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9 Best Waterfalls in Puerto Rico for an Adventure-Filled Getaway!

This island is blessed with exquisite tropical rainforests, high mountains, and beautiful waterfalls that make it very perfect for an adventurous vacation. Ranging from stunning falls that drop directly into clear waters within El Yunque National Forest to hidden gem falls found in Puerto Rico’s rugged interior here are the nine best waterfalls to consider adding to your list.

1. La Coca Falls

With a height of nearly 85 feet and dropping into a picturesque lagoon, La Coca Falls in the El Yunque National Forest is one of the best waterfalls in Puerto Rico. The waterfall is not far from the road and there is an easy trail of about 0.3 miles that takes one through the forest. Foreseeing amid mango trees with sunlight filtering through the trees, the forceful waterfall, and the rock pond which makes a great place to take a bath during sultry weather. It will be helpful to wear water shoes to protect your feet on wet surfaces.

2. Salto Doña Juana

Having a height of 230 meters and a width of 30 meters, Salto Doña Juana is an awesome waterfall to consider when hiking within the Toro Negro State Forest. A 1-mile trail through the forest provides ample opportunity to get the best view of the powerful waterfall as it falls on a pool of water. One of the highest on the island, it is quite easy to reach the area and the direct view of Salto Doña Juana, the raw power of the waterfall.

3. Charco Azul

Located in the middle part of Puerto Rico in Guilarte State Forest, Charco Azul is a true fairy tale place. Here, several waterfalls are small and covered by vegetation then flow down to the clear water channels suitable for swimming and snorkeling. The 0.5-mile trek takes place in the thick foliage of the forest and bamboo stands before emerging to a pristine waterfall.
The 0.5-mile trail leads through the thick forest and bamboo thickets to reach the area of the gorgeous waterfall. Compared to its counterparts, Charco Azul is not that popular hence one feels very much at home and takes time to marvel at the natural wonders around.

4. La Mina Falls

Featuring beautiful water that is knee-deep to almost 50 feet into a swimmer-friendly pool La Mina Falls in El Yunque National Forest is a true tropical paradise. The waterfall is set a little over half a kilometer from the La Mina Trailhead via a level trail that runs parallel to a river and crosses four bridges. Families and even toddlers love taking a dip under the force of the gushing water as it hits the water on that part of the pool. It is thus rather easy to understand why the La Mina Falls area is always crowded, partly perhaps because it is easy to access and the scenery is very photogenic.

5. Juan Diego Falls

Located on the slopes of the Carite Forest, the Juan Diego Falls seem to leap out of the ground, which is not a surprise since they are two falls in one. Two elegant waterfalls with a height of around 29 feet each into a serene pool of water surrounded by large rocks add to the beauty of this place and can be best enjoyed for swimming and jumping off the cliffs. Juan Diego Falls is located close to the Guavate Recreational Area, where one can reach it by a ten-minute walk. It is located off the beaten path and attracts far fewer visitors than other waterfalls that are found in the region.

6. Salto Curet

Salto Curet consists of three drops where the final one is the largest measuring about 79 feet in height and it opens out into a beautiful swimming pool in the Maricao State Forest. A short 1.2-mile-long hiking trail full of dense trees will lead you to the remote location of the waterfall where you are likely to be alone from the heave you are used to. Here it is possible to appreciate the element of the natural greatness as the water flows through the waterfall the rocks of which are overgrown with the tropical greenery and then falling into the pool of the clearest water.

7. Salto Bauta

In the Maricao State Forest there is another waterfall called Salto Bauta with a height of 98 ft and falling into a clear pool of water embraced by large rocks. Arriving at the falls takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour hike, a distance of 2 ½ miles, with slight elevation amidst beautiful forest land inhabited by Virgin Islands native orchids. The rewards for your efforts will include a pristine pool where no other tourist but you can swim and the stunning spectacle of water gushing over the cliffs below.

8. Salto Jacinto

It is a beautiful waterfall that tumbles from over 100 feet through a narrow rocky chasm, and even more spectacular after a few days of rain. To get to this waterfall, a very steep 1.3 km trail is situated in the Caribbean National Forest in Puerto Rico; the hike leads through the rainforest before opening up to the 26-meter high cascade. Complementing that, Salto Jacinto offers you a much-deserved view of the Puerto Rican wilderness, full of tropical foliage that you would not expect to find in any tropical paradise.

9. Gozalandia Waterfall

Going for about 45 minutes from San Sebastian city, visitors discover Gozalandia, an incredible 11-waterfall site for swimming and cliff-diving. The Main Falls consist of several clear pools over cascades formed by waterfalls about 20 feet high surrounded by foliage. People like to swim beneath a cascading flow, leap from the neighboring stones into clear water depths, and sunbathe on the warmed-up rocks. Thanks to its great looks and a relatively close location to Azua, Gozalandia meets the needs of any waterfall fetishist.

Puerto Rico is replete with rainforests, mountains, and waterfalls, which are all located in abundance and make one’s journey an adventurous ride. From the popular La Coca to the less well-known Charco Azul, the waterfalls of Puerto Rico mentioned in this guide will be the ideal way to spend a couple of hours admiring nature, while cooling off on a hot summer day during your vacation in Puerto Rico. Leaving your water shoes behind? Then go ahead and take the plunge!


What are some of the best waterfalls to visit in Puerto Rico?

Some of the best waterfalls in Puerto Rico include La Mina Falls, Gozalandia Falls, La Coca Falls, Charco Azul, Doña Juana Waterfall, Juan Diego Falls, Salto Curet, Las Delicias Falls, and El Charco Frio.

What is special about La Mina Falls?

La Mina Falls, located in El Yunque National Forest, is one of the most popular waterfalls in Puerto Rico. It features a 35-foot cascade and is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, making it a picturesque spot for swimming and hiking.

What can I see at Gozalandia Falls?

Gozalandia Falls, located in San Sebastian, is known for its two-tiered falls and natural swimming holes. It’s a great spot for swimming, cliff jumping, and exploring the surrounding nature trails.

What is notable about La Coca Falls?

La Coca Falls is easily accessible from the main road in El Yunque National Forest and features a 85-foot cascade over a rocky outcrop. It’s a great photo spot and provides a beautiful backdrop for visitors.

What makes Charco Azul unique?

Charco Azul, located in the Carite Forest, is known for its beautiful blue pool at the base of the waterfall. It’s a serene spot for swimming and relaxing in the natural surroundings.