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10 Places To Go in Wichita Falls Texas

It is quite probable that Wichita Falls, Texas will not be the first city you will consider for your travel plans. Nevertheless, it was discovered that this north Texas city can offer tourists the following. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the top things to see and do in Wichita Falls: The Wichita Falls Museum, The Wichita Falls Gardens, The Wichita Falls Dining Out, The Wichita Falls Shopping Out, The Wichita Falls Unusual Eating Places, The Wichita Falls Unusual Shopping Places, The Wichita Falls Zoo, The Wichita Falls Art Center, The Wichita Falls Children’s Museum, The Wichita Falls Parks and Recreation.

1. The Wichita Falls Museum of Art is located at Mid Star University.

This art museum is situated in the compound of the Midwestern State University and has over 4,000 pieces of artwork including 19th-century landscaping modern southwest paintings to Native American collections. Special exhibits also run in a cycle. It is a popular place for tourists to visit and is steeped in culture and the best part is, that entry is free of charge.

2. The Grand Kemp Center for Arts

You should also plan for the time you get to Wichita Falls to fall on one of the concerts, plays, or musicals at the Grand Kemp Center if you are a fan of performing arts. It is this state-of-the-art cultural center that makes it possible for people to get a look at nationally touring shows and other local performances.

3. Nostalgic post from Lucy Park and The Falls.

This beautiful park is among the best places of interest that any visitor to Wichita Falls should not miss seeing. This point is based on a spot where Wichita River has some sort of rapids as it passes through the city (where the name Wichita Falls comes from). Tours can still be taken on paved pathways leading to the river and the falls within the park.

4. Wichita Falls Farmers Market

Texas is famous for farmers markets and Wichita Falls can boast of its farmers market that is held from May till October. This is a farmer’s market type of facility and this is situated downtown where people go to purchase fresh produce and other food products and other goods produced by farmers and bakers without using the supermarkets.

5. Wichita Falls of North Texas

This museum is situated in the historical 1904 Wichita Falls Railroad Depot and will fascinate the historical souls. These include a people’s history of Denton and the North Texas region through various display areas and heritage zones covering an area of 15 acres of land. It’s also useful to plan some extra time after visiting the museum for the museum store.

6. Maplewood District

One area, A historic Maplewood District with traditional stores, restaurants, and cafes can be more relaxing after a tiring day downtown. Maplewood shopping is another and whether one is looking for designer clothes, antiques, jewelry, artwork, electronics, or furniture, there are plenty of shops to choose The area has many coffee houses, wine bars, and gastropubs for those who wish to take it easy in the afternoon.

7. The Backdoor Theatre

If you’re looking for an affordable setting to enjoy an up-close and personal performance of a play, comedy, or musical, then make your way to this venue that hosts live performances. The local actors will make you feel that they are taking you through the show. Tickets usually run $15-20. BYOB.

8. River Bend Nature Center

At this nature area, one can hire a canoe or kayak and have a few hours of relatively quiet paddling on the Wichita River thanks to the on-site canoe livery. Or visit more than 300 acres of forest land, meadows, and water bodies having seven miles of trails for nature walks. There are areas for picnicking which are placed at different places in the park and encourage people to come and relax. Admission is free.

9. Punkin’ Chunkin’ Festival

Be sure to try some of that typical Texan autumn each November during the hilarious Punkin’ Chunkin’ Festival. See the participants try to fling the pumpkins with the help of various tools ranging from catapults to immense sling shots till the gourds reach across a field as far as possible. Accompanied by live music and delicious fayre food, it is indeed a bizarre but unforgettable occasion.

10. Shopping is seen in downtown Wichita Falls.

Last but not least, the downtown area of Wichita Falls has some quite good restaurants, bars, and shops most of which are housed in beautifully restored buildings. There are also favorite local restaurants such as Gypsy Kit, Silver Moon Pizza Co., 8th Street Coffee House, and The Maplewood where one can find several good spots to eat. Such stores as Depot Sq Books, Midwestern Baby, and Arts Alive are fun places from which to take home items.

The city offers a vast range of museums, performing arts, parks, festivals, and attractions that are surrounded by Texan plains, forests, and rivers to meet the expectations of everyone interested in something specific. This list can be used to help put together an itinerary for your North Texas trip.