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7 Fun Things To Do On A Day Trip To Catalina Island

The Perfect Day Trip Getaway: 7 Great Things that You Can Do on Catalina Island

Catalina Island is one of the beautiful islands off the coast of southern California. It's easy to get to and great for a day trip or a weekend getaway. Catalina Island is only 22 miles long, but there is a lot to do, see, eat, and enjoy in its natural beauty. If you only have one day to see the island, make the most of it by doing some of these seven fun things: If you only have one day to see the island, make the most of it by doing some of these seven fun things:

1. Explore Avalon

Being the largest city and the only city on the whole island of Catalina, Avalon is the best place to start your day. Walk the tree-lined pedestrian lanes that have a Mediterranean feel, explore the typical beach town ambiance, visit the somewhat untraditional stores, cafes, and restaurants, and enjoy the sea views. Also, don’t forget to pick up something sweet at Lloyd’s Confectionery, producers of saltwater taffy and fudge for over 80 years on the island. Then go to the photographed Casino building; however, before doing that, you may have to go either into nature or your next stop.

2. Take a ride in the Zip lines through the famous Avalon Canyon.

The zip lining is one of the classic thrilling activities that you could take part in during your day trip to Catalina especially if you are interested in aerial canyon and ocean views. Catalina Zipline Eco Tour offers Avalon Canyon and Descanso Beach Tree Top tours that involve thrilling rides with 5 ziplines of different sizes. Instructors give information about the ecology of the island and all equipment and training is supplied which makes this adventure very popular for nature seekers.

3. Explore the waters on a snorkel or scuba at Lover’s Cove

Lover’s Cove Marine Park is teeming with colorful fishes and other sea creatures amidst the beautiful kelp forest; snorkeling and scuba diving here are excellent when only a few minutes away from Avalon. Rent snorkel equipment at Descanso Beach or sign up for a scuba diving trip and you’re sure to see Garibaldi, hundreds more fish, rock crabs, sea stars, and more at a close range. It is the best way to view Catalina’s marine life system for an hour or so at least I think so.

4. This is a hike to one of the most famous Catalina Airports that is well known to many tourists who trek to different parts of the world.

A few miles from the town, the Airport in the Sky is one of the more famous spots on Catalina Island. Usually, planes require extensive strips to make a landing, but this airport which has one of the shortest strips in the world, meets the need of the small passenger aircraft used on the island. Drive, bike, or hike up to the airport and get to admire the beautiful views of the Channel Islands and Mainland California from this elevated point overlooking Avalon.

5. When You Want to Get Adventurous: Inland 4X4 Tour

Take half a day of rugged inland trekking in an open-top Jeep to see areas of the island that are inaccessible to ordinary tourists. You will take to the wheel and follow dirt roads uphill and along dramatic coastlines to less-known interior beauty spots such as Little Harbor, an old stagecoach stop. Other attractions include a hike to scenic views of the romantic Two Harbors and a visit to the buffalo in Catalina before heading back to Avalon. It is just a great way to explore even more of the island than just Avalon which is a pretty great thing.

6. To the strains of the music we relax at Descanso Beach Club.

Make a couple of relaxed hours enjoying the long-awaited SoCal rays and beach ambiance at Descanso Beach. The Descanso Beach Club provides visitors with refreshing lounge chairs, perfect umbrellas, a bar, and a restaurant, and you can even leave your belongings at the beach and swim in the sea without worrying about someone taking your place because the staff will store all your items for you while you are swimming. It is the best place to relax, swim in the sea, sit and have a cocktail, and after that have a rest – it is a must-have after getting around the island, which is a must-do on Catalina.

7. Catalina Casino: A Night View

However, it is advisable to source for the artwork Circa 1929 Catalina Casino neon before heading to the ferry that will transport everyone back to the mainland. Overlooking the sea and built-in circular Art Deco style, the casino operates as a theater and a ballroom – despite being called a ‘Casino’, it is not a place for gambling – hosting movies, guided tours, and other events. Visit the site early evening and perhaps linger around to when this amazing architectural marvel transforms into a spectacle at night with its sophisticated evening illumination. A tremendous and picture-perfect way to end your great Catalina day trip!

Casualties Of America’s Love Affair with the Automobile: no cars but loads of things to do.

That is one of the reasons Catalina is so great you don’t see cars but you can see endless amounts of things to keep you busy instead. Due to the great range of tours, activities, beaches, trails, and sights in Avalon, Two Harbors, and the wilderness of the island, it is unlikely to manage to see it all in just one day. However, if you blend a few of the highlighted 7 top highlights into your brief Catalina Island trip, you are assured of a perfect day exploring the endearing and adventurous aspects of this ideal Californian island vacation getaway!

Whether you wish to ascend to the stunning heights of a mountain, fly through the treetops on a thrilling zipline over the Avalon Canyon, take a sun-soaked reprieve on the sands of the island’s pristine beaches, or venture deep into the terrain on a bumpy 4X4 tour through the island’s interior or take a stroll down the city streets in the heart of Avalon, there is always beauty,


How big is Catalina Island and is it feasible to see everything in a day trip?

Catalina Island is relatively small, but seeing everything in a day trip might be challenging. This article will likely focus on achievable highlights perfect for a one-day adventure.

This day trip sounds exciting, but what if I get seasick on the ferry?

Seasickness is a possibility for some travelers. The article might not provide specific remedies, but you can always research seasickness medication or natural remedies beforehand.

Are these activities suitable for all ages and fitness levels?

The 7 things to do will likely cater to a variety of interests and abilities. Look for keywords like "family-friendly" or mentions of difficulty levels in the descriptions. Some activities might require moderate physical fitness.

This sounds like a fun getaway, but how do I get to Catalina Island?

Catalina Island is accessible by ferry from various points in Southern California. The article likely won't delve into booking specifics but might mention common departure locations.

Is a day trip enough time to enjoy Catalina Island?

Catalina Island offers experiences for longer stays, but a day trip allows you to get a taste of the island's charm. The descriptions will likely give you an idea of how long each activity takes, helping you plan your day.