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13 Picnic Spots Near Mumbai For a Fun Weekend

They found Mumbai to be an extremely busy metro city, which makes people yearn to escape the chaos. And what could be better on the weekend than having a nice and quiet picnic to refresh all your energy? For a quick trip from Mumbai, there are numerous fantastic picnic spots ranging from beautiful beaches, hills, and classic towns. Below you will find 13 wonderful places to visit which are all perfect for a laid-back weekend with friends and families away from the financial capital of the country.

1. Alibaug

Another popular destination situated close to the sea is the town of Alibaug which is easily accessible by ferry from Mumbai. Visit places such as Aksi Nagaon, Kolaba, and Murud Janjira forts, relax on the beautiful beach, and have a great picnic party with yummy seafood.

2. Khandala

Located amidst the majestic western ghats, Khandala is a quiet and picturesque hill station par excellence. Marvel at the beautiful sceneries of hilly tracts, valleys, and cascades while you enjoy your tea and snacks. Semi-tracked trails, breathtaking view standpoints, paleolithic shelters, and picnic destinations like Tiger’s Leap are perfect.

3. Matheran

And at a distance of 80 km lies another WOW – Matheran, an exquisite eco-sensitive hill station where one could start afresh with nature. Stroll along the dense forest area, and click a picture at the Monkey Point and Shivaji’s Ladder – perfect for clicking some pictures and sitting idly while enjoying the freshness of the hill station at Machaan.

4. Lonavala

Located amidst a green valley, this is a much-frequented hill station that offers an opportunity to get a taste of health and natural resources. You can go for a historical visit to Karla and Bhaja caves, take a warm trek to Lion’s Point and Tiger’s Leap, or just pack a picnic lunch by Pawna Lake for a spiritual rejuvenation.

5. Kashid Beach

The Kashid Beach, located 122 km from Mumbai, is sure to undo the fatigue. Laze on fine golden sand, besides the gently swaying Casuarina trees, swimming, yachting, diving or just gazing at the boundless sea, while munching on delicious food from a basket. The last is the beach which remains sparsely populated mostly good for some solitude.

6. Vasind

Here is an offbeat spot that is just 100 kilometers from Mumbai, which can be easily reached by train, by car, or by bus. Vasind is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls which are located in small and dark forests and hills. It is also possible to visit other sites like the Vasind Fort and walk through the picnic spots by the Shai waterfalls or relax by the beautiful Waldevi Lake for an interesting weekend break.

7. Karjat

For the adventurous types, one can engage in an exhilarating picnic 70 km away from Mumbai in Karjat. Exciting activities like white water rafting, trekking, hiking, rock climbing, and cycling are some of the exhilarating activities that will cause the adrenalin to race. Don’t worry about the tired nerves, there will be fun activities to do on the picnic later.

8. Aare Ware Beach

The other laid-back beach which also has provisions to have a picnic is called Aare Ware which is located within a distance of 63 km from Mumbai city. Further enhancing the rustic atmosphere of this beach are fishing villages and rich farms nearby that supply the freshest fish and organic vegetables for some delicious and juicy beach experiences.

9. Udvada

Udvada, a small picturesque coastal settlement that has preserved its ancient Parsi architecture and history, is just 140 km away. Take a cultural tour of the Parsi Fire Temple and Museum, Udvada Fort, and the local bazaar with a culinary twist for delicious Parsi dishes.

10. Durshet

This less-traveled jungle village is only 76 km long, but it is nestled between the illustrious Sahyadri mountains. Banyan trees, waterfalls of gushing water, and paths for trekking make them ideal for a rejuvenating experience. The Durshet Forestodge situated amidst the thickets of the forest also has designated locations for camping and having picnics.

11. Jawhar Hill Station

This pictorial hill station is just 145 km away with magnificent hills, lush green valleys, and waterfalls to offer a stupendous and invigorating experience to those who love Nature. There are several places for having a picnic including Sunset Point, Hanuman Point, and the Jai Vilas Palace Gardens where one can spend some time eating snacks.

12. Raigad Fort

Situated atApenass 170 km from Mumbai, it is the place where Raigad Fort was the capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji’s kingdom. This hill fortress offers the possibility to hike up ruins of temples, palaces, and markets and gain marvelous views of the valleys. Savor exceptional home-cooked meals as you gaze at this renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site asset.

13. Silvassa

Enveloped in the lap of nature encompassed by green foliage and gushing waterfalls, the former Portuguese colony of Silvassa is a dream come true, located as close as 166 km. Visit the Madhuban Dam and Vasona Lion Safari Park before deciding on a lunch spot, which was found to be a secluded shady spot that exudes serenity. The local foods and fruits, juices, and all other meals taste better in this beautiful paradise!

Away from the daily grind, spend the weekend visiting any one of the 13 lovely and quiet picnic areas near Mumbai. While appreciating the natural surroundings, savoring delicious home-cooked food, or marveling at cultural treasures, consider the delights of adventure. Come back refreshed, invigorated, and with one dozen lovely memories to treasure!


What kind of experiences do these places offer?

The experiences vary, catering to diverse interests

How far are these destinations from Mumbai?

The list likely includes places reachable within a manageable distance, ideal for a weekend trip. Expect travel times ranging from a few hours to a full day by car, train, or bus.

What are some things to pack for the picnic?

Pack reusable plates, utensils, and cups to minimize waste and avoid using disposable items.

Are there any entry fees or permits required?

This might vary depending on the location. Some parks or beaches might have nominal entry fees, while wildlife sanctuaries or historical sites might require permits. Research each place beforehand to avoid surprises.

What are the safety precautions to consider?

Be aware of your surroundings and avoid secluded areas, especially if traveling alone.