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8 Things To Do In BOISE | Idaho Travel Guide & Food Tour!

If you're new to the Pacific Northwest, Boise, the city of Idaho, will surprise you with all the things you can do there. The Boise River divides this lively city in half, and the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains surround it. The city has a lot to offer, from outdoor activities to historical sites and museums to art and culture to a strong eating scene.

1. Explore Julia Davis Park
This is a beautifully designed green area of town and should be the first place you visit to take a walk and see some things. See the roses at the gardens or go to the Boise Art Museum, learn histories of the place at the Idaho State Historical Museum, or take a paddleboat to the lake. The Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial is not to be missed: the site includes a life-size bronze of the famous young writer.

2. Go on one of Boise's most picturesque routes, the Boise Greenbelt.
The 40-kilometer Boise River Greenbelt paved trail links to parks, trails, and the city's core while winding through sections bordered by trees. To obtain a nice view of the river, especially where the white water frequently challenges kayakers, try riding a bike downtown and simply stroll about.

3. Take a tour of the Old Idaho Penitentiary Site
The Historic prison site was an operating prison from 1872 to 1973 and is now a museum and park. This one provides a fully guided tour of the cell blocks, the solitary confinement cells, and other buildings while listening to grim stories of the penitentiary past. They also have night tours available if the visitors feel adventurous after dusk!

4. Taste Wine in the Sunnyslope Wine Region

Idaho is known to have a developing wine industry and there are more than 50 wineries within an hour’s drive from downtown Boise. Sunnyslope Wine Trail is home to 17 member wineries producing Rieslings and Cabernets and all wines in between. Head to the tasting rooms to mingle with the local production winemakers and savor some unusual types.

5. Explore the Capital City Public Market
Capital City Public Market is worth visiting if you'd like to sample some of the cuisine or buy some for later. Farmers and craftsmen sell fresh food as well as other goods like fruits, veggies, pastries, flowers, paintings, and carvings at this farmers market in downtown Boise, which is open every day.
Enjoy a quick crepe for breakfast or grab a pastry to have something sweet as you browse through the shops.

6. Visit the Old Idaho State Capitol Building
Trot around the official State Capitol built of sandstone and marble that housed the territorial government in the late 1800s. Some of the noteworthy places are the former House of Senate chamber and exhibits describing the history of Idaho beginning with the exploration period and up to the statehood period. This is a reminder that you should not miss to have a view of the dome!

7. Browse the Basque Block
The city is one of the largest Basque settlements in the USA outside Spain and the Basque Block is all about this. Explore restaurants, bars, a cultural center, and a market to learn about the Basque connection with Boise. Stop directly at one of the bars and sample some pintxos, which are Spanish tapas, along with a cocktail with a twist of Boise!

8. Join us for a night of great food at Fork Restaurant
Once you're done, you'll deserve a snack or dinner because you've been going for a long time and seeing a lot of sights. Satisfy it by dining at Fork, the comfort food menu consists of locally grown ingredients, prepared specially for the restaurant. Eat over the weekend and have cornmeal pancakes with fried chicken or smoked brisket with eggs in the morning. The portobello sandwich also adds up to a great lunch. This is where you should save a little space for – their chocolate cake is second to none!

I hope to end on a sweet note or in a sweet note it just means to finish up in a good and/or positive way.

Your Boise travel guide and food tour have now taken you through a mini history lesson, some culture, arts, and of course, some of the region’s best food. Whether the visitor is interested in hiking, exploring historical museums, or just eager to taste Idaho specialties, there is much to see in this state’s capital. Whether you are there for only a weekend or if Boise is the starting base from which to continue a tour through the state, the city and the people are full of warmth and there is never a shortage of things to do.


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