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16 Museums in Boston You'll Want To Visit In Boston

Along with the area of New England, Boston is a culturally varied area with several museums narrating the history and culture of the city. Should you want to visit the ancient city of Boston, you should not leave without seeing these sixteen outstanding museums to fully appreciate the city.

1. Museum of Fine Arts

With a collection of more than 450000 works of art and artifacts, the MFA’s collection is encyclopedic and encompasses all manner of art and artists, from all parts of the world and all periods in history. Take time to appreciate artworks by Monet, and Rembrandt among others, and also the Egyptian kind of art.

2. Institute of Contemporary Art

After some shopping in the area, you can get your fix of modern art at the modern ICA building by the harbor. Temporary installations that invite the public are always on the avant-garde.

3. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

This palazzo in Venetian Gothic style is impressive and has works of Renaissance artists and beautiful courtyard gardens. It will attract art lovers, especially those who are into contemporary art.

4. New England Aquarium

an important family recreational site in Boston where visitors can watch sea lions, penguins, and aquatic wildlife in a massive ocean tank, and more. Perfect for kids.

5. Museum of Science

Opened in 2003 this museum the Mos is a modern and lively science center with a special emphasis on hands-on science, a butterfly garden, a planetarium, and other attractions.

6. USS Constitution Museum

A full immersion experience with the 200-year-old warship of ‘Old Ironsides’ in Charlestown. This is in specific reference to active military and defense personnel who are allowed entry free of charge.

7. Founded in 1996

Visit halls filled with beautiful gems and minerals as well as hundreds of dinosaurs and animal skeletons. An often overlooked gem.

8. JFK Presidential Library

See the history of Kennedy through some of the exhibits and parades in this magnificent museum in Dorchester.

9. Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

You will be able to join the crew and perform the Tea Party at this museum, which is located onboard the ships. A lot of actors throw tea into the ocean to increase the revolutionary theme.

10. Boston Children’s Museum

Specifically For children between the ages of 0 to 10 years, this Back Bay-based museum contains fun and educational exhibits for children to build, climb, or explore. It was indeed the most perfect kind of indoor play space I had come across in my entire life.

11. Paul Revere’s Heritage Trail Ride and Faneuil Hall

Old North Church, hear the legendary story of Paul Revere’s midnight ride, and take a walk around Faneuil Hall. Living historians portraying people in the 18th century demonstrate life in Boston in a small crypt that has been converted into a museum.

12. Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

See the completely rebuilt Tea Party Ship and Museum with interactive displays and a view of the harbour after seeing the historic ships that sailed to Boston Harbour in 1773.

13. Edward M. Kennedy Institute For Political History And Public Service

This is a tribute to the late Senator Kennedy at Columbia Point with used hi-tech gadgets to avail information to the public.

14. Two locations tell the critically important narrative of black New Englanders through tours as well as significant pieces that include the African Meeting House.

15. The House of the Seven Gables

Not just a home, it is a museum of one of the oldest houses in New England which provides special tours in the atmosphere of the story of Hawthorne’s Gothic novel.

16. John F. Kennedy National Historic Site

Embark on a guided tour inside the house in Brookline where the 35th President of the US was born and raised during a brief on the Kennedy political dynasty.

From works of art such as famous paintings to articles of social and political importance such as the Revolutionary War weapons, from animals from different wildlife zones to records of genealogy, Boston has museums that will interest every individual. Here are a few of these intriguing wonders when sketching out the perfect Beantown schedule along with the amazing historical attractions, beautiful parks, scrumptious foods, and more. Our cultural collections showcased here are the best and have been presented in a manner that will leave you with no choice but to marvel at the art of culture.