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8 Waterfalls in Maui for a Refreshing Dip

Maui has many waterfalls that make for great swimming spots as the temperatures continue to rise during the summer. Swimming in the waterfall is also good for combating the heat and getting in touch with nature. Here is a list of 8 more recommended Maui waterfalls that you can swim in to refresh your spirit and body.

1. Twin Falls

Twin Falls is also one of the great waterfalls in Maui for swimming which is easy to access. Hana Highway: Another great place is located near the parking lot at the end of the trail which leads to the lower pool, it will only take 10 minutes through the bamboo forest. There is a large pool that that is suitable for swimming as it is deep however the water flow after a downpour of rain may be very strong so be careful. If one feels like a more extended walk there are many other cascading sections and mini pools above. Some rocks have become loose and you’ll find them beneath the ledge of the waterfall where you can swim.

2. Puohokamoa Falls

Fall, 30-foot-high waterfalls are situated in the Puohokamoa Canoe area, and the waterfalls can either be approached through the shore or one can jump down into the pool from the cliffs. It is recommended when it is early in the morning with no people around to disturb the natural scenery. A swimmer can go as deep as he or she wants since the pool is very deep, especially under the waterfall. Due to the height, one should not jump straight into the water from up and above without having to look into depth first.

3. Waihee Ridge Waterfalls

You have to put some extra effort into getting there as it is located at the top of Waihee Ridge over uneven and muddy 4WD roads but the swimming that can be done in the waterfalls located in the middle of the jungle is priceless. Several waterfalls can be found along the streams within the Waihee Valley and the highest, perhaps, drops over fifty feet into beautiful clear waters and lush greenery. Due to the seclusion, you will most probably be the only one at these falls below which is quite an advantage to whoever will be visiting them.

4. Pipiwai Trail Falls

There is a famous Pipiwai Trail which hikers get to enjoy several cascades and Falls to swim in and the 400 feet Waimoku Falls. Some of the other waterfalls that are less crowded include, The Makahiku Falls and the Waiokamilo Falls where you can swim under the waterfalls and get enchanted by the water falling on you. Largely due to the distance to Waimoku Falls (4 miles roundtrip), many fewer visitors get there and can enjoy the waterfall alone.

5. Venus Pool

Located far from the crowded touristic places, down a bumpy dirt road beyond Hana, this alluring and serene pool/ waterfall known as Venus Pool is named after the Roman goddess Venus as she would invite you to take a dip in the cool blue waters of this pool. There is a short 10-minute hike to reach this point, although you do stand a chance of having to go through the muddy section after a rain shower. Due to its isolated environment, no shirt swimming is considered the norm but please use your best judgment.

6. Waianapanapa State Park

One of the beautiful black sand beaches in Maui is situated in the Waianapanapa State Park and there is a thrilling announcement – there is a cave in this site with a tiny tropical waterfall and pool called Hana Lava Tube. Going swimming is fun on its own and doing it in a lava tube makes the experience even more interesting. It is recommended to approach the area of the waterfall chamber with care when wading through the cave section. This is because early in the morning the watery environment is less cloudy, and the number of people who will be there is less than in the mid-morning or afternoons.

7. Located in the heart of Puaa Kaa State Wayside Waterfall

Its easy accessibility means it can easily be accessed by one, especially for a quick swim when at this Road to Hana waterfall fed by this creek. The water is not deep but the place is perfect for couples and a good place for hide and seek under the 15-foot waterfall-like water spout. This also makes for an easy, last, or first stop for refreshment when on the way to or from Hana especially during early morning or during late evening for better picture taking.

8. Hanawi Falls

Hanawi Falls requires crossing small streams and walking through thick vegetation; nonetheless, it offers stunning scenery and one of the most unique and secluded waterfall pools. Nestled in the shadow of the gargantuan Haleakala on the island of Maui, be prepared to get lost among other less famous falls before finding themselves at the highest level. One can also rappel from above and take the ultimate plunge of the cliff jump of over 50 feet into the pool, which is waiting above.

In conclusion, Maui has so much to offer regarding enjoying the feel of water in a natural setting by becoming one with the waterfalls and oases spread across the island. From small stones by the roadside where people can simply park their car and have a bath in a waterfall to the ones which are located in the thick deep jungle where one has to go through thick forests to get to a waterfall, let your physical and spiritual self be renewed under some of Hawaii’s splendid falling waters. If one goes to the tropical paradise they must feel the ‘float’ in the Maui waterfall at least once in their lifetime!


Who should use this guide?

This guide is perfect for tourists, adventure seekers, nature lovers, and anyone planning to visit Maui and experience its natural beauty.

What criteria were used to select the waterfalls in this guide?

The waterfalls were selected based on their accessibility, beauty, swim-ability, safety, and popularity among visitors.

Does the guide include information on how to get to each waterfall?

Yes, the guide provides detailed directions and tips on how to reach each waterfall, including nearby landmarks, hiking trails, and parking information.

Are there recommendations for nearby accommodations?

The guide includes suggestions for accommodations close to the featured waterfalls, ranging from budget options to luxury resorts.

Does the guide cover activities available at each waterfall?

Yes, the guide highlights popular activities at each location, such as swimming, picnicking, hiking, and photography.