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15 Best Tourist Attractions in Spain

Spain is one of the most favourite countries for tourists as it offers the best conditions for travelling – warm climate, hospitable people, interesting sightseeing, rich food and fascinating festivals. If you’re planning a trip to Spain, here are the 15 best places and attractions you shouldn’t miss:

1. La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)

This impressive building located in Barcelona, Spain, is one of the most important Roman Catholic minor basilicas in the world and construction is still ongoing; it was designed by architect Antoni Gaudí. These architectural marvels and creative carvings make this cathedral one of the most popular destinations in the country with more than 3 million people visiting it annually.

2. Alhambra, Granada

This fantastically decorated castle and palace with a rich garden and yard zone is the unique monument of the highly developed Nasrid kingdom in the XIII-XIV centuries. It targets over 2.5 million visitors per year.

3. Park Güell (Barcelona)

Another park created by Gaudí, this beautiful park and its structures and mosaics are colorful and one can get the great view of Barcelona from here. The grand focal point of this floor is the immense mosaic bench running along the sides of the Hypostyle Room.

4. Museo Nacional Del Prado – Madrid:

One of the most famous and renowned art museums that exist in the world the Prado Museum boasts an incredibly outstanding collection of European art which includes works of artists such as Velázquez, Goya and Greco. Some of its well-known works include “Las Meninas” and “The Garden of Earthly Delights”.

5. La Rambla (Barcelona)

This is a pedestrian avenue measuring one and a half kms that passes through the city’s business district and starts from the Plaça de Catalunya to the statue of Christopher Columbus at the port. It has always been lively, filled with various street performers, markets, and shops.

6. Roman Aqueduct in Segovia

This ancient construction is a great-looking example of Roman engineering; it is 1,602 meters long and has 166 arches at its greatest altitude. The roofs of the cathedral are accessible to the public and you can even walk along the top to see the stunning views of Segovia old town.

7. Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba

This cathedral is a Catholic church which had a mosque included in it and dates back to the period of over 1200 years. This is easily one of the most beautiful buildings in Spain: Rows of candy cane striped arches will enthral you.

8. Santiago de Compostela Cathedral (Galicia)

Home to the relics of St James, the apostle, this magnificent cathedral is the third most significant Christian shrine after Jerusalem and Rome and the ending point of the famous Camino trails.

9. Plaza Mayor – Madrid

The central plaza of Madrid was constructed to have 3-storied structures with iron works balconies, painted exterior and numerous restaurants and shopping centers. New Year’s Eve people go to the place!

10. Royal Palace of Madrid

Currently serving as the official royal residence in Spain, this palace has 3,000 plus rooms and has a collection of more than twenty stradivarius violins. The Throne Room and the Royal Armoury are the must-see attractions of the Hermitage.

11. Alcázar of Seville

It is a redoubt with Islamic ornaments and delightful gardens originally built as a Moorish fort that is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. One of the interesting spots is the so-called Courtyard of the Maidens with a sunken garden and baths.

12. Museo Guggenheim, (Bilbao)

This is a modern museum for contemporary art located along the Nervión River and is designed by Frank Gehry in steel, glass, stone and titanium resembling a ship. The looks of the building are one of its attractions: it is an amazing example of architecture.

13. Park of the Three Cultures (Toledo)

On the bank of the Tagus River, this park is situated on the top of a hill with a bird’s eye view of the famous city of Toledo, which is dominated by the Alcazar fortress and the Gothic cathedral. Christians, Muslims, and Jews are three cultures represented in Toledo as the disclosure of the city’s multi-ethnical background.

14. Basílica de la Sagrada Família (Valencia)

This cathedral is also gothic in architecture and with a height of fifty meters in its towers and a number of sculptures over the façade, the church is equally magnificent as the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona though not as popular as the latter.

15. Las Fallas Festival (Valencia)

A colorful event and the most popular festival in Valencia, celebrated each year in March, Las Fallas includes fireworks, music, contests in preparing paellas, and dance performances as well as parades. Its feature is the event called ‘burning of effigies’ in form of colorful and creative papier-mâché figures that depict different jokes.

Featuring over 300 museums, numerous royal castles, sunny coastlines, beautiful islands, wonderful hiking trails and active night life Spain does not let you remain indifferent. Even if one stays within the confines of the outlined tourist attractions, just walking around would reveal adorable little villages and beautiful nature every now and then. It is clear that Spain has something to offer for anyone who would like to visit the country, as the variety across the region is immense, ranging from dynamic cities to relaxed island atmosphere.