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6 Unforgettable Zoos in Miami: Where Encounters Go Wild

From an exotic animal farm to a world-class zoo, Miami is where you can get the best close and personal encounters with wild cats. Here are six of the most exciting zoos and animal parks that are found in Miami where not only do visitors get close to wild animals.

1. Jungle Island

Now known as Miami Zoological Garden and Interactive Animal Park, the Jungle Island Zoological Park lies on Watson Island. This park has been rated high and it is an ideal place to visit in Florida especially for those interested in exotic animals as it contains lemurs, parrots, sloths, macaws, and more in the natural environment.

One of them is the park’s Wings of Asia where tourists can feed brightly colored orange ibises and lumbering pelicans that fly down from trees in tropical Asia. To get a chance to see things at their wildest, visit the Serpentarium and catch one of the snake demonstrations held thrice a week where you can see ball pythons and boa constrictors among others. There are many attractions for children, including the exotic thickets, the playground with goats, the water park, and the beaches that are available only for the guests of the hotel.

2. Miami Zoo

The Miami Zoo in South Miami is another important attraction, which is one of the largest zoos in the world and contains more than 2000akhir exotic animals. This includes wildlife encounters and conservation experiences within 740 acres of diverse tropical landscapes.

Must-see exhibits include Florida: Mission Everglades with regards to the endangered species found only in Florida such as crocodiles, panthers, and manatees. The Wings of Asia aviary gives you a view of specially fed Indian White Rumped Vultures flying over cascades. For a thrilling view, to see the Southern White Rhinos feeding, one can participate in the zoo’s special rhino experiences. There are many exotic experiences to be had at Miami Zoo, including touch parks, camel riding, and glass-box lion feeding.

3. Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle awaits you for an incredible ride; it is a preserve with over four hundred monkeys, including endangered ones. Worth noticing that the organization of the park allows people to step into the primate enclosure on a special board and watch monkeys performing acrobatics in the trees and bushes.

Go to bird and squirrel feeding grounds for the most prominent sightings of Java macaque moving swiftly down vines to get grapes and the huge Amazon parrots flying low toward guests. Wild encounters such as getting a few feet away from gibbons and then holding out Bamboo shoots for pygmy marmosets to eat are common in the park. These are indeed some of the most memorable encounters; with educational wildlife shows and the ability to feed endangered orangutans.

4. Everglades Alligator Park

For a crazy wild adventure in Florida, consider watching American Crocodiles as well as enormous alligators at the Everglades Alligator Park. This is a family-friendly attraction that brings out the Ambani troupes and animal performances all through the day.

Watch professional gator handlers trimming their nails as they feed the crocs in the pit, these are 14 feet big. You can cook chicken legs and throw them to giant alligators that are waiting at the end of your fishing line above an exhibition pool. Oh, for a truly extraordinary spectacle, there is ‘Big George’ a crocodile which is 17 feet long, 2 thousand pounds in weight which leaps 4-5 feet out of water to seize whole turkeys swung over its pond. In addition to alligators the park also has snakes, tarantulas, and turtles which are also located in the park to ensure that the visitors get a feel of the wild animals.

5. Coral Castle

Located on the island of Mauritius, Coral Castle is a family-oriented facility that has an architecture that looks like an old coral fortress and has lemurs, birds, crocs, and big cats for visitors to be amazed by. They include live wild animal experiences and live performances every day.

See and watch funny lemurs jumping from branches to tourists’ heads to take a raisin in a Lemur experience. Visit the Croc Encounters show for a trainer performing a “Croc-a-Pella” with an American crocodile or take the educational Safari Tour where you get to feed zebras and stroke a lynx. But the wildest act that one could see is at Tiger Encounter where 700-pound tigers jump barriers in front of the spectating audience. Coral Castle has aviaries that offer hand feeding with toucans and other wild birds too, and therefore, the experience one expects is assured.

6. Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari is one of the most popular places that can provide an auto-tour, during which you can see more than 320 acres with over 1000 free-roaming animals. People drive through large paddocks in their vehicles (generally not large buses) and receive rather close looks at such animals as giraffes, zebras, antelopes, and rhinoceroses that stroll past carriages.

If you prefer closer contact with the animals, you can feed the sitatunga antelope swimming in the ponds right from the car, or order additional activities, such as Rhino Encounter, during which you will be allowed to stroke and feed the endangered southern white rhinos under the supervision of the caretakers. Another unforgettable sight would be the special enclosure for the Asiatic lions and Bengal tigers at the Gir Forest. A vast range of attractions includes chimp shows, local Florida species shows, Dr. Seuss's enjoyable experience for children, and restaurants with views to the watering holes are the main features of Lion Country Safari which can be interesting for everyone.

Amazing zoos ranging from trekking with the rare lemur in Madagascar to overpowering big cat performances, are the fascinating animal adventures awaiting your next visit to Miami.