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beyond the wall: 5 must-see tourist traps (that are worth it) in berlin!

Berlin is a significant city in Europe most famous for history, culture, art, and a lively pulse. It is the capital of Germany and gives a tourist a wonderful opportunity to discover both the history of this powerful country and its modern life. Although the city is full of famous landmarks that attract visitors from all over the world or the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie, there are many hidden gems that you could check out if you are eager to move away from the standard tourist trail. Here are 5 Berlin tourist traps that are actually worth going out of your way for.

1. Mauerpark Flea Market

On Sundays in the district of Prenzlauer Berg, people go to Mauerpark to pick through what is possibly Berlin’s most authentic and certainly its most excellent flea market. Berlin was once divided into East and West and the division was represented by the famous Berlin Wall: now the segment of the wall is filled with stalls selling hand-made souvenirs, antiques, clothes, accessories, jewelry, food, etc. There is not much bustle and bustle and people are generally approachable, so it is possible to walk around and watch what is happening. They also didn’t fail to notice the outdoor karaoke singing event which was open to everyone who wished to sing. You are likely to come across hilarious performances like juggling and exciting singing events.

2. Abandoned Spreepark

A creepy and rather exotic destination, Spreepark is a deserted park for recreation that used to be the only one in GDR during the Cold War time. Decades of neglect have seen most parts of the park deteriorate and overrun by natural flora. Now the only remaining structures are the Ferris wheel and the Colosseum Tower which is in a state of disrepair. If you dare, come at night and stroll through the sandy paths of the abandoned park, or take a walk through the rusty carriages of the careless disassembled rides and let your thoughts wonder about how the park was in its prime. However, do take care while exploring the park because most of it lacks rails of any kind or any other form of security.

3. Trabi Safari

Wine lovers should not miss the chance to taste now-produced wine in the Wine cellar while others should take a ride back in time by participating in Trabi Safari. Trabis were the cheaper, symbolic automobiles made of fiberglass cotton compound and were commonly used by the citizens of East Germany. It has you riding around Berlin in the backseat of a charming Trabi, where a guide takes the wheel and leads you through some of the city’s most famous sights while giving you anecdotes about them. This one is a fun mixture of learning and fun – and hey, you’ll get some nice Instagram photos out of it! The small and unusual car which is Trabi is brightly colored with peculiar forms and that too makes the tour really colorful.

4. Teufelsberg Listening Tower

To admire the beauty of the city from the tall and energetic point, one should visit Teufelsberg, also known as Devil’s Mountain. Constructed during the earliest days of reconstruction after the Second World War this man-made hill was made out of rubble. Finally, the US National Security Agency constructed an eerie formation on top of it – a listening and surveying spy station for Soviet activities. When listening equipment received some updates, the technology was abandoned. Today, tourists are ready to become illegal for a couple of hours and climb stairs inside it will get a spectacular view of Berlin. The domes are painted with graffiti which adds even more mystery to the place.

5. Haus Schwarzenberg Street Art

The alleyways of Haus Schwarzenberg are straight from a street art lover’s dreams. Located in the fashionable Prenzlauer Berg district, this intersection has two walls of two crossed alleys covered in stunning graphics and murals, painted by contemporary masters of urban art. Simply let your eyes wander through the provocative and inspiring pieces of art that form a sort of wall display where pieces are changed periodically. People can also see artists create new work or change their artwork on the spot. The most famous locals of Haus are also two cats, Minki and Lunki, which can be easily spotted in the streets too.

Although it is fun to take a tour of the famous attractions of Berlin and other great cities, it is more exciting to also make time to get a feel of the less conventional areas. These walking tours give a twist of history, arts, or future art where you get to explore some of the secrets of Berlin. It is just as useful to provide an opportunity to immerse oneself in the less popular areas of Berlin in one way or another. Therefore, the next time you take a tour around Berlin, Germany’s capital city, do not cease at the wall but explore other attractions that are filled with the essence of Berliner culture, history, and artistry! With an open mind and a good pair of shoes, you are guaranteed to have experiences that you will never forget!