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16 Magnificent Palaces in India to Redefine Royalty

India has always been a land of Royals, Big Kingdoms, Powerful Empires, and Opulent Palaces. In the northern part of India to the deep south, palaces are now majestic and enduring symbols of Indian heritage. These architectural wonders offer a glimpse of the laid-back royal lifestyle prevalent in earlier times.

This may probably be the greatest truth that has ever been said because the palaces of India are truly a sight to behold. Stylized arches of windows, high and grand domes, ornate paintings on the walls, and glittering overhead lights take you back to another era. Is flabbergasted by the palaces' architectural style that reflects Rajput, Mughal, and even European influence. The royal-like feeling is complemented by gardens, fountains clear and impressive in their construction, and picturesque places.

16 large beautiful palaces, prepare to change your concept of royalty

1. Mysore Palace, Karnataka

An Indo-Saracenic style of construction, one of the biggest palaces in India and among the most beautiful palaces of Karnataka See its whirlingly beautiful stained glass, golden domes, and ceilings on a tour.

2. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Located in the Sun City of Jodhpur, this palace occupies 26 acres of land and is one of the largest private residences in the world today. The interior is Art Deco style and is framed in the royal style, and the history that is shrouded in mystery makes it a must-visit place.

3. Lake Palace, Udaipur

Built on the water, in Lake Pichola, the fabulous Lake Palace becomes your passkey to the Rajput tradition. Immerse yourself in its lotus fountains and peacock courtyards to indulge in a royal flavor.

4. Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

a palace of the 19th century was built by Maharaja of Jaipur to accommodate his many wives and queens, this palace is an architectural marvel of Mughal, Rajput, and European styles. Rich in historical spirit, it is unique and fascinating.

5. Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad 

translating to ‘The Mirror of the Sky’, Falak-Numa Palace takes the guests to the very ‘Reach of the Stars’. Walk around its Venetian chandeliers, domes, stained glass windows, marble staircases, and royal-like décor.

6. Bangalore Palace

Designed with the support of the English architects, Bangalore Palace is an epitome of the Tudor and Scottish architectural designs similar to that of Windsor Castle. Lavish gardens, white walls and ceiling paintings, and wood carving finishings are some features of this place.

7. City Palace, Jaipur

Though it is still inhabited by Jaipur’s Royal Family and is one of the largest royal palaces of India, City Palace, Jaipur is an architectural marvel that consists of Mughal, Rajput, and European designs and is spread across a complex. Its gardens and courtyards as colorful and vast as palaces are perfect for postcard moments as well.

8. Jal Mahal Jaipur

This palace is famously known as the ‘Water Palace,’ and it like a royal palace floats in Man Sagar Lake, surrounded by the Aravalli hills. An architectural beauty to behold, even more, so when it is well-illuminated at night.

9. Chowmahalla Palace, Hyderabad

Learn over 200 glorious years of history at Chowmahalla which forms part of Asaf Jahi lineage. The most eye-catching lighting, cars, garments, and paintings are displayed in its grand interiors.

10. Padmanabhapuram Palace, Tamil Nadu

A historic wooden palace, which is one of the world’s largest spread over 16 hectares of land. This is made fascinating by its features such as intricately carved rosewood ceiling on its building, secret chambers and corridors, and an Ayurvedic medical center with shops built around it.

11. Hill Fort Kesroli, Alwar

Here, at this exotic 14th-century fort palace near Jaipur, history is felt alive! Personalized turrets, jharokhas, paintings, and ceiling arches combined with rugged rocky terrains offer quite an interesting prospect.

12. Raj Palace, Jaipur

Nowhere will you feel the royal essence as in the Raj Palace, which is one of the oldest heritage Palmer And Kohinoor Group Hotels in India. Located in a building that used to be home to a Maharaja, the place offers a true taste of Jaipur.

13. Samode Palace, Jaipur

The recently constructed new charming palace is located near Jaipur. Ethnicity in the décor, luxurious rooms and corridors, and opportunities to take a picture against the backdrop of the beautiful gardens and the hall with mirrors called Sheesh Mahal make it Instagrammable.

14. Usha Kiran Palace, Gwalior

This palace is set against the majestic backdrop of Glorious Gwalior Fort and is over 120 years old with a green dome. It boasts furniture from the 16th century and other artifacts that were used by the royal families of the past on its verandahs and courtyards.

15. Jai Vilas Palace, Gwalior

Known as the ‘star palace’, this 19th-century palace offers a visit to the Tuscan architectural style building that was built with a glittering interior which is home to a 20,000-piece cut-glass chandelier that is considered to be the largest in the world.

16. Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

Slightly outside of Jaipur, this fort lies on the edge of a plateau, providing the greatest perspective of the city—especially the sunset. Stop at the rooftop restaurant Padao for a cup of coffee while you marvel at the spectacular views of 360 degrees.

With fabulous palaces carved on the face of India, gear up for a royal encounter while you follow the trail of the bygone kings and queens on palace operations. Immerse in the sublimity of architecture coupled with regal detailing to create an unforgettable encounter of history and tradition.


What architectural styles can I expect to see?

The palaces showcase a diverse range of architectural influences:

What kind of experiences do these palaces offer?

Explore artifacts, royal treasures, and exhibits depicting the palace's history and residents.

Are these palaces suitable for all types of travelers?

Marvel at the intricate details, diverse styles, and craftsmanship showcased in these structures.

How do I get to these palaces?

Palaces in Agra, Delhi, Jaipur, and Mysore are easily accessible by trains, buses, or flights.

What are the timings and entry fees?

Timings and fees can vary. Research each palace's official website or reliable travel portals for the latest information.