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7 Best Fun things to do in Omaha Nebraska

1. The final task is to take a trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo.

Among the top zoos in the United States, Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo presents outstanding ambassadors including the biggest indoor desert habitat worldwide. Through 170 acres of some of the most amazing exhibits, get a close-up perspective of the beauties of the natural world including tropical butterflies, aquatic life, big cats, gorillas, and many more. But let me tell you, you will wish you had a whole day to see all the pavilions and exhibits this zoo has to offer. There is so much to learn here. Examining the schedules for certain zoo activities and feeding times can also help one maximize the visit.

2. Learn about the history and attractions of the Old Market District

Old Market; Omaha has the atmosphere of a Victorian city having a variety of restaurants, shops, art galleries, and entertainment places located in buildings with old-world architecture. Take a walk through the quaint neighborhood with its alleys paved with cobblestones and visit a range of shops offering hand-made products and curios and antique stores. Take some time out to grab a bite from one of the top restaurants offering steaks, seafood, Italian, and much more. Nightlife – As it gets dark, Old Market becomes a perfect spot for cocktails in the trendy and modern bars and clubs.

3. It will also be great if you can get to watch a show at the Orpheum Theater.

Constructed in 1927 the ornate Orpheum Theater was renovated in the early 1970’s and serves as the Omaha home for touring Broadway productions, concerts, comedy shows, and other musical performances located downtown. The interior of the hotel is Baroque European styled and with beautiful decorations, it is a place worth visiting on its own. Watch a performance in the main auditorium, or perhaps see a concert or other event in one of the Orpheum’s satellite spaces. Now you have a stable number of evening entertainment schedules almost every night so you will be eager to see.

4. Casinos are one place where an individual can try his luck in gambling.

Feeling lucky? Omaha NE has various casinos that include slot machines, tables, poker, and a lot more. Harrah’s and Horseshoe Casino offers Vegas excitement with over 2,500 machines and table games to satisfy your hunger for action. Or go to the River City Casino a small-scale casino that also offers live, food, and music with a view of the Missouri River. If you get lucky and win a handsome amount then you can stay in one of the high-end hotels that are located inside these places. Other entertainment features that most Casinos offer include live concerts, comedy shows, and even boxing matches in their event centers.

5. Experience Omaha’s Beer Craft Culture

Like many cities in the U.S., Omaha has been experiencing a growth of craft beer with many tap rooms and breweries to try. Nebraska Brewing Company is a family-owned brewery that can show around its brewery and has a large list of beers with very innovative names. Or visit the Infusion Brewing Company and a gallery with artwork of several artists inside of it. Such venues as Brickway Brewery, Lucky Bucket Brewing, and Farnam House Brewing are also popular for serving various traditional and unusual beers in comfortable environments that encourage communication. Some also provide food menus/food trucks as well for consumption within the premises.

6. Go to The Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum

This is especially the case for aviation lovers of all ages who may wish to visit the nearby Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum. If there are more than 75 aircraft and missile models, the visitors can observe the bombers, fighters, and trainers that played significant roles in world history. See a massive B-52 bomber up close and get a chance to enter some of the aircraft to look at the cockpit as it was explained how the crews worked these machines. Some of the available activities are landing a space shuttle, or can you spot the shapes of these aircraft while flying a Cessna. By the end of the flight, you will have a lot more understanding of flight and Nebraska’s contribution to aviation.

7. Here Is A List of Creative Sculptures That You Can See in Omaha

In addition to the numerous sights and museums, Omaha also has a vast number of interesting sculptures located throughout the city. Lanterns, sculptures, murals, and other interesting installations whether small or large add spice to good photo backdrops or an area to marvel at. In referencing the creative spirit of the city, more than 100 pieces of art installations along sidewalks and buildings, parks, and other public places. Other works are the famous “Indian Scout” in the Old Market, colossal abstracts, and historical reliefs depicting the significant indigenous people who inhabited Omaha and its neighboring territories. Evaluating remarkably unique pieces must become an integral part of the tours that you take throughout the city.

This list of attractions in Omaha proves that there is more to Omaha than what meets the eye as far as culture, entertainment, and Nebraska hospitality are concerned. For the cultural enthusiasts, families, and couples, there are several enjoyable things to do during the visit; from day to nightlife activities that include casinos. Texas Holdem Poker and The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium are two activities that will top your list of things to do in Omaha.