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Top 10 FREE things to do this month in OKC

There are several free things to do and see in Oklahoma City each month so that people of the city as well as guests can have fun. So, without further ado, here are the ten top free things to do in OKC this month:

1. So, it is highly recommended to visit the Myriad Botanical Gardens.

Another great attraction is the Myriad Botanical Gardens situated in downtown OKC which has various public gardens, courtyards, and a lake that are open to the public free of charge. Visit the 7 acres of natural landscaping take photographs beside the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory or spend some time by the lake. This is one of the biggest free sights in the city area.

2. Look at the Festivals happening under the sun

It's also crucial to remember that the majority of the neighborhood and district events, such as the Midtown Street Faire, the Plaza District Festival, and the Paseo Arts Festival, are free outdoor celebrations every month. Attend neighborhood gatherings where regional artists and craftspeople display their creations, the top live music acts in the area play, and delicious food trucks are on hand.

3. A stroll through the Oklahoma State Capitol

The state capitol building is open to visitors daily free guided tours are conducted every weekday and visitors are informed about the history and the construction of the domed building. Tours are about 20-30 minutes or if you want a self-guided tour with ‘tour stops’ that contain historical information around the capitol. Don’t forget to visit the site at a time when Congress is in session to watch the proceedings in action!

4. It also offers Kirkpatrick Planetarium which gives visitors a chance to see the Stars.

The Kirkpatrick Planetarium at the Science Museum Oklahoma offers several free shows per month, which can include stargazing or children’s shows that teach about space. Well, it can be done at any time of the year but since it is free and to be enjoyed indoors, it can be perfect, especially for the hot or rainy days this month in OKC.

5. Stroll through Bricktown

Bricktown is an energizing entertainment area in OKC with eateries, shops, a canal ride, and many others. Some of the activities require payment but if you would like to take a leisurely walk over the Bricktown canal, it is possible to do so for free any day of the week as is the case with live music. This one is among the most crowded downtown regions.

6. Check out museums on Free Admission Days

For example, there are more than a dozen museums in the city of OKC that take part in the promotional free day or have free access to the exhibitions. This has included the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art among others. If you are planning to attend any park, you can check their event calendar for the free days this month.

7. Check out the art scene of the Paseo Arts District

Spend an afternoon walking around the Paseo Arts District and get stunned with over 80 art galleries, studios, shops, and art installations. Many galleries offer free exhibit openings and events that are good for finding out more about OKC’s emerging art communities.

8. Take a Walk or Go Paddleboarding at Lake Hefner

There is a paddleboard and kayak share program within the Crystal Lake area of Lake Hefner in Northwest OKC that is 100% free. Run into the store, grab a snorkel, boogie board, paddle, shovel, rake, beach chair, and umbrella, and be ready to hang out at the beach for a few hours – all you need to show is your ID! There is not a specific schedule for it, it is available seven days a week from May up to October.

9. Watch a Concert or Festival for Free

Local music shows, cultural fests, and summer concert series can be attended during a visit to Oklahoma City which offers free performances. Some plans include Jazz in June, the Midtown Music Festival, or a concert on the river.

10. Tour Historic Neighborhoods

Some other historic districts and neighborhoods that you could walk around in Oklahoma City include Heritage Hills, Mesta Park, Putnam Heights, and Deep Deuce. Visit the stunning residential buildings and sightseeing attractions where Oklahoma City lies. Most neighborhoods also have plaques and markers with history”, as observed from the above passage.

Hence, something new and free, go for it and enjoy the following great free things happening across OKC this month! Regardless, this city, or any other is packed with cheap experiences if you are willing to search for them. What are the next free attractions with your time in OKC?


Are these free activities all happening throughout the entire month?

Some free activities might be offered throughout the month, while others might be on specific dates or have limited occurrences. The descriptions will likely mention the dates or schedules for each activity.

Is there a variety of activities on this list?

Absolutely! Oklahoma City offers a range of free experiences. The list will likely include options like:

How can I find out more details and specific dates for these activities?

The descriptions will likely provide details like dates, times, and locations for each free activity. They might also mention websites or contact information for further information.

Are there any free activities suitable for all ages?

Many of the free options will likely be perfect for all ages. Look for keywords like "family-friendly" or mentions of activities specifically geared towards children in the descriptions.

I'm interested in [specific interest, e.g., art, history, nature]. Are there any free activities related to this?

While we can't say for sure without seeing the list, OKC offers a variety of free cultural experiences. Look for keywords in the descriptions that match your interests, like "museum admission," "art walks," or "historical tours." You can also use the information provided to explore the websites of museums or parks to see if they have any free events scheduled this month.