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15 Things to Do In Vietnam for a Wonderful Vacation

Great South Eastern Vietnam has been praised for its excellent terrain, cuisine, varied and vivid legacy, and friendly people. Vietnam offers everything for such visitors as those who like the bustle of the great cities: stunning coastal plains and tropical settings, attractive mountains, and rich forests. Here are 15 incredible things you have to include on your travel to Vietnam to make for a fantastic vacation: Here are 15 fantastic things you have to include on your travel to Vietnam to make for an incredible trip:

1. Explore Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam has a well-preserved old quarter with small alley-like roads, trading centers, temples, and buildings with French-style influence. Explore the 1,000-year-old Old Quarter for a slice of Vietnamese culture and try out Vietnamese food, which includes pho bo, banh mi, etc.

2. Cruise Halong Bay

One of the sights that one must visit in Vietnam is the Halong Bay through a cruise which encompasses the features of emerald water and limestone islands. You will love to spend a night in a traditional Filipino junk boat while exploring this site as a UNESCO Heritage, watching beautiful sunsets, and choosing between touring the caves or kayaking.

3. Stroll through the Ancient Town of Hoi An

The beautiful Hoi An Ancient Town feels like walking around a museum; with traditional Vietnamese wooden buildings, Chinese shop houses, the famous Japanese Covered Bridge, and hundreds of colorful lanterns. Check out tailored silk clothing, make ceramics, unwind in a hot tub, and taste exquisite local cuisine.

4. Chill Out at the White Sand Beaches of Phu Quoc

To talk about the exotic sandy shores and turquoise waters it is appropriate to mention that Phu Quoc island has flawless sandy beaches with crystal water and palms around. Sunbathe on Long Beach, capture memories through water activities in An Thoi islands, savor mouthwatering seafood barbecues, and watch the beautiful sunsets.

5. Take a trip to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

One of the cultural heritage sites in Vietnam, the Phong Nha–Ke Bang National Park has the oldest karst mountains in Asia and numerous caves which are stunning. Hike, explore, and marvel at the fairyland-like waterfalls, sail on the Son River, and admire the marvels of spectacular caves like the Hang Son Doong cave, the world’s largest.

6. The most wondrous of them is the Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge

Recently, Da Nang has been home to the so-called Golden Bridge, built on the top of the Ba Na Hills and supported by two large stone hands. Enjoy the views and have fun at Mount Faber today where highlights include a cable car ride, flower garden, wine cellar, and Fantasy Park.

7. Enjoy the Tropical Paradise with Island Hopping in Nha Trang

The stunning sea with white sand and tropical islands is ideal for an amazing boat tour if you happen to be in the city of Nha Trang. Spend your time swimming with fish in the crystal waters, sunbathing on beautiful sand, enjoying fresh and tasty BBQs on the beach, and doing such nice things as diving water, or jungle tours.

8. Savor Vietnamese Cuisine

It would be a mistake not to try some of the essential Vietnam dishes like pho noodles soup – delicious, hot, and full of flavors, banh mi baguettes – crusty and filled with different ingredients, Vietnamese coffee – strong and invigorating and cold rolls served with peanut sauce – crispy and subtle. It has its specific taste in every area so try specialty on your Vietnam experiences!

9. Get on a bicycle and cycle around Sapa’s rice terraces.

The rice terraces in Sapa are hewn into the slopes of the hills and the sight is most magnificent. While on a homestay accommodation in a village, one can bike in the beautiful valleys, meet with the hill tribes, and trek in rice terrace green surroundings. If you are up for the challenge try climbing Mount Fansipan by joining guided tours to enjoy its stunning views.

10. The Mekong Delta day trip is an exciting activity

Visit the Mekong Delta also called the ‘Rice Bowl’ of Vietnam on a one-day tour which consists of the island, floating markets, and a village. Travel through narrow waterways lined with coconut palms, try exotic fruits, observe how they make candy from coconut, and enjoy the rural atmosphere.

11. Explore and marvel at Hue’s Imperial Complexes

Hue is the city of former royal Kings of Vietnam and thus it has many fascinating royal tombs, splendid palaces, temples, and grand monuments displaying royal-style architecture and beautiful carvings. Do not leave without visiting the Imperial City hosting museums, complete ruins of the Forbidden Purple City, and nine Pagoda-style Nine Dynastic Urns of the 19th century.

12. Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city and the commercial capital of Vietnam, tasting the street food 

The city that is Ho Chi Minh City impresses with congested roads filled with motorbikes, energetic markets, and food vendors offering Vietnamese sandwiches, noodle soup, coffee with egg, and sugarcane juice. Tour some popular Vietnam landmarks such as the Reunification Palace and War Remnants Museum before taking a walk and experiencing the vibrant city life.

13. Celebrate the Tet New Year festive season

It is recommended that you attempt to schedule your Vietnam visit during the festive time of Tet or the Lunar New Year. For around one week, you have an opportunity to observe the unique flower markets, lion dances, street parades, and thrilled celebrations in homes, villages, and cities. It is a wonderful time that is inextricably connected with the culture of Vietnam!

14. Watching the Water Puppet Show in Hanoi

Water puppetry, another popular art form of Vietnam, involves water and light control and includes aquatic puppets, fireworks, musical performances, and even narrations in water, in a water body-like basin. Some evening entertainment can be enjoyed at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater which brings out a compelling folk tale.

15. Go Caving in Phong Nha National Park

Phong Nha National Park – a system of caves of tens, hundreds, and even thousands of kilometers within the borders of the UNESCO site including the largest caves in the world with colossal stalagmites, subterranean rivers, and unique rock formations. Take a tour of adventure caving to explore such formations in some parts of the world.

This thin strip of land that vertically divides the South China Sea and the Eastern Sea, with a great variety of terrains and rich cultural sights – Vietnam has it all for everyone, whether you seek the tranquility of a beach or the thrill of hiking, or culture and history. So why don’t you pay a visit to this relatively unknown Southeast Asian country for the most amazing vacation ever?