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Kuwait Tour Packages

About Kuwait Tourism

Welcome to the enchanting world of Kuwait, where tradition meets modernity and the past dances gracefully with the present. Immerse yourself in the allure of Kuwait with our meticulously crafted #Kuwait Tour Packages. Discover a destination where golden deserts seamlessly blend with azure coastlines, offering an unparalleled experience that lingers in the heart.

In Kuwait, the journey is not just a trip; it's a narrative of rich history and a celebration of diverse cultures. Explore the warmth of Kuwaiti hospitality as you traverse the labyrinthine souks, savouring the aroma of exotic spices and indulging in traditional delicacies. Our Kuwait tour packages promise an odyssey filled with awe-inspiring landscapes and the echoes of a bygone era.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Kuwait

  1. Kuwait Towers: Iconic landmarks dominate the skyline, offering panoramic views of the city and the Arabian Gulf.
  2. Failaka Island is an archaeological treasure trove where remnants of ancient civilizations unfold against the backdrop of serene beaches.
  3. Grand Mosque: A majestic architectural marvel, blending traditional Islamic design with modern aesthetics, provides a serene space for reflection.
  4. Al Shaheed Park is a green oasis in the heart of the city, featuring botanical gardens, cultural venues, and modern art installations.
  5. Souq Mubarakiya is the bustling heart of Kuwait, a vibrant market where traditional stalls and lively ambiance showcase the country's rich heritage.
  6. Kuwait National Museum: A journey through Kuwait's history and culture, featuring artefacts, exhibits, and interactive displays.
  7. Sadu House is a cultural gem celebrating Bedouin heritage, showcasing traditional weaving and crafts in a charming historic setting.
  8. Al Hamra Tower is the epitome of modern Kuwait, a skyscraper with cutting-edge design that houses a blend of commercial and residential spaces.
  9. Scientific Centre: An educational and entertaining destination with an aquarium, IMAX cinema, and interactive science exhibits.
  10. Al Kout Beach is a picturesque coastal retreat with golden sands, azure waters, and a lively promenade, perfect for relaxation and water activities.

Things to do in Kuwait

Savour the variety of experiences Kuwait has to offer while following our meticulously planned itinerary.Whether you seek adrenaline-fueled adventures or serene moments of contemplation, Kuwait caters to every palate. Engage in thrilling water sports along the Arabian Gulf or unravel the mysteries of the Sadu House. With our Kuwait Tour Packages, your days will be filled with the echoes of laughter in entertainment hubs and the tranquilly of cultural excursions.

Noteworthy activities include:

  • Dhow Cruise along the coastline
  • Desert Safari in the vast expanse of the Arabian Desert
  • Visit the Scientific Centre for an immersive educational experience

Best Time to Visit Kuwait

Unveil Kuwait's charm at its prime; choose the best time to Visit Kuwait and traverse this mesmerising land. The ideal period to explore Kuwait is during the mild winters, from November to March. During this time, temperatures are moderate, allowing you to relish the outdoor wonders without the sweltering heat. Our Kuwait tour packages are designed to align with these optimal conditions, ensuring a delightful sojourn.

Ideal Duration for Kuwait Trip

Craft your adventure in Kuwait with a stay that strikes the perfect balance between exploration and relaxation. A sojourn of 7 to 10 days allows you to delve into the cultural tapestry, from historical landmarks to modern marvels. The Kuwait Tour Packages offer a thoughtfully planned duration, ensuring you uncover the essence of this captivating destination.

Daily Budget for Kuwait

Embark on a budget-friendly expedition with our Kuwait Tour Packages, catering to diverse financial preferences. With an estimated daily budget of $50 to $100, revel in the local flavours, traverse the cityscape, and immerse yourself in the rich cultural offerings without breaking the bank. Kuwait welcomes you with open arms, ensuring an unforgettable experience tailored to your comfort and affordability.

Popular Kuwait Packages

Packages Price & Duration Days Inclusion Quotes

Price Range (per person)

₹0 - ₹ 10000
₹10001 - ₹ 20000
₹10001 - ₹ 20000
₹10001 - ₹ 20000
₹10001 - ₹ 20000
₹10001 - ₹ 20000


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    Tourist Places to Visit In Kuwait

    Kuwait City

    Kuwait City
    Located at the top of the Persian Gulf, between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, Kuwait has often been well-known for being rich in oil. Kuwait City is the country's capital and is famous for its modern architecture. Isolated from its other Gulf counterparts, Kuwait retains its old Arab charm amidst tinges of...
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    FAQs on Kuwait Tour Packages

    What is included in the Kuwait Tour Packages?

    Our Kuwait Tour Packages are comprehensive and typically include accommodation, transportation, guided tours, and a curated itinerary covering major attractions. Specific inclusions may vary, so refer to the package details for a comprehensive list.

    How can I book a Kuwait Tour Package?

    Booking is easy! Simply visit our website, choose your desired package, and follow the user-friendly booking process. If you have specific requirements, feel free to reach out to our customer support for personalized assistance.

    Are the tour guides English-speaking?

    Yes, our experienced tour guides are proficient in English, ensuring you have a seamless and enjoyable experience. They are knowledgeable about Kuwait's history, culture, and attractions, providing valuable insights throughout your journey.

    Can I customize my Kuwait Tour Package?

    Absolutely! We understand that travelers have unique preferences. Contact our customer support to discuss customization options, and we'll tailor a package that aligns with your interests and schedule.

    What is the best time to visit Kuwait with your tour packages?

    The ideal time to visit Kuwait is during the cooler months, from November to March, to make the most of outdoor activities. However, our packages are available year-round, allowing you to choose a timeframe that suits your schedule.

    Are meals included in the tour packages?

    While some packages include meals, others may not. Please check the package details for clarity. Kuwait boasts a diverse culinary scene, and we can recommend local eateries for an authentic dining experience.

    Is Kuwait a safe travel destination?

    Yes, Kuwait is considered a safe destination for travelers. The country prioritizes security, and our tour packages are designed to provide a secure and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

    What payment methods are accepted for booking?

    We accept various payment methods, including credit cards and online transactions. The payment details and options are available during the booking process on our secure website.