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10 Best Vacation Places in Texas for Families

Texas being a massive state is rich in its geographical features, fun places, and things to do that would make it a perfect holiday trip for families. Whether one is interested in sandy shores and waves, rocky terrains and snow, concrete jungles and villages, or green fields and trees, forests and hills, there are many exciting places to visit. 

1. Galveston Island

The island is home to Galveston with 32 miles of beaches along the Gulf Coast where tourists can engage in swimming, building sandcastles, fishing as well as sunbathing. Some of the landmarks include the downtown Strand neighborhood which comprises Victorian-age buildings with shops and restaurants. Moody Gardens is an educational place for amusement with aquariums and the pyramid of rainforest, a discovery museum, a 4-D theater, and many more. There are also history and heritage, cruises, and resort accommodations with water parks for families.

2. San Antonio

Among the most frequented family-friendly attractions in Texas, San Antonio has the River Walk, the Alamodome, Sea World San Antonio, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, outstanding museums, and fine dining restaurants. See the river on a boat, stroll the amazing San Antonio River Walk, and check out stores and restaurants. Families may spend valuable time studying history, science, wildlife, culture, etc. at the museums and parks set throughout the city.

3. South Padre Island

The Gulf Coast has many beaches, particularly those of South Padre Island, which include beautiful white sand and the saltwater is safely fit for young children. Families may engage in fun beach activities like swimming, sand castle building, sea shell finding, kite flying, and boat excursions to see dolphins among others. The Sea Turtle Rescue Center is one of the significant establishments offering knowledge on the protection of sea turtles. It contains opulent beachside resorts with swimming pools, kids clubs and other leisure activities, rental apartment buildings, and camping areas.

4. Austin

Families can find excellent value in Texas' energetic capital as it boasts many museums like the Bullock Texas State History Museum and the Thinkery Children's Museum. Comprising beautiful gardens and paths for guests to explore, the family-friendly Wildflower Center is For leisure activities like kayaking, and Lake Austin may be perfect. Children should be taken out for Austin's famous night events like concerts and barbecues.

5. Fort Worth

Whereas the modern and progressive Dallas can be identified with its technology and culture, Fort Worth is all cowboy with attractions like the Stockyards National Historic District, Exchange Avenue cattle drives, rodeos, and the Cowgirl Museum. The Fort Worth Zoo is really exciting and the Museum of Science and History is a nice place to visit with kids and their parents. The attractions of Sundance Square include brick-paved roads, shops, eating establishments, and a children’s playing field.

6. Houston

Houston Space Center is one of the most visited children's attractions in Texas – Space Center Houston offers the experience of NASA visiting with kids with the chance to see astronauts training. The Children’s Museum of Houston, the Museum of Natural Science, and the zoo are also worth visiting according to the majority. Near Houston, families find entertainment in paddling or fishing in Lake Houston.

7. Schlitterbahn Water Parks

Schlitterbahn water parks in New Braunfels and Galveston are among the most revered water parks in the United States, featuring Niki’s Waterpark & Resort, Kahuna Lagoon wave pool, Torrent River, The Master Blaster Uphill Roller Coaster, Family Racer Mat Racer Water slides, water tubes, beaches and splash pads. Children enjoy riding through the river, especially if they use tubes to do so. Adjacent to it, families can also enjoy the Guadalupe River by taking a ride on floating devices.

8. Guadalupe Mountains National Park

For those families who are eager to travel and explore, they can go hiking in one of the most stunning mountains, canyons, and desert national parks. One of the most famous cliffs is El Capitan which is the second largest monolith in the United States after Half Dome in Yosemite Park. Children will also have fun noting down different animals such as roadrunners, jackrabbits, deer, and over 300 species of birds within the park besides the brilliant night skies.

9. Fredericksburg

This is a historic Hill Country town that was originally settled by Germans, and that is why it has retained a German flavor in everything, from the architecture to the festivals, and the food. Apart from picking seasonal fruits directly from the farms, families can also tour through caves and nature trails, take a dip in the water pools or engage in mini-golf, savor some delicious bakery products, have a taste of German delicacies, and be part of entertaining seasonal activities.

10. Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park may be slightly less well-known compared to some of the other places but it has staggering landscapes, activities, and things to do which make it an excellent destination for a family vacation. Some fun activities that can be done for kids of all ages include; going white water rafting down the Rio Grande River, hiking to Chisos Basin for bird watching and wildlife, camping in the night, and looking at fossils. It also allows for a very isolated area which means that the stars at night are not hindered by light from artificial light sources.

And, of course, you can have fun on the sea enjoying the sunny weather and the beaches and amusement parks, visiting the great cities with numerous museums, camping or, if you prefer, spending your vacation in a luxurious resort. The large land area of Texas means that every time one gets into the car they can travel and discover something new on the next trip. Any of these destinations will be a fun trip for the family if parents can plan some variation in the driving times, kids’ ages, and interests.


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