Explore the modern artwork in the form of great installations with the cutting-edge path that is built in a zigzag fashion and the backdrop of Puget Sound.

7. Pioneer Square

Enjoy the view of the local history walking through the district of Seattle that was originally developed as a downtown area – Pioneer Square. A good number of the redbrick structures spotted around here were established in the late 1800s after the Great Seattle Fire. Visit the different art galleries, find out about specialty shops, and the highlight of the town is the Victorian pergola in Occidental Park erected in the 1860s with ivy vines hanging from it.

8. Waterfall Garden Park

Hidden one block from the throngs at Pike Place Market is this treasure: Small yet lovely, the garden has peaceful ponds with water lilies surrounded by indigenous flora and various waterfalls. One of the greatest locations where visitors may pause from some of the attractions—such as shopping malls and museums—to relax and rest on a park seat.

9. University of Washington Quad

Visit one of the most beautiful college campuses in the United States for a tour with the University of Washington, a reputed public institution. This area is open for visitors; people can walk through the Quad to marvel at the well-preserved architecture of the buildings and cherry blossom trees if any.

10. Bermuda Triangle

Here are nightlife options in Seattle that will cost you less than 20 dollars. Just like the name suggests go to the Capitol Hill neighborhood where there are a few interconnected blocks that are popularly referred to as the Bermuda Triangle; this is due to the number of bars, concert venues, and street performers that are found here. Although some clubs have a dress code, there is usually no entrance fee, and where there is one, it is usually below 10$.

11. Bruce Lee's Grave Site

A fan of martial arts and Bruce Lee; Bruce Lee is buried inside Capitol Hill’s Lakeview Cemetery and the grave is very simple. Guided tours of the cemetery are available in summer, but you can also just walk in to leave some flowers or to spend a few minutes and pay respect to the grave of Bruce Lee.

12. Alki Beach Park

Well, it is not all rain and cup of coffee in Seattle as people make it look. Complete your visit with a view of Puget Sound and the skyline of Seattle when you visit Alki Beach Park in West Seattle. People who visit this place all year round can engage in activities such as walking, cycling, and even rollerblading along the 2.5 miles of paved pathways by the beach.


What are some free attractions to visit in Seattle?

Seattle offers a variety of free attractions including parks, museums with free admission days, public art installations, and cultural events.

Are these free activities suitable for families with children?

Yes, many of the free things to do in Seattle are family-friendly, such as visiting parks, exploring waterfront areas, and attending festivals or community events.

Do these free attractions require reservations or tickets?

Most free attractions in Seattle do not require reservations or tickets for regular visits. However, special events or tours may have limited capacity and require advance booking.

Are there free events or festivals that visitors can attend in Seattle?

Yes, Seattle hosts various free events throughout the year including music festivals, art walks, cultural celebrations, and holiday events that are open to the public.

What outdoor activities are available for free in Seattle?

Outdoor activities such as hiking trails, walking along scenic viewpoints, exploring urban parks like Discovery Park or Gas Works Park, and visiting beaches are popular free options in Seattle.