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THE TOP 15 Things To Do in El Salvador (Updated 2024)

El Salvador is officially called the Republic of El Salvador and is a small country located in Central America that is famous for its terrains, culture, and welcoming inhabitants. Although few people will probably know of El Salvador as a travel destination, the country has a lot to offer a visitor – anything from some of the best surfing waves to archeological sites of Mayan ruins. 

1. Surf at Punta Roca

Punta Roca near La Libertad is one of the most consistent wave-producing beaches throughout the year and is considered by many as the best right-point break in Central America. Even the novices as well as the experienced ones are going to get the great barreling waves. For the enthusiasts, several surf schools in the area offer lessons.

2. Hike El Imposible National Park

Go hiking and trail riding through the forests and over the waterfalls and visit the wildlife of this mountainous national park. Hiking trails range from easy strolls to steep difficult ones, some best done in several days and with breathtaking sceneries all along.

3. Visit Joya de Ceren Archaeological Site

Also called the ‘Pompeii of the Americas,’ these are pre-Columbian Maya farming village remains covered by ash from a volcanic eruption around 600 CE that is listed by UNESCO. It brings in its perspective of the life of the Mayan civilization.

4. Relax on El Tunco Beach

This popular Pacific coast destination is known for its picturesque black sand beaches, boutique hotels and restaurants, and one of El Salvador’s most famous waves just offshore. It is especially suitable for a weekend break.

5. Explore Suchitoto Colonial Town

The core of the town is made up of cobblestone streets, and Suchitoto has a strong colonial feeling. In this place, there is a lot of history and beautiful architecture, and a chance to visit art galleries, and craft markets and taste the local cuisine in restaurants surrounding the main plaza.

6. Tour Cerro Verde National Park

Visitors to this beautiful park situated outside of Santa Ana can climb the volcanic crater rim and see the turquoise-colored lake at the center of it. As we have seen, on a clear day, one can see views of Guatemala.

7. See the Murals and Galleries in Juayua

Painted in a rainbow of colors, this mountain village boasts of a rich artistic culture. Explore the streets and take a look at colorful murals, galleries, and craft shops.

8. Roam the Ruins of San Andres

While not as well known as other Mayan ruins in other parts of the Americas, this pre-Columbian ruin located near San Salvador is home to several well-preserved structures built between 600-900 CE surrounded by a tranquil forest that invites exploration.

9. Pamper Yourself at Los Tercios Hot Springs

Take a break in the spas with warm healing springs, receive a remarkable massage, or have a night’s accommodation in the beautiful rooms of this hotel/hot springs resort located in a view of nature.

10. Explore Ruta de Las Flores

The “route of the flowers” includes a chain of mountain cities, in which the air is perfect for growing beautiful flowers of various shades. Best to visit during August when the flowers are in bloom as part of a flower festival.

11. Zip Line Through the Forests Near Apaneca

Long cables and dangerous drops, as well as the Heber City adventure’s thrilling forested ravines, make a zip line canopy tour for those who prefer to hang out on the cliffs outfitters of the area.

12. Tour the National Museum of Anthropology in San Salvador

The best museum in El Salvador boasts an impressive collection of pre-Hispanic Maya artifacts, this should not be missed by any history lover.

13. Surf Sunzal Beach Break

However, just 10 km from El Tunco, Sunzal Beach offers the same right point wave, but with considerably fewer people. It also has some beachfront hotels and seafood restaurants for after the experience.

14. Visit La Palma Lookout

Look down into the one-mile-wide circular crater filled with turquoise lakes that are situated on the side of a still active volcano near Santa Ana. Marvel at great views of countryside landscapes from this elevated vantage point, on the edge of the crater.

15. Take a Coffee Tour

Specialty high-altitude coffee is one of the important products of El Salvador, which forms part of Central American nations. Visit to learn the process of production from the seed to the cup and taste delicious freshly roasted and brewed coffees from Salvador.

If it were not for the epic surfing, beautiful crater lakes, archaeological sites, artistic expressions, and the finest coffee in the hemisphere, El Salvador would be on more itineraries. Here, list down this underrated destination’s must-haves to help you get the best of the best experience. From wildlife, sightseeing, and even Echoes of colonialism, your travel experiences are sure to be memorable.