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11 Prettiest Places to Visits in Egypt

Egypt is a country that has very many natural attractions and it is endowed with so much history. It goes from the seven wonders of the ancient world such as the Pyramids of Giza to the long beautiful sandy shores of the Red Sea. Below is a list of eleven astounding sites to see when you decide to travel to Egypt.

1. Pyramids of Giza

Among all the sights there is not a single tourist who would not have heard about the Pyramids of Giza which are Egypt’s most famous tourist attraction. Built-in Egypt more than 4500 years ago, the pyramids are the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the only wonder that still exists in Egypt. Visit the Great Pyramid constructed for Pharaoh Khufu where one could marvel at the height or venture inside the corridors and rooms for the less faint-hearted. It has become a norm to pose for a picture beside these magnificent structures wherever you are in Egypt.

2. Valley of the Kings

buried in the remote rocky desert depression below modern Luxor are several royal burials that remain concealed behind the solid stone face of the valley cliffs. The Valley of the Kings holds the tomb of great kings including the kings of the New Kingdom such as Seti I, Ramses II, and other important kings including King Tutankhamun. Venture down to these tombs which are engraved with elaborated hieroglyphic paintings to unearth the treasures and the mummies of Egypt’s kings and queens.

3. Karnak Temple

Amenophis stands true to its name and is referred to as the mind-boggling Karnak Temple Complex of temples, chapels, pylons, columns, and obelisks to the Theban gods. Stroll among the massive pillars with written texts in the hieroglyphics in one of the biggest religious constructions of the age. Visitors should not leave before night as there is a Sound and Light show conducted in this place after sunset.

4. Colored Canyon

Make sure to capture some pictures from the Color Canyon situated off the Nuweiba area of the Sinai Peninsula. Another fantastic gorge with the nickname Rainbow Canyon will wash your eyes with red, yellow, and white stripes of rocks built up to the tops of canyons. Record your voice as you follow this easy trail and amplify your voice as you walk through this narrow chasm.

5. Mount Sinai and the Monastery of St. Catherine.

As one of the oldest mountains, Mount Sinai is famous for being the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments; people continue to climb the mountain in search of divine knowledge. Pay a visit to the Holy Monastery of St. Catherine at the foot of the mountain to see the actual Burning Bush and a treasure trove of early religious scriptures. Probably heading to Mount Sinai for a pre-dawn hike so that the gold of the rising sun will be over the neighboring desert mountains.

6. Abu Simbel Temples

The Abu Simbel Temples consist of colossal sculptures created in the rock by Ramses II to display to the Nubians his strength and also his godliness. Photographing the inside of this UNESCO World Heritage Site should entail having your camera handy for the 4 seated 20-meter Ramses statues. Go in February or October when the temples are open for the impressive phenomenon of the sun lighting up the statues inside the inner sanctum.

7. White Desert

Take a trip to the White Desert in Egypt, especially around the Farafra oasis, where you will experience a lunar surface with huge chalky rocks. It is quite bizarre to see structures in the form of mushrooms and ice cream cones emerging from the desert sands which are golden in color and look more like a dream. Tourers can be led into this little-explored area of white rock formations by local Bedouin guides who can guide tourists through this snowy-looking area of boulders amidst dunes.

8. Dahab

Situated on the Red Sea at the Gulf of Aqaba, Dahab is a coastal town that has excellent opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling in the clear water of protected areas. This is another budget-friendly beach destination with a laid-back bohemian feel and many accommodations available that are cottages situated right on the beach. By day, you might be snorkeling through multi-hued coral gardens meeting sea creatures, or at night, riding camels down the beautiful promenade in the evening.

9. The Siwa Oasis

Interested in a touch of countryside Egypt? Then it would be interesting to visit one of the most isolated Egyptian villages – Siwa Oasis. This is the best time for bargaining in numerous lively local markets and restaurants offering local dishes at shabby-chic eateries. It is strongly recommended to travel to the Mountain of the Dead area which contains hundreds of tombs carved in the rocks and observe the beautiful sunset over the palm groves that surround the oasis.

10. Coptic Cairo

Form a group, and then get lost in the back alley markets of Coptic Cairo to discover some of the best-kept secrets of Cairo. Visit some of Cairo’s oldest churches with craft stores selling religious gifts like hand-carved figurines and crosses, including the Hanging Church, accessible only by a wooden staircase. Do not forget to take a walk through the Ben Ezra Synagogue which is a prominent place that was found to contain a range of medieval Jewish documents in the nineteenth century.

11. Red Sea Beaches

What does an Egyptian holiday without an ample amount of sun, sand, and swimming? Egypt’s eastern shore Red Sea also has beautiful sandy beaches with clear clean and turquoise water ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Go to some of the beaches in Sharm El Sheik, Dahab, Makadi Bay, or Magawish Resorts and rent a resort to enjoy the sandy beaches in comfort and style in addition to other amenities.

From desert tours, snorkeling in the Red Sea, and sharing the company of enigmatic pyramids such as the Giza pyramid complex, tourists visiting Egypt will be enthralled by the beauty of this country. It’s time to capture and immortalize the moments of discovering the hidden gems of history and the beauties of nature across this engaging country. The glamour of endless beauty and enigmatic tradition of Egyptian folklore remains in the marvelous temples and the ageless desert.