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48 hours things to do in barcelona spain

The place of interest, Barcelona, is one of the most active and colorful cities in Europe, which offers its guests unique architecture, delicious gastronomy, great nightlife, as well as stunning beaches. Suppose you are just in town for two consecutive days, and you have decided to fully explore the city how is that possible? Below, you will find an amazing 2 day Barcelona itinerary that I’ve put together to help any traveler make the most of their visit to this vibrant city.

Day 1
Morning: Spend your first day in Barcelona at the most famous and unique site of the city – La Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudí, the roman catholic church which has been under construction since 1892 and will become one of the tallest churches in the world once completed with its 170 meters towers and extraordinary details. Take a token and enter the inside to look up at the high roof and pretty paintings on the glass. After that, make a visit to Parc Güell, yet another creation of Gaudi that includes staircases, tile work in amazingly bright colors, and terraces offering splendid views of the city. Take a walk around the park and be amazed at the colorful structures which are built around the park and then proceed to have lunch at any of the small cafes which are located outside the park.

Afternoon: After that, it’s time to grab something to eat at a #foodtruck and to do some shopping on Barcelonas' most famous street La Rambla. Visit this lively commercial avenue for shopping that is located between Plaça de Catalunya and the port. Go shopping for a while, get a churro or two, and enjoy the great view of the people around. Next, take a walk through Barcelona’s Gothic Area – a medieval neighborhood with winding, cobblestoned streets that are best explored on foot while taking in historic sights such as the Barcelona Cathedral built in the 15th century.

Evening: For sunset, you could take a walk across the harbor and take a walk on Las Ramblas del Mar, a timber deck that provides the best vantage for the harbor. Then have something to eat at the trendy seafront district of Barceloneta, which features many good places to eat, especially tapas bars. After sightseeing in Barcelona end your day dancing under the stars at a flamenco show, dancers leap, twirl, and stomp to Gypsy songs and guitar music.

Day 2
Morning: Begin the second day at Palau de la Música Catalana which is one of the UNESCO heritage sites, a beautifully ornamented concert hall that has stained glass in a variety of colors. It is a building from the early twentieth century that has great cultural value; take the guided tour and see it for yourself. Then proceed to the Picasso Museum which features more than 4,000 art pieces of the renowned artist Pablo Picasso housed in elaborate medieval stone mansions. Spend a couple of hours visiting Pablo Picasso’s early works, his sketches, his hits and trials in paintings and sculptures, and ceramics.

Afternoon: Get more art and culture in the morning, then spend the afternoon relaxing at Barceloneta Beach. Sunbathe on the beach, cool off in the warm waters, or enjoy a glass of sangria at an open-air tavern just a few steps from the sea. Then go back to your hotel and take a shower in preparation for the next colorful night out.

Evening: Head to action-packed Santa Caterina Market where locals stock up on groceries and enjoy a last glass of wine with friends. Browse through the various brightly arranged stands of fruits and vegetables, cheeses, meats, and fish before taking a seat for a glass of cava (Spanish champagne) and some pintxos – Spanish snacks on bread like tapas. Next, wrap up your two days of sightseeing by feeling the passion of Spanish flamenco dance at Tablao de Carmen. Enjoy a glass of wine as you follow fast foot tapping and clapping to the tunes of guitars and passionate voices. It is the most typical way of actively enjoying a vibrant, exciting weekend and learning the secrets of Barcelona!