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Top 11 Sights in Salt Lake City

It is a hub of activity because it is the capital city, and also the largest city in Utah. Located in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountain Range, it is packed with great attractions that give visitors a true taste of the city and its Mormon culture and the best of Utah’s outdoor adventures. Here are the top 11 sights you shouldn't miss when visiting Salt Lake City:

1. Temple Square

The temple square is the biggest tourist attraction in Utah; it is located in the central business district of Salt Lake City and occupies 35 acres of area. This central plaza is well-furnished and enchanting with lush greenery mixed up with trees surrounding it from the Salt Lake Temple, Tabernacle, Assembly Hall, and the visitors center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Visit the building to view an interior that is adorned with beautiful designs and artworks and to get acquainted with the history of the Mormon religion. It also organizes free organ recitals and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performances.

2. Salt Lake Temple

Probably the most recognized building in Temple Square, the Salt Lake Temple features detailed carvings and was constructed over 40 years ago utilizing granite transported by oxen. Temple grounds are open to the public, but only holders of temple recommendations, which are church members, have access to the inside of the temple. Here in the town do not fail to look towards the South Temple Street where there is the temple with the two peaks in the background.

3. Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake is one of the largest saltwater lakes in America, Utah welcomes a considerable number of visitors to witness the beauty of this natural treasure. A trip to Antelope Island State Park will be fun and filled with activities ranging from beach playing, hiking past the bison herds and other wild horses, watching the million-dollar view of Salt Lake Valley, and enjoying the spectacular colorful sunset over water. Or just bob around the waters that are much saltier in the Great Salt Lake State Marina.

4. The Mormon Pioneer National Heritage in the central part of Utah.

Continue to This Is The Place Heritage Park, which is an outdoor museum that displays restored homes and farms of Mormon Pioneers. There is a living tablet that recreates the pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley; Pony Express Ride and Gold Rush Experience. For significant monuments and interpretive signs, Emigration Canyon is home to the Mormon Trail where travelers enjoy spectacular views of valleys.

5. Capitol Building

The State Capitol Building that hosts the legislatures and the office of the Governor in Utah is a magnificent building with a copper domed roof. Tours are available for free in which one gets to see marble halls, historical rooms, and artwork. It is an area of green fields and gardens that have many sculptures dedicated to pioneers, immigrants, and police officers who have died in the line of duty. On Capitol Hill, you can get the best view of the city and the Wasatch Mountain range of Utah.

6. City Creek Canyon

To quickly get in touch with nature, and at the same time it is located in the heart of Salt Lakers, take a step into City Creek Canyon, only two blocks away from Temple Square. After picnic areas, mini waterfalls, and wildflower areas along the biking and hiking trails to the areas that offer views of downtown. Or attempt at fly fishing in the creek that is the namesake of the city – City Creek. Only the lower part of the canyon is accessible throughout the year, whereas the upper part is available only during particular times of the year.

7. The Gateway

The Gateway is an urban shopping and entertainment center with a concentration of ten blocks that are easily accessible via walking. Why not drop by the Clark Planetarium and Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum? Experience some of the newest releases in Hollywood at the Megaplex Theaters. And recharge in the abundance of eating establishments – fast food, café, restaurants for any taste or pocket. On extremely hot days, visitors can take a break in the Olympic Legacy Plaza fountains.

8. Museum of Natural History in Utah

Originally called the Rio Tinto Center, the Binocular Natural History Museum is located adjacent to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail which offers a dramatic view of the Salt Lake Valley. This includes dinosaur skeletons, fossils galleries, meteorites and gemstones, Native American culture halls, and the water-based discovery center for children known as Splash at the Water’s Edge.

9. Tracy Aviary & Liberty Park

The family-friendly attraction of Tracy Aviary in Liberty Park houses 130 different species of birds from different parts of the world. Witness flying birds in aviaries, and outdoor exhibits, and watch bird acrobatics and feeding sessions. In Liberty Park, there are also huge facilities for outdoor play such as playgrounds, and a pond in which one can paddle with fish such as catfish, tennis, volleyball, and picnic areas.

10. Salt Lake Brewery Tours

Beer lovers can sample fine craft beers on brewery tours in Salt Lake City, Utah breweries including Squatters, Epic Brewing Co, Red Rock Brewery, and the Utah Brewers Cooperative. Tours generally last 1-2 hours and usually have brand samples available. Or, you may want to taste their famous Polygamy Porter for a local brew. Most breweries often have live activities such as quizzes and music as well, Among the many breweries that host these live events, Here are some of the most popular ones;

11. Farmers Markets

Experience a farmer’s market and taste fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products from Utah directly. In addition, to producing markets such as Wheeler Historic Farm on Saturdays or Downtown Market at Pioneer Park on Sundays, there’s also live music, crafts, flowers, and prepared foods. It is a way of tasting the life of being in a community as well as an ability to interact with the community people. These are some of the items you’ll need for a sumptuous feast for everyone in the community!

Besides this and much more, Salt Lake City is remarkable for its cultural sites and attractions, family-friendly activities, and, of course, spectacular views with the backdrop of the towering Wasatch Mountains. For business or leisure, a couple of days or more may be the most difficult to decide on all one could visit and do.