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10 Best Things To Do in Rome

Italy, and particularly Rome, is one of the most visited places in the entire world, with millions of tourists coming to see such attractions as Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, the Vatican, and other sites. But Rome has much more to offer than just a basic tourist trail and experience. Here are ten tips for Rome that must be called peculiar and that are unlikely to appear in any other list of ten things to do there.

1. Explore Rome's Underground City

Hidden underneath the concrete jungle of contemporary Italy’s capital, there exist ruins of the ancient city with temples, bazaars, and dwelling places. Behind the ruins of classical culture, there are many modern landmarks, you can take a guided tour of the preserved archaeological sites below the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain.

2. Visit the Non-Catholic Cemetery

This green burial ground where painters, poets, and revolutionaries are buried is a perfect place to do so. Stroll down beside tombs with sculptures on them while honoring great people such as the romantic poet John Keats. The overall atmosphere of the cemetery is rather calm and peaceful – it gives a rather an impression that one is miles away from the heated bustle of Rome on the surface.

3. Take a walk to Orange Gardens located in Aventine Hill.

One of Rome’s most enjoyable but least-known gardens is situated on the Aventine Hill, one of the city’s seven hills. Parco Savello is an Orange grove hilltop containing roses, grasses, and green trees in the background of broken medieval columns and arches. It is the last villa in the Roman garden and has always been so.

4. On this topic, one can see Jesus portrayed in a soccer uniform.

The religious site called International Church of Canneto is a blend of Catholicism and soccer madness. This is the place to look at the new modern mosaics depicting Jesus and the saints playing soccer and painting, skateboarding, and doing other modern activities which are pleasantly different from a traditional religious figure painting.

5. Explore an Obscure Museum

For a more unique Rome Museum experience, avoid the overcrowded Vatican Museums and try one of the city’s many specialized institutions instead. Before purgatory, at the Museum of Souls, visitors can view handprints that, according to the legend, were burned into various objects by the souls of purgatory calling from the afterlife. Or spend some time at the Carriage Museum to watch centuries of pope carriage if you want to experience Rome like never before.

6. Visit Mouth of Truth

There is a myth that if one is to speak a falsehood while having one's hand in the Mouth of Truth, a sculpture of a face, the hand would be cut off. Try to guess whether you are brave enough to challenge destiny at this manhole cover of medieval times showing an aggressive face on the wall of the portico of the famous church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin. Of course, the lore may not be accurate, but getting a picture of the creature with its mouth yaw wide open to take your hand is a rather peculiar souvenir.

7. Explore Rome's Creepy Crypts

The Roman catacombs and crypts under various Churches also provide a spooky experience for those interested. Some are merely the bones and skulls of monks or religious martyrs dressed with a garland of flowers; creepy but lovely at the same time. The Capuchin Crypt features emaciated skeletal remains of people depicted in some scenes – essentially forcing one to come to terms with death.

8. Also see the small hole through which the Pope is supposed to see St Peter’s.

Look through what is now called the Keyhole on the Knights of Malta for a perfect view of St. Peter’s Basilica’s dome from what seems to be just a locked door. Stand in a way that you can see this truly amazing play of optical illusions and turn around to view that famous dome in a completely different way.

9. The one thing to do at Gianicolo Hill is watch the sunset.

Discover why Roman lovers go to the windy Janiculum Hill to capture the sunset. Find a gelato and sit with them on Piazzale Garibaldi watching the sun set upon the eternal city with the backdrop of St Peter’s cupola glowing on the horizon. It establishes a setting of intimacy that is miles away from the crowds that fill other observing points.

10. Street Art: A Pigneto Trend

The Pigneto district of Rome is considered to be the city’s coolest area and thoroughfares turn into a walk-through art gallery as bold murals add colors to the sidewalks. Search for graffiti that depicts the neighborhood themes, politics, cartoon characters, and all sorts of other unique artistic murals sprayed on decrepit old structures. Taking a street art walking tour of Rome can be an adventurous and unconventional way to round off your offbeat trip to the Eternal City on a shoestring.