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Top 15 Places to Visit in Mississippi During Summer

Mississippi is a state that is located in the south part of the USA and has just everything for tourists who would like to spend their summer time discovering the American deep south. In Mississippi, you can visit historical sites, natural reserves, beautiful parks, or stunning beaches on the Gulf Coast, so it is a perfect place for all travelers who are interested in southern charm. 

1. Natchez Trace Parkway

This is an ideal 444-mile recreational drive that passes through forests, meadows, and historical towns. Notable attractions to consider include the Emerald Mound – a Native American ceremonial platform or stage – and the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians. The presence of a lot of trees on both sides of the roads and cool summer weather make it ideal for a leisurely drive.

2. Gulf Islands National Seashore

Barrier islands and snow-white sand beaches provide for the beautiful coastlines at this park along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Go swimming, sunbathe, fishing, camping, and watch sea turtles and birds when you go on a coastal trip.

3. Tupelo and Elvis Presley’s Birthplace

Traveling to Tupelo and following the road of the early years of the King of Rock and Roll is nothing like for an Elvis fan. Visit the little two-room home where he was born and tour the Elvis Presley Museum to view relics and early photos. Tupelo.

4. Each of them is listed below French Camp

This is a small village that provides travelers with an outlook on life in Mississippi in the nineteenth century. Stroll through various antique shops and restaurants and head to the French Camp Historic Site that houses log cabins, churches, and other architectural structures of the pre-1830s.

5. Hernando De Soto Park

Enjoy the shade of the large trees in a park area within De Soto County along the Mississippi River. Rent a canoe and go through the waterways in the park during the warmer times of the year.

6. Delta Blues Museum

The state has a rich musical tradition, and one cannot but visit a museum of the peculiar Delta blues located in Clarksdale. Blues musicians’ instruments and packages on the history and evolution of Mississippi blues are part of the attractions.

7. McCarty’s Pottery

Visit a functional pottery studio and sell pottery products in Merigold where artists hand-form vases, cups, bowls, and other earthen pottery on a wheel. Take a pottery workshop while on the occasion. The best thing that can happen to anyone when they are around the place is to take the pottery workshop.

8. Crosby Arboretum

This is situated in Rankin County with close to 700 acres that comprise pine savannas, wetlands, woodlands, etc. Here, one can take a walk on the trails to get sight of native flora and fauna.

9. Jackson Zoo – Animals

See a variety of animals from lemurs to lions here at Jackson City Zoo. Live animals are displayed in the warm months, including reptiles and amphibians.

10. Visitors' Site of Interest: Longwood Plantation

One of the few antebellum plantation homes remaining in the state is now a popular stop in Natchez. Enjoy a guided tour of the stately home and the interiors decorated with genuine pieces.

11. Tishomingo State Park

People come to the park to see Bear Creek with its outstanding rock formations and then have a trek on the natural rough terrains of the park through the hiking or canoe trail.

12. Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

The children and grown-up visitors will be able to learn the facts about the dinosaurs, the cosmos, and the natural surroundings at this science museum in Jackson, Mississippi, which attracts many visitors.

13. Mississippi Aquarium

Under development and planned to open in the summer of 2020, this is one of the widely anticipated tourist attractions in the area—a modern aquarium with the most detailed depictions of aquatic life in the surroundings.

14. Golden Gulf Coast

Biloxi, Gulfport, and other towns and cities situated along the beautiful coastline of Mississippi boast sandy beaches, coastal marshes, and rather vibrant casinos with many family-oriented attractions and seafood restaurants ideal for the peak season during summer.

15. Choctaw Indian Fair

Taste traditional Native American cuisine, buy souvenirs, and watch spirited dancing, including choreographed performances, at this July celebration at the Choctaw reservation.

So, steps are out for Mississippi in the summer season having many cultural events and moderate weather where tourists can enjoy historical places, music, and wildlife along with the traditional southern hospitality of the state of Mississippi.


What kind of places are on this list?

The list offers a delightful mix! Explore charming towns, bustling cities, pristine beaches, stunning natural landscapes, and delve into Mississippi's rich history and musical heritage.

How long do I need to visit all 15 places?

Seeing all 15 destinations would be a whirlwind trip. Aim for 1-2 weeks, focusing on specific regions (north, central, or south) or choosing places that align with your interests (beaches, history, music).

What's the weather like in summer?

Mississippi summers are hot and humid. Expect highs in the 80s or even 90s Fahrenheit (upper 20s to low 30s Celsius) with occasional rain showers.

How do I get around Mississippi?

A car offers the most flexibility, especially for exploring smaller towns and natural areas. Buses connect major cities.

What are some summer festivals and events?

Mississippi offers a variety of summer festivals celebrating music, food, and culture. Research specific dates: