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Kala Ashram

Adilabad Telangana

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Overview of Kala Ashram, Adilabad

Kala Ashram, located in the vibrant city of Adilabad in Telangana, is a unique artistic and cultural mecca that embodies the rich heritage of India. Innovated by the famed artist and champion, Guruji Ravinder Sharma, this vihara isn't just a place; it's a living, breathing personification of art, culture, and spiritual tranquility. Spread over a vast breadth, Kala Ashram is an admixture of traditional Indian art forms, sustainable living practices, and a deep reverence for nature.

The vihara serves as a sanctuary for artists, scholars, and callers from across the globe, offering a serene terrain to learn, produce, and explore colorful art forms. It's a place where time slows down, allowing one to reconnect with their inner tone and the roots of Indian culture. Then, one can witness a range of conditioning, from traditional crockery timber and cloth weaving to intricate wood figures and vibrant tempera oil. Each corner of the vihara tells a story, a testament to the different and rich artistic shades of India.

Architecture of Kala Ashram

The architecture of Kala Ashram is a remarkable mix of traditional Indian styles and eco-friendly design principles. The entire complex is a testament to sustainable architecture, exercising locally sourced accoutrements such as slush, bamboo, and gravestone. These natural accoutrements not only give the vihara an earthy charm but also keep the innards cool, creating a harmonious balance with the girding terrain.

At the heart of the vihara is the main yard, which embodies the substance of collaborative living that's central to Indian culture. Girding this yard are colorful shops and living spaces, each uniquely designed to reflect different aspects of Indian architectural heritage. Intricate jaali work( latticed screen), thatched roofs, and open stoops are common features, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic beauty.

Tips for Visiting Kala Ashram

Dress Appropriately

When visiting Kala Ashram, it's important to dress modestly and comfortably. Traditional Indian attire or loose-fitting clothes are recommended to respect cultural norms and cope with the local climate.

Participation in Workshops

Visitors are encouraged to participate in the various workshops offered at Kala Ashram. It's a unique opportunity to learn traditional art forms directly from skilled artisans. Pre-booking for these workshops is advisable.

Respect the Environment

The ashram is deeply rooted in principles of sustainability and respect for nature. Visitors are requested to adhere to eco-friendly practices during their stay, including minimizing waste and conserving water.

How To Reach Kala Ashram

Kala Ashram is well connected by road and can be reached via machine or auto from Adilabad city. The nearest road station is Adilabad Railway Station, which is about 20 kilometers from the vihara. For those traveling by air, the closest field is the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport  in Nagpur, which is roughly 200 kilometers away. From the field, one can hire a hacker or take a machine to reach the vihara.

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Faq on Adilabad

What is Kala Ashram Adilabad?

Kala Ashram Adilabad is a cultural center located in Adilabad, dedicated to promoting and preserving traditional arts and crafts of the region.

What activities are offered at Kala Ashram Adilabad?

Kala Ashram Adilabad offers a variety of activities including traditional dance classes, music lessons, art workshops, and exhibitions showcasing local artisans' work.

How can I enroll in classes at Kala Ashram Adilabad?

To enroll in classes at Kala Ashram Adilabad, you can visit their website or contact them directly for registration details.

Is Kala Ashram Adilabad open to the public?

Yes, Kala Ashram Adilabad is open to the public. Visitors are welcome to explore the center and participate in various cultural activities.

Does Kala Ashram Adilabad host events or performances?

Yes, Kala Ashram Adilabad regularly hosts events, performances, and cultural festivals showcasing traditional arts and talents from the region.