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15 Popular Tourist Attractions in Canada

Big and with historical and cultural sites, Canada has lovely cities and breathtaking scenery. From one coast to another and even across borders, the range of what is out there is almost unbounded.

1. Niagara Falls (Ontario)

With an average of 12, 3 m people annually, Niagara Falls is maybe the most well-known natural attraction in Canada. With the waterfalls at a pace of six million cubic feet in a minute, hear the thunderous boom and majestic exhibition. See the falls in the nighttime with a light display or see the vapor and fall on a boat.

2. Banff National Park (Alberta)

Banff National Park is therefore quite well-known as it features amazing animal life, deep blue-green lakes, and snow-capped mountains! Discover the lovely pathways on foot or bike, set up a tent in the midst of nowhere, slide down the wide slopes, or just plunge into the medicinal springs.

3. Quebec City, Quebec

Discovering the alleys of Old Québec is a fairly unusual experience as it is like strolling around a location created during the 17th century New France. Rich in history as well, it has various locations like Montmorency Falls, Notre Dame Basilica, and Citadelle Fortress. I would not advise against sampling maple taffy and poutine.

4. Canadian National Tower (CN Tower) Toronto, Ontario

Rising to 553.3 meters, this skyscraper is among the highest free-standing constructions in the world. On a clear day, the elevator will bring you to the observation deck to provide an amazing perspective over the Minneapolis-St. Paul region and beyond encompassing over eighty miles. Walking around EdgeWalk's 117th level at the height of the skyscraper will provide even more of an adrenaline surge.

5. Butchart Gardens (Victoria, British Columbia)

Comprising more than fifty-five acres of land and around one million blooms, this garden is among the largest of its kind. See a performance at the Rose Carousel Stage after seeing the Enchantment Garden and the Morning Glory Dell among other themed gardens. One is noted that the evening's amazing fireworks illuminate the grounds.

6. Whistler (British Columbia)

Whistler, which is in the middle of the Coast Mountains, is regarded as the winter sport's Mecca as snowboarding and skiing are quite common activities there. Mountain biking, golf, hiking, zip-lining, or water sports on glistening clean lakes best fit a warm summer.

7. Cabot Trail (Nova Scotia)

Driving along Cape Breton Island's gorgeous shoreline would be a lifetime trip where guests may see unceasingly breathtaking sights all along. Driving the 300 kilometers on Seward Highway to perform whale viewing, fresh seafood sampling, hiking, and even possibilities to spot moose, bald eagles, and bears, savor the breathtaking surroundings.

8. Thousand Islands (Ontario)

By sailing along the scenic corridors of the Thousand Islands, you will get to explore 1800 stunning islands located on both the border of Ontario and New York state. Visit the magnificent ruins of Boldt Castle on Heart Island, rent a kayak, or indulge in full-service gourmet dining cruises, and multi-day trips on luxury riverboats.

9. Vancouver (British Columbia)

While this city is dynamic and bustling, it is as if the natural backdrop of the surrounding wilderness is just beyond every skyscraper. Visit art and artisanal stores in bohemian areas like Gastown and Granville Island, trek the rainforest paths of Stanley Park, and savor Asian fusion dishes and fresh ocean produce. Capilano Suspension Bridge with 450 ft height gives you panoramic views of a canyon that you don’t want to miss as your Instagram backdrop.

10. Montreal (Quebec)

The continental flair feels alive in jovial Montreal, specifically in its fashion, gourmet cuisine, and entertainment and music genres. Stroll through a maze of quaint alleyways and cafes down the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal; check out the contemporary museum or the lush botanical garden. Relish on the well-known Montréal poutine and bagels and sweet maple syrup delights such as tire d’érable.

11. Tides in New Brunswick

New Brunswick boasts the highest tides in the world on the shore of the Bay of Fundy Low tide beaches of the seas flood in 100 billion tons of seawater twice a day to expose amazing floors of large forests and cliffs. Especially for whales during their migration, visit Fundy National Park to engage in the incredible tidal bore rafting events as well as animal viewing.

12. Banff / Jasper / Yoho / Kootenay / Banff / Glacier (Alberta / British Columbia)

You could travel the Rockies indefinitely from glacial icefields to untamed valleys and turquoise lakes. Train the Rocky Mountaineer over Jasper and Banff, then spend an overnight in a secluded backcountry lodge skiing, hiking, white-water rafting, and bear-watching.

13. Parliament Hill (Ottawa, Ontario)

See the sights and sounds of the nation by visiting the capital, which is the Parliament buildings on the Ottawa River shoreline. Appreciating the attention to detail of the Gothic revival-style structures embossed with more than 300 stone sculptures, take a free guided tour to see Canada's House of Commons and Senate in action. See the amazing Changing of the Guard, which accompanies the arrival or departure of the Governor General, at the palace early morning or late afternoon.

14. Churchill (Manitoba)

From October to November, Polar Bears can easily seen in the town of Churchill in the province of Manitoba on Hudson Bay. Booking a tundra buggy day trip would be the ideal way to see these amazing creatures as they wait for the winter's ice to start forming.

15. Prince Edward Island

Beautiful lighthouses, covered bridges, and mouth-watering seafood lure tourists to explore the province’s rounded-off horses and yielding farmland interior. Stroll through the countryside of Green Gables at Cavendish, PEI, or have a swing at some of the best golf courses in Atlantic Canada in the province overlooking the red sand beaches of the Northumberland Strait.

There are ten provinces and three territories that offer vibrant cities, stunning landscapes, and sick attractions to tour in Canada for different kinds of tourists. These 15 places which are only the tip of the iceberg give an insight into why Canada is a preferred tourist destination in the world.