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8 Union Territories in India You Must Explore

India is home to states and UTs. There are eight union territories and 29 states. Although most of the political systems and tourist attractions in India fit the definition of states, union territories also abound. Still to be explored, these little areas are quite provocative in terms of their cultural, historical, and environmental significance. From French colonial cities to immaculate islands, these are the top eight union territories in India you should add to your trip agenda: From French colonial cities to immaculate islands, these are the top eight union territories in India you should check off on your travel bucket list:

1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

This group of 572 islands is situated in the Bay of Bengal and is surrounded by warm waters and tropical landscapes. Featuring white sand beaches, dense jungles, colorful coral outcrops, and indigenous population, the Andaman Islands provide the most exotic isolated island. Some of the best tourist spots are swimming through the stunning coral reefs in Havelock Island, watching the exotic birds in Chidiya Tapu Bird Sanctuary, and visiting the Jarawa tribe. Certainly do not leave without taking a breathtaking sunset ferry ride or a quick seafood dinner at a nearby coastal restaurant.

2. Chandigarh

Much has been said and written about the organization and architectural style of Chandigarh; it is one of the first planned cities in independent India. It was planned by the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier, many of the buildings are constructed in a modernist style, and wide green lawns and tree avenues give the city an aesthetic look. Some of the famous places of interest are also Open Hand Monument, the Rock Garden which is a site of concrete folk art, the High Court building having an architectural resemblance to the temple or Mount Kailash, and Sukhna Lake where one can go boating. Being a union territory and the capital of two states, Chandigarh bears the cosmopolitan outlook.

3. Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu

Though not very large, both these union territories have great beauty value and are located between Maharashtra and Gujarat. Discover nature; situated in Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Satmalia Wildlife Sanctuary presents an opportunity to see foliage, waterfalls, and hilltop views. In the same vein, Daman can be a great place to enjoy virgin beaches, explore the Portuguese architectural wonders, and relish the seafood by the Arabian Sea. You will find a lot to explore in Portuguese ruins, forts, churches, homes, and idyllic coasts.

4. Delhi

Delhi is an interesting city which is the capital of India and here guests can find both monumental complexes of early periods and contemporary Indian metropolis. Starting with Qutub Minar, tombs of Mughal emperors, and India Gate Delhi represent histories of old Islamic dynasties. On the other hand, get a feel of the street side at Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi or gourmet eating at some of the new age cafes in New Delhi. Bearing imposing structures arching across centuries, Delhi delivers a potent perspective of the country’s history and destiny.

5. Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is situated in the Himalayas where you get to see wonderful mountain terrains and settings. Ladakh does offer beautiful and adventurous sightseeing opportunities such as crossing high altitude passes, sightseeing at the beautiful and famous Pangong Tso, a lake of the color the name suggests turquoise blue, and visiting beautiful monasteries popularly known as gompas and belonging to the sect of Tibetan Buddhism. On the other hand, you can either cruise on Dal Lake in a houseboat or for those who prefer Winter holidays, skiing on the snow-clad slopes of Gulmarg. Woolen clothing worn by men, women, and children or traveling to rural areas or the mountains or the houseboat or Mughal Gardens or the delicious local food uncontrived being or the incredibly beautiful locales of J&K further rejuvenate the soul.

6. Lakshadweep

: If you’re searching for a deserted island experience then Lakshadweep is the right place for you. This is a 36-island coral formation of overgrown vegetation, aqua waters, and honeymooner appeal in the form of coconut palm trees and warm seas teeming with fish. Swim with colorful corals of fish, paddle away in the largest blue Lagoon House of Bangaram Island, or enjoy an over-water house with a view of shooting stars. No longer are fishermen drowning in the sea while the fish outnumber them; Lakshadweep offers an exquisite vacation.

7. Puducherry

One of the most beautiful destinations, seducing tourists with its French colonial architecture, Puducherry, or Pondicherry as it is more famously known, has an unmistakable European influence. Take a walk on the seafront, view the elegant houses built in the XVIIIth century painted in soft colors, or visit the perfect gardens. With Puducherry being considered an international spiritual capital, the place is further laced with yoga centers, spiritual leaders, and ashrams. Discover the wondrous setting that vacillates from serene moments of introspection to the overcrowded markets.

8. Goa

Popular for its coconut-lined shores, fish curries, and beachside bars to DJ-fuelled raves on the sand, Goa is irresistible for its echoes of colonial Portugal and its trance-inducing coastlines. Sunbathe at famous beaches such as Calangute, and Miramar, or enjoy a solitude trip at Agonda beaches. Onshore, explore the beautiful and richly decorated churches or go through the spices and cloves plantations. From tasting feni liquors to enjoying hippie bazaar shopping, Goa hooks the tourist with its catchy, carefree tempo.

Apart from the rich natural and historical heritage, many of the union territories of India are self-sufficient to the extent of tourism impacting the locals. Thus, start an off-the-track journey over these distinct locations for some marvelous experiences. So let their natural and pure beauty awaken the spirit of the discovery within you.