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8 Things To Do Downtown San Antonio This Weekend

San Antonio is a lively city that boasts a rich cultural heritage and a lot of activities and attractions to choose from, especially in the downtown area. Below are eight different activities and attractions that you can do in the beauty and center of Alamo City during this weekend.

1. A leisurely walk through the River Walk

Riverwalk is must must-visit place when in downtown San Antonio, is among the beautiful attractions that are prominent in the area. This system of sidewalks, bridges, and paths tours through waterways under the high waters mark of twenty feet above the ground with an excellent view of the city. Grab a quick bite at the Pearl Farmers Market and eat it while lounging by the river bank, continue shopping as you stroll or sit at one of the various cafes, restaurants, or bars around.

2. Visit the Alamo

Visit historical sites, immerse in the history of the state and pay a visit to the church turned fort, the famous Alamo. This structure is still standing today, nearly 300 years later, to remember the cry for ‘Remember the Alamo’ … the famous battle of February 23, 1836, when Davy Crockett and 189 Texian defenders perished for the sake of the Texas revolution against Mexico. Draw up one of the informative guided tours to get all the nuances and details about the famous last stand.

3. Relax at Pearl

Pearl district located in the north of the downtown area boasts such features as the wealthy Hotel Emma, shops and galleries located in the refurbished brewery buildings, and green areas for relaxation with a farmer’s market on the weekends. For extraordinary baked goods and coffee, Local Coffee is an excellent choice for Bakery Lorraine, and for home décor, there is The Twig Book Shop for books or home décor, and a craft cocktail lounge called Sternewirth.

4. Shop at La Villita

If you want to add some actual Texas flavor to your shopping, La Villita Village is the place to go. This set of stores featuring thatch-roofed adobe walls also consists of several shops that offer different goods and souvenirs made by local craftsmen, paintings, clothes, etc. Spend some time exploring the shopping galleries of Little Pappas Kickin Salsa or Cabecita; check out the literal hot shops of glass blowers; catch a live concert in the main square; grab some good old-fashioned Tex-Mex food and beverages including an outdoor patio for a great margarita.

5. Experience cruising along the river and viewing the city attractions.

For yet another view of the downtown attractions, hire a boat from the River boats that operate along the River Walk all day. Picture the range from open-air boats, partially shaded to dinner cruises, departing from several terminals in downtown San Antonio, for the degree of immersion into the atmosphere of the city. Some of the tours are quite informative and give vivid descriptions of the city's history and sights that are visible from the boat.

6. Explore Hemisfair Park

Hemisfair Park, which has been around for almost 50 years, was once home to the 1968 World’s Fair, and the area is adorned with nostalgic architecture with greenery all around. Today tourists can take a lift to the top of the Tower of the Americas to see the city’s top view, walk through several parklands and gardens, go swimming in Yanaguana Garden, study the technology and history of Texas in the Magik Theatre, and let the toddlers loose at the Play Escape playground.

7. Go for a Theater performance at Majestic Theatre

It was established in 1929 and has remained a prominent hotel in San Antonio. The beautiful open-air theatre constructed in Spanish colonial architecture to stage Broadway plays as well as concerts by international artists is located in the heart of town. Below is a list of plays currently showing at the Majestic so you can plan your weekend visit to San Antonio and experience a great theatre performance during your vacation.

8. Get Ready for the Bar Hop at The Luxury

To have some real fun and be surrounded by the funky atmosphere after sundown, visit The Luxury, the hotel’s bar. Perched on the roof of the contemporary Faust Hotel with glowing red eyes over the city, The Luxury is a cocktail bar with inventive cocktails, and delicious small plates to share along with magnificent views of the downtown area. The atmosphere and people-watching here are hard to beat if you’re seeking trendy individuals to socialize with for an awesome Friday or Saturday night in downtown.

Enhancing your visit to Downtown San Antonio offers unique and legendary landmarks, shopping, dining, cultural happenings, and entertainment that will suit everyone – history enthusiasts, food lovers, art aficionados, and night owls alike. Check out this list to begin your journey of discovering this amazing South Texas city!


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