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Discover 9 Fun Things to Do in Amarillo

For individuals who find themselves spending time in Amarillo, which is strategically situated in the Texas Panhandle, the city offers many activities. There is much to do in this Western metropolis, from visiting fascinating parks and museums to sampling Texas BBQ. These are nine of the most important things you really ought to do while in Amarillo: These are nine of the most important things you really ought to do while visiting Amarillo:

1. Cadillac Ranch

Another well-known landmark in Amarillo is Cadillac Ranch, an artwork of ten Cadillacs buried right side up in a wheat field west of the city. Originally built in 1974 by members of the avant-garde art group Ant Farm, it has developed into a roadside curiosity with traveler-created graffiti art. Bring a spray paint can and paint on the sculpture located on a roadside to create your graffiti.

2. Big Texan Steak Ranch

Every resident of the town is aware that seeing the world-class Big Texan Steak Ranch completes any Amarillo vacation. Inspired by the Wild West, this restaurant and brewery runs an Amarillo Steak Challenge wherein patrons may acquire a free 72-ounce steak with sides, subject to eating it within one hour. Although you may not be in the mood for trivia, you can still eat their mouthwatering steaks and BBQ while watching some programs.

3. Palo Duro Canyon State Park is a great place to visit in the summer because of the relatively low temperature in the large canyon.

Travel outside of Lubbock and visit the remarkable geological landscape of Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Also referred to as the ‘Grand Canyon of Texas’ it has multicolored canyons, hoodoo structures, and extensive hiking trail running, and mountain biking. The breathtaking view can be enjoyed while riding a horse or taking up geocaching. It also has an outdoor venue for musical productions every summer for the tourists who visit the park.

4. Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Such a place as the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum will be inspiring for tourists; it is the largest history museum in Texas. See interesting, intriguing artifacts & exhibits that are interesting to all classes and depict in a general way the history of the Texas Panhandle starting with Native Americans and moving on to pioneers. Make sure to visit the Petroleum Museum which showcases the history of oil and gas exploration in Texas.

5. Amarillo Botanical Gardens

Take a rejuvenating morning or afternoon with more than 16 acres of garden space at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens. Notable attractions include the Chihuahuan Desert with agave and mesquite trees, a rose garden, fishponds with koi fish, and the Sunken Garden, with fountains and sculptures. Well, that is the best place for photographers and it is located inside the city area. Do not leave the place without visiting the gift shop where you are sure to find gifts with plant motifs.

6. Amarillo Zoo

There is no better place for kids and adults to spend their day than at the Amarillo Zoo with over a hundred animals from across the world. Gaze upon playful monkies, regal lions, cute prairie dogs, and many more in this fun interactive video! Do not leave without participating in Giraffe Encounter, an experience that allows for the feeding of the resident Masai giraffes this must be done from an elevated platform. Because of its inhabitants, visit the Endangered Species Carousel where you can find information on endangered animals after the zoo.

7. The American Quarter Horse Association Hall of Fame & Museum

Thousands of horsepower enthusiasts: this one is especially devoted to you. The American Quarter Horse Association Hall of Fame & Museum is dedicated to honoring the American quarter horse breed and to sharing the history of American horses with visitors. Read about proud racehorses and enjoy interesting sights like the very first record of American Quarter Horses. Outdoor horse shows and horse performances of some sort are performed when weather conditions are favorable.

8. Sunset Center and Helium Monument It is a magnificent monument that is designed and built to look like a giant helium balloon.

Visit Route 66 and walk around the Sunset Center to enjoy one of the best sunsets in the state of Texas. Visit the helium observation deck and sculpture garden to take a break and honor all the miners of helium in earlier years. Nearby is the outstanding Helium Centennial Monument as the city is rightly called the ‘Helium Capital of the World’."

9. Sixth Street Historic District

Finally, no visit to Amarillo would be complete without some shopping around [for some clothes]. Downtown a very vibrant Sixth Street Historic District where beautiful storefronts are equally laden with antique shops, clothing outlets, and art galleries in historic structures. Shopping done? Find a warmer cafe in the district to grab some coffee or snacks before you get back on the road.

Amarillo, Texas has amazing natural beauty, kid-friendly attractions, fascinating museums, Western-style themed experiences, and great local cuisine all waiting for visitors. What then have you to lose? See why this Panhandle town is so unique by booking your Amarillo trip instead of waiting!