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Top 16 Waterfalls in Seattle: Your Guide to Cascading Adventures

It is surrounded by a natural skyline including mountains, forests waterfalls, and other beautiful sceneries. As snow from the nearby mountains melts and flows down streams and through the covered hillsides the Emerald City and the surrounding areas contain some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Washington.

On this list, find the easy hikes to the waterfalls within a short drive from downtown and the challenging treks to the precipices hidden within the old-growth forests, the best waterfalls around Seattle for a refreshing outdoor adventure.

1. Snoqualmie Falls

Among all the waterfalls around Seattle, Snoqualmie Falls is one of the most famous and picturesque; its stream is impressive by its power – 268 feet of a granite cliff. Situated at a mere 25 miles from Seattle, the mountain is always reachable by car if you want to come straight up to the observation deck or if you prefer to walk up the trails.

2. Wallace Falls

Still today, the Wallace Falls State Park has incredibly good trails for hiking while offering views of the multiple stages of the falls, with a total height of 265 feet. The main overlook is only a 1.5-mile trail, longer ones lead to the base of the falls. Through trees, more stunning views of Wallace Creek Falls tumbling down a cliff of rocks are displayed.

3. Franklin Falls

Located to the east of Seattle, Franklin Falls is another favorite among hikers; it cascades through 135 feet of a silvery waterfall. A 4.5-mile round trip trail that begins in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest features breathtaking scenes of the scenic falls set among greenish cliffs.

4. Twin Falls

A more leisurely nature trail of 2.6 miles is Olallie Creek where hikers are treated to an old-growth forest with skunk cabbage, trilliums, and ferns, and the Twin Falls which is described as heavenly. It is usually crowded by families and even young children can also be able to do some activities in this part of the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest.

5. Bridal Veil Falls

As its name implies, beautiful Bridal Veil Falls looks more like a beautiful fishing line with a length of approximately 140 feet, moving down alongside a cliff with vines. It is one and a half miles away and reachable by a leisurely trek along a creek on the sides of which there are thick ferns and cedars.

6. Weeks Falls

Tumbling down a slippery mossy wall in Riverside Park in North Bend, the thin strands of Weeks Falls are just right for a soap opera or a picnic. Gazebos and short pedestrian pathways extend from the park’s hiking trails to the back of the 20-foot waterfall to take pictures backed by foliage.

7. Snow Creek Falls

Stretching 300 feet vertically through the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Snow Creek Falls can be found residing in the heart of Washington after backpackers navigate an 8-mile trek. Located near the town of Snoqualmie, access the waterfall from the trailhead of the same name.

8. Comet Falls

Comet Falls descends 422 feet and ranks as one of Washington state’s largest waterfalls, and has a thin appearance and drops over 200 feet per its namesake, a comet. One of the most frequently used trails is the one starting at Sunrise, which is a visitor area of Mt. Rainier, and the trail is 5.9 kilometers long.

9. Narada Falls

Located in Mt. Rainier National Park, the overlook for the stunning and powerful 176-foot Narada Falls is paved and just a short walk from the Paradise visitor area – the waterfall appears striking against the backdrop of bright, clear ice. To get closer one has to descend a steep trail of 0.75 miles with lookout areas behind the fall.

10. Carter Falls

Carter Falls: located in Okanogan National Forest, this waterfall is most accessible by a 2-mile hike with an elevation gain of more than 1000′; the 320′ falls tumble down a cliff face covered in lush green foliage, mossy columns, and layers of intricate tiered waterfalls. The scenes are shot in the real Pacific Northwest which is nothing less than a paradise.

11. Johnson Creek Falls

This remarkable waterfall is situated in Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and one has to undertake a 4-mile hike through a subalpine valley to get to these falls. This feature cascades down the abandoned Yellow Aster Butte Mine through a tiered system of chutes and horsetails that make up Johnson Creek Falls.

12. Deception Falls

Tourists who want to visit Deception Pass State Park along Highway 2, for instance, can just cross the bridge that offers a view of the scenic 180-foot Deception Falls. Whirling in creamy white foam beneath the well-known two-lane bridge over the island-studded pass, the falls are always breathtaking.

13. Lewis River Falls

In Mt. Rainier National Park and hiking in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, one will get to experience the views of the region with the 55-foot Lewis River Falls and trails involving hiking on ferns old growth forest and over log blankets for 5 miles long. This is a short easy walk that gets one down to river level to witness the falls plunge through a small steep-sided canyon.

14. McClellan Butte Falls

Located in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, McClellan Butte Falls is a somewhat challenging hike that demands a steep 2-mile climb up with a gain of over 1,500 feet, which means that the waterfall remains relatively hidden. After crossing the Suiattle River on a steep switchback, it will reach the brilliant 275-foot falls plunging over an open cliff; the best place for a picnic.

15. Nooksack Falls

A beautiful waterfall of the South Fork Nooksack River is seen from the roadway; many photos can be taken from the car, peeping through the trees. Or park and go for a walk down to the 180 feet of horsetail falls there are well-maintained trails and resting platforms.

16. Sulphide Falls

Another unpopular Sulphide Falls is situated 27 miles away from Seattle and is enjoyable to hike the nature trail to see 60-foot Sulphide Creek Falls. Located in Rock Creek Park, it is not a popular attraction for the large crowds that flock to be captivated by the yellow, orange, and brown tints of the exposed minerals of rocks alongside the waterfall.

Seattle, Washington is teeming with waterfalling options, ranging from easy hikes to multi-day treks, so you can chase the natural splendor of the region’s best waterfalls. Thus, following the climatic changes of glaciers and snowfields of these rivers, waterfalls around Seattle have the benefit of enjoying immortality. The entertainment never stops and they invite you to spend time with them any season.


What should I know before visiting Deception Falls?

Deception Falls features an easy, short trail with impressive waterfall views. It’s a family-friendly destination with easy access and beautiful scenery.

What makes Gold Creek Falls a great spot?

Gold Creek Falls is located in the Gold Creek Campground area. It offers a short and easy trail with lovely waterfall views, making it a great spot for a quick visit.

What can I expect from Franklin Falls?

Franklin Falls is known for its 70-foot waterfall and accessible 2-mile round trip hike. It’s popular in winter for its frozen waterfalls and scenic winter landscape.

What is the Mount Si Waterfall hike like?

Mount Si Waterfall is a challenging hike with a beautiful waterfall at the end. The hike is about 8 miles round trip with significant elevation gain, rewarding hikers with impressive views and a picturesque waterfall.

What is the appeal of Lake 22 Waterfall?

Lake 22 Waterfall is located at the end of the 5.4-mile round trip Lake 22 Trail. The waterfall and alpine lake offer stunning views and a moderately challenging hike.